Red lights = Good?

Things you shouldn't attempt while cooking, and when 3 ferrets are wrecking havoc around the house :

Clean the deepfreezer. I took 1 drawer out in order to throw some stuff out, didn't have time to let it defrost (since there is still good stuff in it too, like wodka), so I just slashed off the largest pieces of ice that blocked everything and caused problems. While I was busy handling the drawer, of ourse the three carpetsharks came over to investigate.
Frozen water is much better as the fresh water they get every day. Especially when you can lick it off the ground and off small pieces of ice that have fallen down. Right. But then, while I was keeping watch from the corner of my eye, Max decided to check out where exactly all this lovely water and ice was coming from, and he actually climbed two drawers up in the freezer, happily walked into the free slot and looked around.
Imagine a ferret walking into a working deepfreezer that has an approximate temperature of -12�C. That's exact what happened. Luckily I know my boys so I saw it happening and I could grab him before he started licking cooling elements and other things ferrets might decide doing while walking around in a freezer. Incredible... you turn your back for 10 seconds and they invade your freezer!

I continued cleaning the drawer (after closing the door of the freezer) and when I replaced the drawer and closed the door, a red light started blinking, and a loud audible (wow.. nice word!) signal was available too. Funny... I don't think red lights and sounds are basic features of a freezer, and I guess they must mean something serious. It surely ain't a ferret alarm, since I made sure no more ferrets were playing in ice-land anymore.

Too bad that I do have the manual somewhere, yet I haven't got any clue where exactly. I pressed some buttons, then a yellow light went on, the sound stopped and the red light kept blinking. 1 alarm down, 1 to go. After 5 minutes the red light went off, I pushed some more buttons and the yellow went off too. Now I only got a green light, which probably is good.

When I wake up and find my kitchen drowned and in a mess, it wasn't. But that... that's something to worry about tomorrow.

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