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Aim for the heart
Picture grabbed from : The Pit of Sloth


Always a good word to start a sentence with, don't you think? I fell asleep on the sofa - snoozed for approx. 2 hours - even forgot to drink my wodka & grapefruit. Woke up tired, and still am. I don't know what's up with me, but after sleeping 10 hours last night, I'm still feeling like crap.

Maybe something in my system that's about to break loose? A good word to finished a sentence would be : supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Eat that.

Upcoming Events

Check the Upcoming Events on the right side to know where you can see me appear in some form or another. First up is Euro Rock Fest, on sunday august 4th.

Line up includes : Dawn Visitors (BEL) - Final Selection (GER) - Hybryds (BEL) - Obverse Reality (BEL) - This Morn' Omina (BEL) - Geschmaksverst�rker - Sophya (ISR) - Whispers in the Shadow (UK) - Monolith (BEL) - The Neon Judgement (BEL) - Implant (BEL) - Inkubus Sukkubus (UK) - Culture Kult�r - Vive La F�te (BEL) - Suicide Commando (BEL) - Anne Clark (UK) - Noisex (GER) - Softcell (UK)

Groups in italics are must see for me, because I know their work, or coz they sound very promising...


Aaarrghhh... I got a friggin' headache, and I don't know why. Slept good and long, woke up around 11h30. Had breakfast, entertained the ferrets and helped a colleague out who had some trouble.

Joco is a craphead for teasing me. And he knows it too.

Good shit - Bad shit


  • Paycheck + vacationcheck arrived early this month.
  • David and Steph both passed exams - congrats!
  • More people passed exams this week - congrats too!
  • Received good news concerning a business deal.
  • Trying to save € 550 this month.
  • Registered another 3 ccTLD's.
  • Got a bill for € 567.77... Coz I happen to own an apartment for which the mortgage already is € 534,76 monthly - Belgian tax system sucks!
  • Some people that should have passed exams easily, did not.
  • Other business deals are still unfinished.
  • Had to let 1 person go, although he did and does a good job. That sucks bigtime!
  • I'm too heavy and too lazy to do something about it.
  • Will probably won't be able to save anything of the extra income, due to fucking bills.
  • Can't find a way to cut fixed costs on short term.
  • The good news about the deal is still not resulting in a finalised deal.


Lotsa things to blog about... no time to do so. Also wondering how one certain person found this blog, since I did not give them the URL (as far as I can remember) or point them here. I'm not worried, angry or freaking out, but I do wonder how they found me.

Have I met my master (or mistress) when it comes to web based searches and instant links? I sure hope not... there has to be some easy and understandable reason for this. I don't mind them reading this blog, after all, it is public, but on the other hand, it does also give me the creeps. I should either go underground completely, or learn to separate my personalities even more. Yes... No... I'm not a psychotic schizophrenic with multiple personality disorder. I never call it a disorder, but I do admit that online I have had multiple personalities. Mind you, it's always me, myself and I, I never pretend (at least not willingly) to be something I'm not, but I do hold back sometimes, kinda self-censor what I say and do.

I don't know yet if this discovery will influence me in any way. Hey, you.... could you tell me how you found out about this? Just send me a IM on that other site we hang out, will you? I'm really puzzled. I will also answer your last IM tomorrow (evening at the latest) as I didn't have time today :(

Check back for more (exciting?) news tomorrow!

First online spermbank for lesbian couples

In the UK the world's first online sperm bank for lesbian couples has been opened, as reported by Planet Internet on monday. The company called 'Man Not Included' makes sure that lesbians who whish to have children will find a suiting spermdonor.

The company sets up a meeting on the internet. Afterwards the donor presents himself at one of the certified centers. The semen will be delivered at the couples home later on.

John Gonzales, one of the founders of 'Man Not Included', expects some harsh feedback from people opposing the fact that lesbian couples become parents.

Registration at the website (http://www.mannotincluded.com) costs 125 Euro. The complete procedure would cost about 750 Euro.

So... why am I posting this? Coz... of course, I do have an opinion about all of this. First of all, it's a great traffic driver to the site : slap "lesbian", "couple" and "sperm" onto a site and you'll see the hits skyrocket. Males are sex driven, you know. But that's not the reason... I really have an opinion!

Can this be bad? I don't think so... first of all, the company name 'Man Not Included' is very nice... it says it all, yet is funny. And we - males - should not feel left out in any way! Sure, we don't get to 'deliver' the semen personally, but that makes sense, doesn't it? If we were to deliver it personally, we wouldn't call the couple lesbian, right? So... no problems there I think. Sure, a lesbian couple is the fantasy of lots of men, but I think - to be honest - that we look at it the wrong way. We - as male hunters - look at lesbians as double the fun, and twice the excitement, opposed to the fact they have personally chosen not to engage themselves in a partnership with a partner of the other sexe.
I wouldn't say no myself to some action with a lesbian couple, but only if they invited me to join the fun. If everyone respects the whishes of others, there would be less problems.

Back to the online sperm bank now... I wonder how the semen is shipped? By airmail? Snailmail? Nah... I don't think the postal services would appreciate that too much. Probably by UPS (meaning Unified Packaging for Sperm I guess) or FedEx... or whatever service they have in Great Britain. Will the couple also receive full instructions for insertion and fertilization? Something like : Defrost the sample, suck up the sample in a syringe, and insert it into the vagina of the selected carrier. Or will our lesbian couple have to go to a recognized fertilization clinic?

Still some questions, but I think it's a very good idea. Maybe the practical things might not be clear yet, but it's a cool development. A small note to all the ultra religious or narrow minded people that think of this as Evil and Unnatural : you can stick it where the sun don't shine, with my compliments :)

Loosing it?

Just got word that 2 out of 2 passed the exams tonite. Another one will requested and was granted another time to be examinated. I think he'll have to do it next week. Tomorrow another 3 will pass (at least, that's what I hope... and I'm pretty convinced they will) and on wednesday another 3 will be examined. Finally on thursday the last two will go in for examination and by the end of the week we'll know where we are.

So far everything looks good, wouldn't you say?

Yeah, I know... another boring work related posting, but I can't think of something funny right now. I think it might be loosing it :(

Mozilla Splash

I was doing some research and stumbled upon a site that explains how to change the splash screen for mozilla. It also included some nice splash screen, so of course I did customize my version instantly. Ain't it great to tune everything to your liking?

Links : Splash screen tutorial for Mozilla

How come

most of the ads I browse, or the personal sites I read are written by british women? Is it that somehow a complete generation of 'brit babes' has discovered the internet, or just that they have something in common that I cannot define yet?

It just weird that it's their writings, their looks, their photographs that lure me in. Of course I also read pages and sites from other people, but when looking at the big picture, it's usually from british ladies. Bizarre.

If I was to bet on what nationality my new girlfriend would be, I'd bet on UK. But hey... it could take some time, as according to Michael, Alex will have a girlfriend before Michael or I do. And little Alex has only just passed the 6 months of age barrier. At least there's still hope for the both of us.

I just realized....

that I should get out more often. After the meeting with Pascale and Martin (very nice to be updated on everything) we went to a small pub in Antwerp called Aalmoezenier. An old friend of us was celebrating her stagnight and asked us to drop by if we felt like it. Joco, Eef and me hardly ever say no to invitations like that, and since we also know the pub/club from when we were very active students we decided it would be a good idea.

It felt weird... we returned to a spot we haven't been in 3 or 4 years, yet the mood was still the same : alternative to the max. I'm usually not much of an alt boy, but hey... it was pretty cool. Noticed some very nice ladies around there, but - as expected - didn't make any moves. Maybe I didn't try hard enough, or they just were not interested. I don't mind... tonite made me realize that I'm still alive and that there's more to life as just work.

I think I'll go out a bit more again... Just hope some of the friends will think and do the same (hint hint). Joco, send me Ineke's e-mail will ya, so I can ask her the mail addy of that shoelaced babe ;)


Tonite we'll be meeting with Pascale and Martin. They are a pain to get a hold on, but finally we've been able to set up a meeting. Joco and Eef will be going along too, and Michael as well. Since Joco and Eef will not be having little Alex around tonite and tomorrow morning they asked me to be the dedicated driver tonite.

It's also my first weekend in the past few months that I have not to look at anything, no courses during the week and such, so I was so not planning on driving tonite. On the other hand, I don't mind, since I don't need to drink to have fun. I'll be glad to help them out and drive tonite. Hell, why not? It's what friends are for.

I'm gonna call Jess & Johan now, and see if they are coming along too... They are not coming along, and if they decide to change their minds, they can always call us on the mobile and check where we are. Or they can just follow the blue lights of the police patrols speeding towards us. Nah, we really are a quiet bunch of people... really.

Search Engine Analysis

I've just taken a look at the exact searches that makes people end up at friedkitten. Rikku has been scoring top notch over the past week(s) and especially in combination with words like "blowjob", "sex" and "fuck". I think there were also a few "Rikku naked" entries. Now... I do agree that Rikku is bloody hot, but would one really think to find pics of Rikku naked, or fucking at my site? I guess not.

Second on the list are the technical searches... those who run into problems and then head out to find a solution. They enter things like "[email protected]@Z" +Eudora or entry point msvcrt.dll [email protected]@Z. Needless to say they end up here, as I've talked about these problems on the site, I admit.

If we take the most recurring searches and create a profile of my average visitor, this would make an accurate definition :

Incompetent techno wizzkids that have a hard time distinguishing reality from dreams.

Wow... this does open my eyes. It is me visiting my page all the time. It is me entering search terms in Google to see if my page shows up. It's me that even clicks through to make sure it is indeed my page showing up.

I'm glad this has been confirmed.

Tattoo Session II

Yes! Today I drove back to the studio to schedule my next session. Mieke immediately called me in to take a look at how the previous session turned out. John was around too and although he was busy with a client, he took a look too.

Soon the pens came out and the drawing started again... just some basic idea's to prepare for next session. I still don't know what exactly we'll be doing next time, but after seeing Mieke do some sketches and draw some lines on my calf, I have the utmost confidence it'll turn out pretty cool. Ain't it fab when you can trust your tattoo artist one hundred percent?

I'll be in for completing on the 11th of july. It's still far away, but it's a day off from work, and that makes it possible to work a bit longer, instead of having to chop it up into smaller sessions. Expect new photographs as well on the 11th.

Review of Blade II - Complete

I went out last night to watch Blade II. A few days ago, I watched Blade again, to make sure I was up to date with the story. Cyborgirl told me in a comment that while Blade II was entertaining, it wasn't a top flick. I cannot but agree with her. I'll put it even down more harsh : it sucked. It seems like the new way to produce movies is like this : Opening scene : action - Final scene : action - Everything in between : more action. So much action that hopefully no one will realize that there is no story or plot at all, and even if there is the slightest hint of a plot, to bury it under special effects and action moves.

Blade II was unfortunately no exception. I was utterly disappointed - although there were some nice scenes to be spotted - the overall feeling in the end was something like "bleh... did I just spend my money on that?". I feel sorry for everyone, as it sounded so promising... Blade was such a thrill, and this was such a rip off.

Do you remember the scene in Blade where the bloodbath party is going on in the slaughterhouse? That was so vibrant and pumping! They've included a similar scene in Blade II... I suppose to create that same feeling, but they utterly fail. The party scene in Blade kicks ass for about 2 seconds, and that's it.

I feel like I've been ripped off. I don't mind the money, but I do mind that my expectations for an as cool and fab sequel as the first blade were not met. Not at all.

Shame on you Wesley, shame on you.

Review of Blade II

... coming up tomorrow... or - to be more accurate - within a few hours.


Yes... my first detox day is almost finished. Around noon I ate 1 banana, 2 apples, a mango and 2 kiwi and I drank about 2 liter of water so far. I'm gonna have dinner in a few minutes (another mango, 2 apples, 2 banana's, 2 kiwi, 2 liter of water) and that will be it for today. They idea is not to loose weight - although it would be nice - but to get all the "bad" stuff out of my body. Maybe not eating at all would be even more efficient, but I've decided to stick to water and fruits. It's supposed to clense me, and even if that doesn't happen, at least I'll have eaten a lot of healthy things :)

Right now I'm getting pretty hungry, and I really wanted to buy a good "rich in fat and calories" hamburger, but I fought the urge to do so. If I can't even bring myself to limit my food intake for 24 hours, what a wuss would I be? And no one is forcing me to do this... except me.

Doom III - Extinction of the birds.

Does anyone remember the fact that I woke up around 05h00 a few times during the past week? I thought it was stress related, but today I woke up again too early, this time at 04h45. When yo go to bed around 01h00, you don't get too much sleep. I'm starting to think that the sleeping disorder has got notting to do with stress, but rather with some birds singing their song outside. What else could it be? I always wake up around the same time, hear the birds sing their songs, and that's it.

It's gotta be the birds. I'll try keeping my curtains closed tonite and see if I can cross the 05h00 break point tomorrow. If that's the case, I'm gonna play Doom III, Quake Arena and Half Life with the bird population in a 500m radius around my apartment. I might suck at these games, but the birds will not live to tell the story. Ain't it strange how an increasing lack of sleep can drive people insane?

Goal Goal Goal!!!

Oops... sorry.. just kidding. No goals, but I did score a nice 85% on my exam tonite. I'm pretty pleased with the result myself, I must admit. Tomorrow it's business as usual again, and a lot of work to be completed. I think I'll be sleeping better tonite, less stressed. I'm planning a detox day on wednesday, and if it has a good effect on me, every week from there on. Meaning that on wednesday I'll only eat fruits and drink water. Can't be that hard, especially if there is lots of fruit :)

Off to read the newspaper now - got it from my dad, who was done reading it - and then of to bed. It's still 26�C outside, so there is no point in opening the windows to let it cool down.

Note : thanks everyone for the thumbs up before and the congrats after the exam!! Greetz fly out to : AEK, Jess, Johan, Joco, Eef, Alex, Suzana, Esther, Stephke, David, Bob & Hilda!

Football anyone?

It seems like the world has come to a stop. Why? Coz there are teams of 11 men running after a ball, and the second they have it, they kick it away. Yes... World Cup Football 2002. Is there anything dumber?

Today Belgium played Brazil. Brazil won by scoring 2 goals, we didn't score anything. Now that we have that out of the way, can everyone resume their normal life? Thanks.


The past days - almost a week - I've been walking around like a zombie. I guess I look like one too, but that's no different from 'normal' daily routine.
I guess I've been taking too much at once, and am now gonna pay for it. Since last thursday my neck and shoulders are aching and even though it has improved, I still suffer from it. If I had an accident or so, the cause would be obvious, however, this came out of the blue.
Managed to sleep till 10 this morning, and without waking up for no apparent reason at 5 or 6 at night.

Is this the beginning of the end?


  • Woke up way too early again... reason still unknown
  • Mike came by to do so testing on the new DSL application and installer
  • Gotta look and find all the stuff to do taxes later today. Everything is nicely bundled, but where did I place it?
  • What do "Blade", "Natural Born Killers", "The Fast and The Furious" and "Pulp Fiction" have in common? I'm gonna watch em all this weekend

Thanks for commenting Cy. I think I'll stick with Blade II indeed. While looking at the trailer I already noticed lots of fights and blood... also quite some special effects I guess. Your comment sums it up quite nicely :

I didn't see QotD, but Blade II was entertaining. I didn't say good, mind you, (it certainly wasn't high cinema) but lots of stuff gets blown up and shot so it can't be all bad. ;-)

Straight to the point. Ain't Cy a fab one?

Calling out....

to all movie fans... Two vampyre movies playing right now.... Blade II and Queen of the Damned. The first one features (amongst others) Wesley Snipes, the Queen is the fabulous - but unfortunately deceased - Aaliyah. I've seen both trailers and both look promising. I've heard and read good stuff about QotD, and nothing (so far) about Blade II.

However, based on the trailers and earlier experiences, I think I'll prefer Blade II over QotD. What do you think? What should I watch? Comments please :)

Interesting? Shocking? You decide...

But I kinda love the idea & look : Alba D'Urbano Couture


Have you noticed that when a blogger is very busy, they don't update the blog that much? I've been busy and it's being reflected on the blog. Had a meeting today, will have another one tomorrow, and lots of things to take care of. Welcome to real life.

I've found this very nice definition - "Real life : Where people meet other people in random situations that don't include a keyboard." Sounds pretty correct to me. I've included it in the random quote generator at the top of the page, bringing the total to 36. Go me!

A lovely blonde lady walks in the direction of the reception desk in a hotel and makes a gesture towards the man standing behind it. He walks over to the lady at once.
Then the woman calls the man even closer by gesturing with her finger, and the man bows a closer towards her.

While she softly runs her fingers through his beard, she whispers into his ear : "Are you the manager of this hotel?" and she lets her fingers slide over his face.

"Erm, actually not" the man stumbles.

The sensual lady now moves her hand up and strokes his hair. "Could you call the manager for me?" she asks in a very seductive voice.

While the man is gasping for breath he says : "Sorry madam, but that would be impossible, as he is not around right now."

Now the woman slides two fingers in his mouth and he starts sucking them gently, almost instinctively.

"Could you be so nice to pass on a message to him?" she asks the man.

In the meanwhile the man is pretty excited and licking the other fingers of her hand, and can't do much else as nod yes.

She bows over to his ear and whispers very softly :

"We've run out of toilet paper in the ladies room."

Note : thanks dad... I loved this one!

Let's call it a day...

Spend most of my day mailing with Ashley. No Comments. She's cool though, that much I can say right now. She's also far far away, so the chance that we ever meet is pretty small. Too bad, I'd like to meet people I talk to on the web.

I've met Alexandra, and she was cool, so I guess everyone should/will be as cool. BTW : where are you Xandra... Don't see you around on ICQ much more :(

Off to bed (early I know) and read some more MicroSerfs (Douglas Coupland).


It seems like the new publishing engine for Blogger Pro has been fixed somehow and it now does translate it's own tags the way it should. No more broken comments coz the BlogID tag got fucked up. Thanks Ev. Keep it working like this :)

Training Day

Friday, while I was browsing the supermarket for food, I noticed a work out bench for a very reasonable price. Weights were available as well, so I put both in my cart, which almost collapsed under the weight. I don't think supermarket carts are actually made to handle 50 kg of weight resting on the front two wheels. When I arrived at the checkout the lady just asked me to read the article number, I don't think she thought of it as a good idea to throw it on the counter :)

Spend 1.5 hours yesterday setting everything up in my garage, since I don't have enough space in the apartment itself. I did a quick test yesterday, but since I had to be at a party I didn't have the time to really test it. Party was good fun, I left around 00h45, then drove over to M's place where the rest of my friends had crashed. And guess what : M's bench was also set up (but he has a more sophisticated version... also more expensive) and there was 40 kg on the bench press. Joco was kidding and joking of course as he claimed he pressed it 15 times. I didn't actually see him do it, but just to make sure, I pressed 20...

Hung around a bit, had some wodka and coke's (didn't have no grapefruit juice) and then went home. Replied to a mail from AEK, and went to bet at 03h30.

Woke up around 12h00 and went out to get some sheet to cover the bench. A garage ain't exactly the most clean place and I don't wanna mess it all up in the first week. Got a nice 3x4 meter sheet, did some exercises (legs, arms etc), pressed 20 times 20kg (gotta take some of the heavier weights I have upstairs down to the garage) and covered it all up. Now updating the blog (obviously) and no other plans yet. More work next week.

If I...

were to be in politics, and actually had something to say, this would be one of my first proposals :

- Everyone that doesn't drive his/her car for at least 10 hours during the week, can't drive his/her car during the weekend.

When are people going to learn to signal when changing lanes, to drive an appropriate speed and not to look at the stores, but focus on the road. I've just been out to get some food and litter for the ferrets, and I suddenly remembered why I HATE driving during weekends. All the crappy drivers come out and take their cars for a walk. Hello!!! If you wanna walk and look around, go on foot, will ya?!


I woke up at 05h45 today... what the hell is happening? I'm not a friggin' bird! I don't feel the the need to sing my song when the sun is rising, nor do I feel any pressure to look for worms in the grass covered in dew. I don't know what woke me, but it's one of the two days I could actually get a good rest, and then I wake at such an early hour...

After some cruses and foul language I went back to bed and managed to sleep (sorta) till ten. Lots of things to do... I'll be starting shortly.


When Christine came along today, she had a small gift for me... or actually, for the ferrets! Wow... lovely... I'll have to take some pictures of the boys while they enjoy their candy and then make a lovely presentation to say thanks...

Red lights = Good?

Things you shouldn't attempt while cooking, and when 3 ferrets are wrecking havoc around the house :

Clean the deepfreezer. I took 1 drawer out in order to throw some stuff out, didn't have time to let it defrost (since there is still good stuff in it too, like wodka), so I just slashed off the largest pieces of ice that blocked everything and caused problems. While I was busy handling the drawer, of ourse the three carpetsharks came over to investigate.
Frozen water is much better as the fresh water they get every day. Especially when you can lick it off the ground and off small pieces of ice that have fallen down. Right. But then, while I was keeping watch from the corner of my eye, Max decided to check out where exactly all this lovely water and ice was coming from, and he actually climbed two drawers up in the freezer, happily walked into the free slot and looked around.
Imagine a ferret walking into a working deepfreezer that has an approximate temperature of -12�C. That's exact what happened. Luckily I know my boys so I saw it happening and I could grab him before he started licking cooling elements and other things ferrets might decide doing while walking around in a freezer. Incredible... you turn your back for 10 seconds and they invade your freezer!

I continued cleaning the drawer (after closing the door of the freezer) and when I replaced the drawer and closed the door, a red light started blinking, and a loud audible (wow.. nice word!) signal was available too. Funny... I don't think red lights and sounds are basic features of a freezer, and I guess they must mean something serious. It surely ain't a ferret alarm, since I made sure no more ferrets were playing in ice-land anymore.

Too bad that I do have the manual somewhere, yet I haven't got any clue where exactly. I pressed some buttons, then a yellow light went on, the sound stopped and the red light kept blinking. 1 alarm down, 1 to go. After 5 minutes the red light went off, I pushed some more buttons and the yellow went off too. Now I only got a green light, which probably is good.

When I wake up and find my kitchen drowned and in a mess, it wasn't. But that... that's something to worry about tomorrow.


I finally got home, and I can hardly recall my own name. I worked all day, then started courses at 16h30 and those lasted till 22h15. We've seen some pretty complicated things and I think I understand most, but if I reread it all, I'm sure some things will become unclear again. My handwriting will be one of it. I'll have to translate my notes tomorrow, otherwise I won't be able to read them when I'm studying.

I'll be glad when these long days are over... I like learning things, but it ain't right when you feel tired like if it were a friday afternoon (after a full week of work) and it's only tuesday. 3 more days to go, 2 more sessions of late courses. Luckily not that late. Can someone come pick me up this weekend, I'll be dead...

Ow... I just remember : got some festivities planned this weekend, so I guess I'll just sleep when I'm officially dead - enough time then. It's raining pretty hard and the predicted storm has finally set through. I hope it'll cool off a bit, it was still 19.5�C when I came home (at 22h15)... way too hot for me.

Found a funny ad...

When I was browsing the ads in the newspaper (online ofcoz) I found this ad that said :

For Sale : terrain with forest and pond. Size : ??? square metres. You get free ducks and swans with it, if required

Pretty clever if you ask me. Why would I buy a piece of land that doesn't include free ducks and swans? This thing just has it all! Just too bad the price was a bit too high, otherwise I would have thought about it, really.

Yes, I'm considering buying some extra land somewhere. I would prefer forrest and that would mean I could chop wood, maintain nature, and relax in my own private wood. What else can you want? Too bad everything is so damn expensive, and that I don't have any money (yet) to push through. Maybe I should start off by getting an extra studio and rent that out. But then again... being a landlord sucks if you got crappy tenants.


What kind of crap is this Pascale? Are you trying to pull my leg here? I think you've been in the UK for waaay to long if you start liking this stuff :-p

Nah, I checked out their official website and listened to some of their songs, but I wasn't impressed at all.

What happened to my Rock 'n Roll? Let me tell ya what happened : it got eaten by some Boring Rotten Maniac Cunts. If you wanna listen to real music, try a real band like Rammstein.

Ok... now we've settled that issue, let's get on with other stuff... are we still on for the 22nd? Any change in plans, have you got more info about what time you'll be able to meet, will you already have had dinner, things like that. Mail me, will ya?

You spin me round...

I've just returned from fixing some IT stuff over at the home office of the boss and when we came back we suggested we'd take the Opel Astra Cabrio... He asked me if I felt like taking the car for a spin, and I ofcourse didn't mind that at all. It's just a fab car.... hood down, system up and off we went. Ofcourse not directly to the office, but we took some local roads where I could 'test' the car and I was impressed. It runs very very silent, yet is very powerful (192hp) and even keeps on accellerating in higher gears and rpm's.

Thanks... I'll make sure to come over to the office when I'm out for a ride with the Audi TT... I know everyone here wants a ride in that mean machine too :)

Links : Specs and Images of the Opel Astra Cabrio

I am having icecream

Are you?

Listening to I Love Rock �n Roll

On Radio Donna, where Brieven & Lieven is airing right now. However, it's not the original version (by Joan Jett & the blackhearts?) but by some female singer. I hope they announce who performed coz it's a pretty cool version. The wonders of technology streaming right through the speakers.

Oops, I did it again... that female singer was Britney Spears. Whahaha... never thought I'd actually ever like a song she does :)

I can almost see people frown now... a man who doesn't like Britney?! Yeah, she's got a cute face and large hooters, but believe me... not all males dig large breasts ;)

Damn... almost scared the shit outta me!

I was just browsing the site of one of the belgian newspapers when I noticed an article stating that as of today, june 1st 2002, only a limited amount of mammals may be kept by residential owners. It's a list that contains what mammals can be kept, and for all mammals NOT on the list, the owner has to get permission from the Minister for Animal Welfare, Magda Aelvoet. She can then grant permission for up to 5 years, but the initial procedure can take up to 6 months.

All mammals already in possession - and not mentioned on the list - must be accounted for by means of a statement from a vet, or proof of purchase with a date preceding the date of june 1st 2002.

I almost shit my pants... not that I keep very exotic animals, but I've got 3 ferrets and those boys are my kids. Unfortunately, the newspaper didn't include what animals were mentioned on that list, so I had to go digging for it. After about 15 minutes I digged up the draft from september 20th, 2001 (dated january 28th 2002 on the site) thru the official website of the federal government. A quick check, and whats on position number 4 : Mustela furio (which is actually not correct, as the correct latin name is Mustela putorius furo) aka ferrets. Phew... no problems for my babies :)

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Car jackers die in accident

Drie daders van een car-jacking in La Louvi�re zijn vanochtend (vrijdag) verongelukt met hun gestolen wagen. Het ongeval gebeurde rond 4 uur op de A501 tussen Zennik (Soignies) en La Louvi�re ter hoogte van het rond punt van Mignault. De bestuurder van de gestolen Peugeot 306 cabrio verloor er de controle over het stuur. De vier inzittenden werden uit de wagen geslingerd. Drie overleden ter plaatse, een vierde kon wegvluchten. (source : GVA)

Three carjackers who stole a car in La Louviere crashed on friday with their stolen vehicle. The accident happened around 04h00 on the A501 between Zennik (Soignies) and La Louviere near the roundabout of Mignault. The driver of the stolen Peugeot 306 cabrio lost control over the car. Four people got thrown out of the car, three of them died at the scene of the accident, the fourth one could get away on foot.

Gosh... what do they expect from me now? Compassion? Whahaha.. just too bad not all 4 of them died, that would have solved the problem quite nicely. I just feel sorry about the car... I hope the owner get's paid by the insurance company and won't suffer any problems.

Welcome to reality, mofo's!

Ok... I'm officially fucked...

I didn't win a zillion €'s with the lottery. I didn't even manage to break even. In other words : I didn't win anything at all :(

In order to make more money I'm gonna come up with something else... how about.... voting? I set up a voting booth, and all of the people that sponsor me with $2 can have a vote? Whenever the poll reaches 100 votes I will carry out the top choice and send off a full pictorial for those voters who left their e-mail address. Doesn't that sound like fun? You get to decide what crazy thing I gotta do, and I get some sort of compensation :)

I'll take a look and see if I can set something like that up... you'll hear more about it... probably.

Update : fuck that idea... I'm not a ho.

Congrats to myself

I managed to wake up earlier as 14h00. Hip Hip Hooraay.

I think this must be about the most pointless post in a long time. Hip Hip Hooraay again.

I'm the best :)

brbl brbl brbl

Off to bed.

Note : Did you know why so much dutch 'ladies of pleasure' are working in Belgium these days, instead of working in Holland? Coz their activities are being taxed in Holland, so they moved over to Belgium. Pretty valid and easy reason, not?

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