How bad can it get?

I've just spend 2 hours and 20 minutes in my car because some braindead mofo decided to crash into another car on the highway.

When exactly did the traffic jam start? 500 metres after the exit that I could have taken to avoid the problems. I had to just drive up to the next exit, then wait more there coz the road couldn't swallow all the extra traffic, squeeze my car between an iron guardrail and a truck (had about 2 cm's of spare room on each side) then turn right coz everyone else was going left and I then took the 'stealth route'.

Had to cross another traffic jam, entered the stealth route, was blocked by tourists ( =people that have absolutely no reason to be out in traffic on peak times, yet take the car for a 'walk' and look around at the scenery instead of in front of them), avoid 2 more detours, to finally arrive at the school of Yamina where Suzana was supposed to pick her up at 17h00.

When we arrived it was 18h20. Too bad, but Suzana was actually glad I did everything in my power to make it as fast as possible.

Now that I'm home, it seems the ISP is down and I can't get not access to the web. Right. I think I'll get my shotgun and blast some "no good" people away. Criteria : none. If you piss me off, you die. Never take the hard way if you can just blast away... there's a lesson to be learned here.

We just need a little controversy!

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