I was writing a rather long post a couple of hours ago when suddenly the power freaked out and the complete box shut down. I do have an UPS system here, but it doesn't seem to be able to deal with failures anymore. I suppose that after nearly 6 years the time has come to replace the batteries :)

So... what was I writing? Erm... yeah I went shopping for a pair of combat shoes (ABL quality) and a sleeping bag in preparation for next weekend. I ended up coming home with a pair of shoes (no combat shoes though) and new sheets for my bed. Hey... I got shoes, so that accounts for like 25% of the stuff I needed, doesn't it?

I had the great idea to actually measure the size of my current sheets (220x180) so that I knew what size to buy. Unfortunately, when I was looking for bottom sheets, I realized that I had no idea at all what size the bed itself is (or the matrass) and they had like a zillion different sizes. Not quite sure what to do, I decided to call my ex girlfriend and ask her what the size of our bed is <G> She actually knew right away and gave me the size (200x160) and she was right too! The sheet size was totally fitting. I should really thank her for things like that, coz even though we broke up almost 2 years ago, she still manages to help me out :)

Oh... have you seen the size of that bed? 200cm by 160cm... that's a lot of room to play! Any girls wanna come over and play? Just mail me, coz otherwise I'll have to go hunting tonite, and I'm a really really bad hunter :(

Note : this post was done with the beta release of the new blogger publishing engine. It seems to work :)

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