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How bad can it get?

I've just spend 2 hours and 20 minutes in my car because some braindead mofo decided to crash into another car on the highway.

When exactly did the traffic jam start? 500 metres after the exit that I could have taken to avoid the problems. I had to just drive up to the next exit, then wait more there coz the road couldn't swallow all the extra traffic, squeeze my car between an iron guardrail and a truck (had about 2 cm's of spare room on each side) then turn right coz everyone else was going left and I then took the 'stealth route'.

Had to cross another traffic jam, entered the stealth route, was blocked by tourists ( =people that have absolutely no reason to be out in traffic on peak times, yet take the car for a 'walk' and look around at the scenery instead of in front of them), avoid 2 more detours, to finally arrive at the school of Yamina where Suzana was supposed to pick her up at 17h00.

When we arrived it was 18h20. Too bad, but Suzana was actually glad I did everything in my power to make it as fast as possible.

Now that I'm home, it seems the ISP is down and I can't get not access to the web. Right. I think I'll get my shotgun and blast some "no good" people away. Criteria : none. If you piss me off, you die. Never take the hard way if you can just blast away... there's a lesson to be learned here.

We just need a little controversy!

It feels like friday... but it ain't.

Just finished reading up at the BlogSnob forums (check the little 'every time you reload, another cool link pops up' ad at the right hand bottom) and checking what seemed to be like a zillion applications to join BS. Managed to approve quite a lot, had to delay some, rejected 1 site (wasn't a blog) and also approved some applications that were still in delay mode for a recheck. Good work I suppose as I've been too busy during the last days to do my regular routine. I even had the chance to read up on my regular blog reads, as even that was just too much the past week.

Ain't it strange how things can just change that fast? Not that I worry about it, since the lotto ticket I've got here laying next to me will be worth at least € 100.000 on saturday when it turns out I won. Cool, not?

Home early

Got home early today, as it was only 18h45... next week I'll be attending quite a lot of courses and it'll be a week full of things to do and follow up. Still got a back that aches, but I'm gonna take a long warm bath and that will hopefully cure it.

Today's content of the course was interesting, but not that easy. It's a lot of technical and theoretical mumbojumbo, but the teacher somehow can still keep it interesting and fascinating. Nothing special happened today, apart from some more talks with certain people to see how we can tackle problems that ain't problems, but might become in the future. Not too easy, as emotions do play a rather big part in all of it, and emotions always get in the way of an objective point of view. I'm not yet sure what position I'll take, but in whatever position, my main goal is a better and brighter future for everyone. I'm not a quitter at all, but this ain't easy.

Hey.. on a brighter note : I'll live! Not that I was terminally ill or so, but I just wanted to let you know : I'll live! :D

I forgot that I needed to encode some setting in order to get the desired effect.

Note to myself : you're stupid.

Testing with title field

I'm just doing some tests with the Title Field setting in Blogger Pro, coz it's needed for RSS, and I might be planning to including that option in the future.

Still Tired

I just can't seem to get rested enough. Something is affecting my system and I don't know what it is (yet). I'm not dizzy anymore, but I do feel tired all the time and with at least 2 or three very busy weeks ahead, that's not something I'm looking forward to. Right now my back aches as well, so that's another sign something is wrong. However, stubborn as I am, I will refuse to see a doctor. I'll just hang in there till the weekend and try to rest it off bigtime.

I worked on the CD containing all the photographs of last weekend, and the 26 pieces should be ready tomorrow. It'll make a very nice souvenir for everyone who was there. Off to bed now, will be doing some reading and catch some Zzzz's.


I'm done. I'm kidding ofcourse... I'm eating some icecream, and that was the reason for the one-hand-posting. I started evening courses again, and it's gonna be pretty busy next 3 weeks. I'm still not completely recovered from last weekend, and my head spins like if it ain't attached to my body. Ouch.

I'm sorry...

that I can't update any faster, but right now I'm playing with my dick, and typing with one hand is slower.


I'm still alive, but I don't feel like I am. More updates on the weekend later on.

Food for thought

  • If someone makes a suicide attack on a target, and they manage to destroy the target, but survive themselves, did they fail or succeed?

How To

Welcome, dear readers, to How To Look Like an Idiot part 1. This tutorial will walk you through some very easy steps to look like an idiot in no time. Please keep in mind that you need no prior experience to complete this session. If you - at any point during the tutorial - think that a certain step won't make you look like an idiot, just hold on. The end result will satisfy you.

  1. Go to a store that you've never been to before.
  2. Buy 2 pairs of pants of a brand you never bought before
  3. Make sure to pick a look/color/fitting that you can only use on this special occasion
  4. Don't try the pants on, but just believe the labels (in this case : XXL)
  5. Go home and throw the pants in a corner and don't look at them anymore
  6. Start packing only a few hours before you leave
  7. Search the pants, remove all of the the labels
  8. Try 1 pair on and realize they are waaaay too big. XL would have been better.
  9. Try the other pair on and come to the same conclusion.
  10. Suddenly remember Madness's song Baggy Trousers
  11. You now officially look like an idiot. Congrats.
Yes. I. Am. An. Idiot. Two pairs of pants... too friggin big, and no possibility to exchange them for a smaller size. Leaving in 12 hours on the trip, leaving for work in 8 hours. Hooray for myself. Ain't I good?

I should be packing...

As I won't be coming home anymore after work... we're gonna head right off from work to the location of our teambuilding weekend. We gotta prep some things before the rest of the employees arrive on saturday. We already had lots of laughs today, so that probably means things are looking good for the next days.

I still haven't actually started packing, but at least I've gotten myself a raincoat and a sleeping thing today. Only thing left to do now is cram it all into a bag and I'm all set to go. My dear sister Jess is gonna come over and look after the ferrets, so I can be sure they are treated well. I just love those boys... they are my kids.


Building up wind ain't good. Letting it out is a fabulous experience, don't you think. Phwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Aaaah. Much better. :)

Got 15 fantastic acts of fellatio from Princess Erin the Mighty. She actually is so mighty that she presumed I would find her, since she didn't bother to leave an URL. In fact - of course, what else did you think? - I did find her. I'm an even mightier knight. Wanna go and make out in the woods of Sherwood, dear Princess Erin?

Now... something completely different : pink keyboards type faster as yellow elephants. It doesn't make sense, but it IS something completely different, yes?

D-man finally visited the doctor today and she diagnosed him with a concussion. Typical joke was us wondering how the hell you can have a concussion when you don't have a brain.
Funny thing is that I know exactly how he feels, since I've had 3 concussions already. Due to those concussions I am where I am now. Or maybe I should say : thanks to those concussions, I have gotten to the point where I am now. It's all really a matter of point of view.

Problem is that D-man should rest, but business doesn't allow it. I'll just work a bit harder and try to take as much shit of his shoulders as I can. Unfortunately, the concussion also means he won't be able to participate actively during the upcoming teambuilding weekend, and that really really sucks. We were/are all looking forward to it, and I'm sure that he is no exception.

Late night entry

Oh, I wish it would rain down... Oh, I wish it would rain down on me. Well, it doesn't really have to be on me, but outside would be a good start. It's too hot in my bedroom, even with the window wide open.. where's that damn thunderstorm when you need it?

Alexandra : 1 eye and 1 ear? So you can see what they're saying I suppose? No deal sugar... pick only one! (And where's the 50.000 watts of Funking MP3?)


Damn... it's only 11h00 and I've just had my third visit to the toilet. Drinking that much water might be healthy, but no one said it would cause me to feel like a fountain all day long.

Hungry... off to find food.

Tiny shoes don't match large feet

Spend too much time on BME today. But managed to entertain the ferrets, do some laundry, and finish all of my ironing. I hate things like that, but I just can't keep on buying new clothes instead of ironing older ones. I ain't rockefeller.

Off to bed, gotta work tomorrow and do some more things for the upcoming weekend. I just hope the weather will be fine coz it would really suck if it rained :(

Ow... I did tell ya that I got a new pair of shoes, didn't I? Well.. I gotta take em back... they are too small, although I did try them on in the store. However, I did try the brown pair, and then got myself the same model and size in blue(ish). Seems there is a difference after all. So I will be swapping them tomorrow, luckily I still have the receipt.

Not that easy

I was surfing the web today and I came across a very simple poll.

You can have just 1 of these 3 abilities, which one do you pick? 1. Hearing - 2. Sight - 3. Speech

I figured that it would be very easy to answer, yet when I really started thinking about it, it became much more difficult. Mind you, the question is not which one you would rather not have... it's picking which one you would have, and drop the other two.

One thing I know for certain is that losing the ability to speak would be bad, but not something I couldn't get over. After all, I usually only use my ability to speak to add pointless bits and pieces to otherwise interesting conversations. If I lost that ability, I'd just have to figure out another way to try and be witty. I'd have to write things down, express myself more in body language, make faces and things like that. But I'd still be able to express myself. My creativity would/could work around this.

Now... those two other abilities are input devices, speech is an output device. I think that's the reason why I came to the decision pretty fast that speech wasn't really a problem to drop. I would like to add right now, that almost 70% of the respondents picked sight as the ability they would like to have/keep. I think this just stresses that todays community is much more visual as it is audible.

Ok... let's drop the ability to hear things... what about music? If you like music, you can forget about it... permanently. You end up in an everlasting silence. You see things happening, but it's all mute. It's like television without sound. You see things, but you can't even talk about it. (2 out of 3, remember?)

Let's drop sight. You don't see things no more. You hear things happening, but there are no images. I somehow think that due to the fact that we are such visual beings, it would be easier to make an image up in our mind, and connect it to a sound we hear, as opposed to see something and connect a sound to it. If you wonder why, here is my explanation for it : if you see something, it doesn't necessarily need to make/have a sound. However, if you hear a sound, you are assured something makes it, even if it's from a distance. Therefore I think sound is more action based as is sight. And I believe we live based on action and reaction.

So, if I had to drop 2 out of 3 abilities, I would drop the ability to hear, and the ability to see. I am however very very curious about what you would pick.

Think it over for a while and let me know by posting a comment. Don't just pick 2... give me some arguments as to why you picked them :)

Holy Cows!

Call me a corporate sellout, a hypocrite, but I'll gladly help build the hype Warner Bros. is creating about The Matrix Reloaded, due to appear in 2003. Check out the trailers here and prepare for a hefty download, especially if you pick the 640x480 version.

It is worth every bit and byte, even though hardly anything is shown. Can I make reservations for my tickets now please? (link thanks to eDeH).

Get together day?

I dunno what was happening today, but I feel like old bonds were renewed, restored whatever. I decided to contact Corrie & Rickert from [email protected] again and I even managed to talk to Corrie. We had a blast in her IRC channel, it was just like old days.

Just now, I logged on and received a mail from eDeH, the guy responsible for edTV-cam a few years back, and I haven't heard from him in like 3 years, maybe even longer. Last time I talked to him he was busy connecting gameboys to webcams and such. I've had pretty good contact with him, but we kinda lost track and he asked whether I was still alive since my own cam hasn't been updated in 2 years.

He's right... the cam site still exists, but I'm not actively doing anything with it anymore since I've shifted from webcams to blogs. Maybe I should mix those two things and create a camblog, blogcam? However I don't see the point in it... it has been done before, and there is no added value in it right now. Maybe I should just come up with some brilliant idea to start it all off again?

Much better.


No, I didn't go hunting last night, and thus didn't catch anything. I'm better at hunting in group... unfortunately, 1 person can hardly be called a group :)

Note : I received no less than 11 acts of fellatio from Giselle! Damn, that's good stuff... I'll be spreading those 11 sucky sucky acts over the next 11 days if you don't mind Giselle, it'll last longer :) Oh... for all those donators, please please leave an URL or some info about yourself in the comments. I like to know who I'm getting all that pleasure from :)

Lost in time

I woke up, thinking it was around 18h00 (I did check my watch and alarmclock) and wondered how I managed to sleep that long. Yet since I was still sleepy, I turned over and slept some more.

I woke up again, checked the time and believed it was around 20h00. I couldn't believe it, so I checked the watch, the alarmclock and then looked outside, and outside it looked like it could be around 20h00. Pretty strange.

I hopped out of bed, walked to the desk, checked the mobile, and that told me it was 08h23. Then I realized that my brain was running in 12 hour mode, rather than 24 hour mode. I'm off to bed again, waking up this early on a sunday morning is plain dumb.

Missing things

I've got a thirst. I've got 1 corona left, 1 bottle of wodka, half a bottle of Cointreau, a full bottle of Rhum, but nothing to mix it with. I guess that means I'll just have the corona, and get some grapefruit juice and Ice-T tomorrow.

Pour the wodka, add grapefruit juice, add icecubes and drink. Pour Cointreau, add Ice-T, add icecubes and drink. Repeat in random order. Fall Over.

I've been reading more and more on the BME site, and the more I read, the more I'm amazed by what is possible these days. I'm not claiming that everyone featured or shown on BME is sane, but ain't we all just insane in out own world? Glup... having beer going down your throat is good. Having too much beer going down ain't. Where do you draw the line?


I was writing a rather long post a couple of hours ago when suddenly the power freaked out and the complete box shut down. I do have an UPS system here, but it doesn't seem to be able to deal with failures anymore. I suppose that after nearly 6 years the time has come to replace the batteries :)

So... what was I writing? Erm... yeah I went shopping for a pair of combat shoes (ABL quality) and a sleeping bag in preparation for next weekend. I ended up coming home with a pair of shoes (no combat shoes though) and new sheets for my bed. Hey... I got shoes, so that accounts for like 25% of the stuff I needed, doesn't it?

I had the great idea to actually measure the size of my current sheets (220x180) so that I knew what size to buy. Unfortunately, when I was looking for bottom sheets, I realized that I had no idea at all what size the bed itself is (or the matrass) and they had like a zillion different sizes. Not quite sure what to do, I decided to call my ex girlfriend and ask her what the size of our bed is <G> She actually knew right away and gave me the size (200x160) and she was right too! The sheet size was totally fitting. I should really thank her for things like that, coz even though we broke up almost 2 years ago, she still manages to help me out :)

Oh... have you seen the size of that bed? 200cm by 160cm... that's a lot of room to play! Any girls wanna come over and play? Just mail me, coz otherwise I'll have to go hunting tonite, and I'm a really really bad hunter :(

Note : this post was done with the beta release of the new blogger publishing engine. It seems to work :)

Catch 22 : Outside / Online

I've just been reading the last 5 posts I did here, and man... they are boring! No wonder no one comes over here to read or post witty comments. Another cause could be the nice weather of the past days, so that peeps rather be outside looking at cute girls in short skirts and young men in tight pants, opposed to staying inside and stare at a pixel emissing cathode ray device called monitor.

I think that is what is wrong with me... I don't go out. I'm not used to the outside world. If I meet someone I can give them the exact resolution of my monitor, the specs of different CPU's, or how to complete level 6 of Command & Conquer Renegade. Yes, that is very impressive, unfortunately I don't know any girls out there that actually care about those things, and if they would care, I wouldn't meet them in the outside world but rather online.

It's a catch 22 - and I don't like catch 22. If it would be catch 69 I'd probably be enjoying it much much more. Lol... this reminds me of a demo I've seen on the Amiga 500 (in prehistorical times) called Wet Beaver Games.
Oops.. this is exactly what I mean... instead of writing something witty and interesting, I talk about computers. Crap. Computers are evil, everyone knows that. But I've been lured to the Dark Side about 14 years ago, so I'm officially a lost cause.

Kathryn : I've read your post about the nail problem you have with your ferret and I think I know what the problem is. I'll send you a mail about it with some tips on how to clip them and avoids accidents.

Xandra Ale : still no MP3? Should I come over and pick it up instead of getting it mailed?

No webby

Fact : you can't go and see a movie on may 16th if it ain't released in theatres until june 26th. Thus.. no spiderman. Scorpion King it was, and it was entertaining for sure. I actually was wondering if it was a thriller, action, adventure or comedy as it has some elements of all of those.

Was it good, ok, bad or really good? I can only answer this : it was a 'mummy' movie and it had lots of sand in it. Anything else you wanted to know? If you liked The Mummy or The Mummie Returns (2) then you'll like Scorpion King. If you don't dig sand, sand and more sand, avoid it.

Fab weather, good fun, and work too!

Today I was off to TMAB, an IT fair in Brussels, and it was good. Got quite some interesting info on some topics, and enjoyed it. Will be able to dig a little deeper into everything tomorrow when I'm back at the office.

After the fair we went to have a bite, and it was just fabulous out there on a terrace, enjoying a great meal and the sun. It even was a litte too hot for my liking, and tomorrow expectations are even more sun and higher temperatures. Poor me :-)

Off to see spiderman (probably, if not sold out already) tonite.

Note : Added a link to BME in the Other Links section. Check it out if you're into body mods.

May 15th

It's just another day, but I really couldn't make up any good title. Today has been rather uneventful, except the fact that while someone was working on the front office door, he dropped the complete thing on the pavement, sending glass all over the place. It actually happened while I was in a meeting, and we heard a rather big thump, and my boss went to check what happened and came back a few minutes later, simply stating : the guy just dropped the front door. He'll have to figure out a way to fix the thing before we close tonite. And then we continued with the meeting. It's not like we have our door thrown on the pavement every day, but I figured that the door would still be there by the time the meeting was over.

It turned out it was, and two guys from a repair shop already turned up to put new glass in the framing, and cover the lower part that was broken, but didn't come out. That's about it I suppose. Tomorrow I'll be off to TMAB with Dimi and my dad, so I guess it's gonna be a fun day. Stephanie originally planned to come along, but last minute meeting changes forced her to stay in tomorrow. I'll just bring loads of info and documentation for her to check afterwards.

Things are progressing in a forward direction, and I really should call some of our technicians to check on how they did tonite (examination time) but I don't have their mobile numbers at hand. I'll have to call them tomorrow.

Ferret problems

When I was about to leave for work this morning, something bad happened. Bono - my 5 year old albino ferret - jumped out of his cage, the same wicked way he always does, but it seems he got stuck with one of his nails. I heard something was wrong while he was sliding down, and when I approached to check it out I saw the blood.

I immediately realized that blood wasn't good, but after checking him out and calming him down with some ferretone, it turned out he pulled out the far left nail of his left front paw. Not a good thing, but on the other hand, it could have been worse if he had broken a toe or so. The bleeding stopped after a while, but I called the vet just to check what I should do. She confirmed that it was not that bad, and that the bleeding would stop soon.

By the time I was done talking to the vet, Bono was already in his cage, eating his food, so I guess he'll be fine. I checked once more, but the bleeding completely stopped now and he'll survive for sure. Still, I'm not really concentrating on whatever that should keep me busy today, but my mind will be in the ferret cage all day.

Call to all MP3 maniacs

While I was watching Swordfish tonite (3rd time I see the flick) I suddenly noticed a song I really like. Some digging and research tells me I'm looking for "50,000 watts of funking", supposedly performed by "Blubba Boy vs E-Traxx". However, the official soundtrack doesn't list it. Credits at the end of the movie only tell me that the music was mixed and supervised by Paul Oakenfeld, but even that didn't help me much.

So... has anyone got this track for me?

Hold it... this ain't true!

After finding this article (link taken from Shelley) I was kinda surprised. The article basically states that women think that most men are not interested in women with small breasts or glasses (or both?). This is where I have to yell : Hold it!

Glasses are just glasses... and since I'm a total sucker for eyes, glasses just put more attention to those eyes. Glasses are a part of who you are, and if you show confidence and pride in yourself, glasses are not an issue, are they? Ofcourse, if you find yourself to be 'less attractive' when wearing glasses, you'll show it to the outside world, and that attitude would make you less attractive, not the glasses themselves. It's all the attitude that gives a woman 'the look'... that unexplainable connection, it grabs a hold of your attention, and will not let go anymore.

Take a lookTake a look at this picture... it is a capture of a 'dirty' powerpoint presentation that I received by mail some time ago. Those eyes, they have the look... it's that 'je ne sais quoi', that undefinable attraction. Ok, so she ain't wearing glasses, but as I said... that's totally besides the point.
This gives me an idea... I'll have to do some checking and see if I can find some volunteers to have their looks captured on photograph. There is at least one person that I just need to photograph, and she's got wonderful eyes, but I'll let you be the judge when/if I get those shots done.

What have I done?

When we (Suzana and I) were driving home tonite, we started discussing food, recipes and ways to cook food... One thing lead to another, and tomorrow I'll be cooking for the office crew. They don't know yet, it's just something me and Suzana decided <G> I'll be doing the cooking, and Suzana will handle the accessories like plates and stuff. During our little chat we both agreed that it's not possible to cook together : both of us are rather dominant, not to say tyrannical, while cooking. No one else allowed in the kitchen, unless they have a serious deathwish.

I hope I won't be poisoning anyone, but since I'll be cooking something in the wok, it'll be OK. I'm used to cook in the wok, and I'll be taking along chopsticks as well. I know for certain that Stephanie can handle chopsticks, and so can I. Suzana had tried before, but claims she can't eat with them, and David... well... we'll see. I don't have a clue whether Esther can handle them, so we might be in for quite some surprises tomorrow round noon :)

I did some shopping and this is (amongst other things) what I will be using in tomorrows dinner : chicken filet, paprika (green & red), rice, and some soja thingies (not the beans, but the long things... dunno how you call 'em in English. The stuff you also have in springrolls)... and olive oil ofcourse! I'm already looking forward to it.

Maybe I should

I've been going over quite some blogs the past week(s) and it seems they all use quite a lot of GFX in their posts. Maybe I should start using more GFX too, like I did before (erm... in 2001 I mean). But... why should I use GFX if I don't have a need to do so? Should I use more GFX 'coz you got beautiful eyes? Should I use more GFX 'coz others do so?

Lemme tell you this right away... I don't need to do anything that I don't feel like. Neh!

You over there - yeah, lady with the beautiful eyes - send me a photograph, I like beautiful eyes.


Just surfed across Elftor, an online cartoon that just shows what loads of us think. Fuck political correctness, basic human rights and obedience. Enjoy sarcasm, violence and other fun things that are deemed inappropriate by some... Go Elftor! Tell em!

Everything Awakens

It's getting light outside, the birds are all singing their morning songs and I've just come home... It's 05h45 right now and after this small update I'm off to bed. I went to the marriage party of Wim and Martine and even enjoyed myself, although I did have a headache when I left home. I even took an aspirine, and that's really not me.

Had fun, talked to a whole bunch of people that I didn't know at first, but they all turned out to be nice people... and Wim and Martine were happy that I showed up, but hey... I promised them I'd be there :)

I left the wedding around 02h45 and then we all (Joco, Eef, Michael and I) went over to Joco's place to play some PS2 and have some drinks. Ain't that a wonderful reason to come home this late : hanging out with your friends? Yeah... that's what I thought too!

See ya all... I'm gonna close the curtains and have a fews hours of rest. I could stay up and skip this night, but then I'll probably feel like shit tomorrow...

Who Am I?

Am I Kurt Wagner, the X-men Character? No, I'm not
Am I Rikku, the magnificent babe of FFX? No, I'm not
Am I a famous person? No, I'm not
Am I a teddy bear man, the kind women fall for? Apparently not
Am I a strong and big man, the kind women fall for? Apparently not
Am I a bean, just trying to get some sleep? No, I'm not

I'm not all of the above, yet I'm all of it, but only partially. I'm average, a tiny element in a huge mass. And being average is about the worst you can become... you don't stand out, nor at the positive, nor at the negative end of the scale. You walk by unnoticed, unseen. You are there, yet you ain't.

I am invisible, ignorable and uninteresting. And... I'm very good at it ;(


Do you know that feeling? You have a lot of things you wanna do, yet you don't? Today I wanted to go shopping for some new clothes, and I also needed to pick up some things for the ferrets. I woke up at 10h06 or so, and I didn't leave home till 15h00. First I got to pick up some treats for the ferrets (check hyperfur) and then I drove over to such an American Warehouse thing where I picked up some gloves and two pants. I got a black one and a blue-ish camo one. I think that should do the trick.

Tomorrow I'll head over to another one of those shops and see if I can get some combat shoes. I used to wear those things all the time a few years back, but suddenly I stopped doing it. Maybe this is a good time to start wearing combat shoes again. Off to bed now... chill and... be safe.


The car sped off the highway, went through the guardrail, rolled down a cliff, bounced off a tree and finally shuddered to a stop. A passing motorist, who had witnessed the entire accident, helped the miraculously unharmed driver out of the wreck.

"Good lord, mister," he gasped, "are you drunk?"

"Of course," said the man, brushing the dirt from his suit.

"What the hell do you think I am - a stunt driver?"

Some People

Are just brain dead. I wonder what occupies all the space in their head? Let me give you an example : Tonite I'm out, having a nice Pita dish at the Pita bar (makes sense, doesn't it?) and a couple walks in with their newly born. I think the kid was like 3 or 4 weeks old. They sit down, next to me, place the kid on the bench next to them and even before ordering their meal, they both light a cigarette. Hello people? Cigarettes are bad for ya? What do you think they do to very little kids?

Rest assured : the day you go to hospital 'coz you don't feel well, and they diagnose you with lungcancer, tonguecancer, or whatever related to cigarettes, I won't be paying for it. And the day your kid goes to hospital for something cigarette related, I will not be paying for it. I think next year I'll be starting my own political party that just cuts all the crap solidarity...

The way it's all organised 'we' are paying for the pensions of the people that are old now. By the time we get to the age to think about retirement, there won't be no one paying for us since people live longer, and the amount of people that just abuse the system keeps on growing. Can't find a job? BULLSHIT! Right after I graduated from school I went to work. I'm 29 years old now and ever since I got out of school there is only been 1 day I didn't work for my living...

You just gotta want to work, that's all. If you want a great retirement plan, company car and a fat paycheck for doing nothing, you won't get a job. I strongly favor lowering welfare and unemployment benefits or increasing the minum wage. But right now you can collect unemployment benefits and have more as opposed to when you go out to work all day long, and end up with less. What do we expect?

Damn politicans... you can't just keep on giving everyone money!

Oh... I was talking online to Xandra Ale <G> tonite, and it turns out she broke her little toe. Now, everyone can have that unfortunate luck, but she actually broke it when she took out a frozen lump of spinach out of the freezer. It turns out she dropped the package, and it aimed right for her toe! I'm sure that when you deliberatly aim for it, you'll have a very hard time hitting it, let alone break it. I almost fell of my chair laughing when she told me. This is just such a typical Alexandra thing... She always runs into the weirdest things first :)

Anyway, she's off to work tomorrow, so I guess she'll be fine after all, whether she broke her toe or not. My advice to Alexandra is this : next time, either eat fresh spinach, grab the frozen spinach with 2 hands, or get those bags of spinach with very small frozen lumps in it. Makes it a whole lot harder to actually attack yourself :)


Have you seen those little links to other blogs on the righthand side menubar? Those are powered by BlogSnob. I've just seen a brilliant link there. I wish I would/could have thought about it myself : "idio - 1 t away from the truth". Check their blog here.

Mein Gott!

According to the 'What X-men character are you'-test I am Kurt :

You are Kurt Wagner, the fuzzy blue elf with that adorable accent. Sure, you may look like a demon, but you've got a heart of gold and are always looking to make others happy, even if it means playing all sorts of devilish tricks on them. You have a soft spot for the ladies and tend to be a bit of a ladies' elf. Quite the charmer,nein? (Link thanks to Maria @ Dazed & Confused)

Note : I take no responsability for the results of whatever test is posted here. If the test says I'm quite a charmer, it's up to you to agree or disagree. It doesn't really matter as I'll have to kill you anyway 'coz you found my site.


I am still very much wondering why the page doesn't display very well in Netscape and Mozilla. Actually, it's even an understatement... it looks like crap in those two browsers and I really really wanna get it fixed. The problem is that my CSS does validate, so I guess that means I didn't make too much flagrant coding errors there, but it doesn't help me much to solve to problem.

I just downloaded some tracks from the youth choir Scala, and although I think it's very impressive to see a performance live, it's not really my kind of music. Wich reminds me : I still have to order a CD. I'll brb!

I didn't order a CD, but got myself Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within (2DVD) instead. I couldn't find too much music of my choice. Anyone have any suggestions to what music is really really good according to you? Then I'll check it out. I'm always looking to broaden my horizon :)

Being stupid causes :

another dissection of a keyboard. Remember the day I flooded my keyboard at home with bubbley champagne? This just proves that it's not the first time I mess up things :)

I was at work and my boss offered me some kind of candy and asked me if I knew what it was. I accepted and started looking at the candy. "It's got coconut thingies around it, it feels rather hard, and..." and at the same time I squeezed the candy. The result was that it broke - although exploded would be a more appropiate word - and spilled the contents all over my keyboard. A keyboard that is a rather fixed part of the notebook I'm working on.

And the contents? Some sort of sugar solution, stuff that you don't want anywhere near your computer or keys. The result is that my boss just burst out in laughter as I got soaked all over, and that I spend over 1 hour dissecting my keyboard, cleaning all keys and components and then replacing them all.

I don't blame my boss for bursting out in laughter... I would have done the same, and it is/was a very funny situation, I admit. It's a good thing that I happen to know something about hard and software... But he should have known better as to give me something that I could squeeze (or rahter not squeeze). He knows how experimentational I can be <G>

I'm a dangerous man around keyboards, believe me. And not because of what I write :)

30 minutes and then I'm off for a total of 4 days! Yippee... long weekends are cool. I'll have appointments and be standy on friday, but still... it's different. Just hope that the weather remains good, although starting tomorrow evening storm is predicted. But that doesn't pose a problem : storms are cool!

Piss Off, mofo!

After reporting quite a load of spam again today (as of yesterday, ALL spam will be reported) I got a mail from some shithead with an hotmail account. His name is "Jorge Luiz de Castro Junior" and he wanted to send a mail to someone called [email protected] and CC it to someone else as well. Unfortunately, the dumbass doesn't know how to write e-mail, or take down correct mail addresses. At my domain I don't have a user called Wagner. Therefore, I'll gladly throw his e-mail into my trashcan.

Yes, Jorge Luiz de Castro Junior, you are welcome. Next time you send me mail, I'll subscribe you to 25 of the most notorious mailinglists, thus rendering your crappy hotmail account unusable in less than 15 seconds. Now go cry somewhere in your rainforest.


Tattooing should not hurt. Some people have a lower pain tolerance as others, that's for sure, but it really shouldn't hurt. You feel the needle, but that seems quite normal, doesn't it? Having the outlines done usually is what you feel most since the skin ain't numb yet. So... all you wussies out there : don't start something you don't wanna end :)

<Preach mode>And - most important - get an artist you know, trust and feel good with. If he or she messes up, you're stuck with it for the rest of your life. Don't count on lasertreatements or coverups, online count on yourself. Be certain before you get inked! </Preach mode>

My tattoo is healing nicely, and should be OK in about 10 days from today. Right in time for swimming, cannooing, hot tubs and beer... <G>


While I was doing my daily blog reading, suddenly something was very clear to me. Check out this and then look here. What do you think? I think Cyborgirl is Axelle Red... or at least a very very close match. I've posted a comment over at Cyborgirl's blog to tell her about the similarities, but I don't know if she knows Axelle Red. If she doesn't, maybe I should send her an album?

Links : Cyborgirl - Axelle Red

I'm tired, got a headache

Random Notes

  • Pim Fortuyn shot in Holland
  • Watched a part of a show called the strongest women in the world. One finnish babe called Heini (can't remember, let alone spell her last name) even looked normal.
  • Gotta get up way early tomorrow
  • Reported over 10 spammers and hope to get their accounts terminated. Morons!
  • Started course again for the job.



Alexandra : I know humanity doesn't make sense... that OK with me. It proves I'm human :)

Shelley : Ow... I find the belgian weather hard as it is... do you really think I can add the weather in NZ to that? I'm not Deep Blue, you know!

DemonGirl : Nah, it's too big to fill with black. That was the intention at first, but after doing some drawings and try-outs, we agreed that filling it with black would be too much. In a next session shadows will be added... Next session probably somewhere in june or so...

Missy Elliott

4 my people has just been released in Belgium and I love the song... This is another great song from Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott, and "So Addictive", the CD where tracks like "4 my people" and "Get UR freak on" are derived from can't be bad... Check out the Official Missy Elliott site here

Joco, Eef and little Alex just popped by, to say hi and borrow the digital cam for a while. This means that I can't make no more tattoo related pictures for a while, but since nothing is about to change in the near future, that ain't a problem. I've uploaded some more pics in the Photo Tripping Section, so get ur freak on!


The pictorial is up and running. Didn't use the script after all, since it gave me some weird error and I really didn't feel like tracing what went wrong. I just handcoded the pages. Yeah, I know that the pictures open in a new window when you enlarge them, but I was too lazy to code a javascript call that would make them pop up in a smaller window. Don't like it, sue me :-)

Important Message : I just got a mail from my sister.... yes, she seems to be awake already. I was shocked too! - Just kidding... this wasn't an important message, but she is awake!

Doog gninrom elpoep!

Hm... something doesn't look quite right with that title? Ow... Good morning people!

Yeah, I'm awake pretty early today and even have already done things : I'm out of bed, I washed the tattoo, edited some more pictures and as soon as I've got the thumbnails ready, I'll dump everything on the site in the PhotoTripping Section. I might be using some nifty script that I found somewhere (I hope I can still remember where I saved it) to create the pages for the thumbs, so it might take a bit longer to get it all up and running. If I don't like it, I'll just code it manually, as I do usually :)

Tattoo Session 1 : Finished

Wow... session 1 is finished! I'll put up photographs online later tonite (or tomorrow) but I'm first gonna have a bite to eat and wash my tattooed leg. You know what's really strange? I was very nerveous before Mieke started drawing, but during the drawing I calmed down and later on no more nerves. It was a pretty long session though and I was glad that she did so much already. I arrived at 18h30, the draft drawing was on my leg around 19h20 and then she started inking me till 21h20.

Off to eat now... laterz!


Yepz... T-30... in 30 minutes I've got an appointement to get the new tattoo done. Even though I already got one, I'm still nerveous, and I don't know why... I know the artist, I know the studio and I know all of the people there, so there really is no reason to be anxious or nerveous. Must just be my irrational disliking of needles, lol.

Through all my life I never minded needles, and then suddenly - I don't even recall when - I disliked them. Boom, out of the blue, no apparent reason. Fuck it, I'll live :)

I'll make photographs ofcourse and you'll be able to see them tonite, maybe tomorrow... Keep an eye open :)

Weather Talk

You know how people start talking about the weather when they don't know anything else to talk about? If you want show you have at least some social skills, you should always have an opinion about the weather.
It doesn't matter whether you think it stinks, you love the weather or are not sure yet, but you have to say something about the weather. Agreeing with the other party is always a good idea, but if you both agree on everything, the conversation will be finished rather fast and there you are : clueless on what to talk about next. Let's give a few examples :

Person A :Hi!
Person B : Hey!
Person A : How are you today?
Person B : Oh, I'm OK. You?
Person A : Not too bad.
Person B : Good to hear that.
Person A : silence
Person B : silence

Conversation finished. See... that wasn't too much of a conversation, was it? Shouldn't have taken more as 10 seconds. Now, one can add some weather facts, to wich the other party will agree. Let's insert a random weather fact right after the 'Good to hear that line'.

Person B : Good to hear that.
Person A : Yeah... and the weather, it been so [insert random weather fact here]
Person B : Totally agree! It's been really [insert same random weather fact here]
Person A : And how about [insert another random weather fact here]?
Person B : True...
Person A : silence
Person B : silence

See? With the use of some simple weather facts, you can really extend a conversation... But, if you don't agree with the weather fact that your conversation partner is throwing at you, things can get really interesting.

Person B : Good to hear that.
Person A : Yeah... and the weather, it been so [insert random weather fact here]
Person B : You think so?
Person A : Yes I do! Don't you think [insert the same random weather fact here]?!
Person B : Come on... you can't mean that? The weather has been [insert opposite random weather fact here]!
Person A : Give it up.. you don't know anything about weather, do you?
Person B : I watch [insert favorite weather girl or boy here] every night on [insert favorite TV station here]! And they do know their shit!
Person A : What???? You call [inserts your favorite weather girl or boy here] someone who know about the weather?! Get real!
Person B : (Angry) You better don't make fun of [insert favorite weather girl or boy here], or else....
Person A : Or else what?
Person B : [Shoot the bastard]

Now, that was a completely different conversation, wasn't it? Much more complex and fun to have. The fact that you shot the bastard in the end doesn't really matter since you didn't like him or her in the first place. And the place you're going to for the next 25 years doesn't have any weather... only cold concrete walls, white jackets and impressive looking blue rabbits.

Oh... and right now, the weather sucks... too cold and no sun. Don't you agree?

Today my ISP crapped again at providing FTP access and the residential server went down for at least 2 solid hours, thus leaving this page, and a whole lot of other unreachable. I'm getting fed up with it, and I think I'll be moving all of the blog to the new host I've gotten. I can point the complete domain to a subdomain and nothing will change for the readers, except you'll get less downtime and faster access.

I'm not sure though when exactly I'll be doing this, since I need to plan this all carefully. If I decide to move it all, I'll do so on thursday and start running test updates to the new location, and if it all checks out, request a DNS change and then everything should be moved and served about 48 hours later.

The project is starting to get up to speed too, as it will become a (temporary?) new home for DigitalDemon who was shut down about a week ago. All the experience I've gained from setting everything up for her, will certainly aid me when xferring or hosting more sites. She didn't start (re)building her site yet, but you can expect stuff soon.


Just too damn lazy to come up with a title that makes sense. I wonder why everything in the world should always make sense anyway? Can't anyone just see the beauty of not making sense?!

Take for instance a problem that peeps are working on since a long long time, and can't figure out, nor solve. A creative and often unexpected approach that doesn't make sense could solve it easily, break the barrier.

Note 2 DemonGirl : check your mail... the subdomain is ready and I'm just awaiting confirmation from your side now before I fire it all up.


I finally got a hold of that business contact that I've been trying to reach for the past 2 weeks. Now everything should be OK, and a deal completed somewhere next week. Another thing I can scratch off my to-do list.

There is a house in New Orleans...

they call the Rising Sun. The Animals are blasting throught the speakers right now, as I can't sleep. I guess I should have gotten out of bed earlier this morning. There's not point in laying in bed, twisting and turning for hours when I could do some more work. I guess as soon as these songs are done playing, I'll head for bed... and the playlist tells me it's another hour and 36 minutes... Maybe that's just a bit too much :p

Some songs in the playlist : The Blues Brothers (Theme from Rawhide) - Bobby Darin (Splish Splash) - The Troggs (Wild Thing) - Tina Turner (Private Dancer) - The Kingston Trio (Tom Dooley) - Tennessee Ernie Ford (Sixteen Tons) - ....

I guess the youngsters don't know these songs, but I've learned that I just love those 60's, 70's and 80's songs bigtime. Even though I was only born in '73, I just somehow know songs from the 60's and 70's as well. I think this is proof I'm officially an old man, not! (ROFL)

Note : just noticed something very strange on the site of Robby B while BlogSnobbing. There was something strange with his links... But now I know how he did it. Nice effect... I implemented it on my links too (not on all of them though).


Beer... Helping Ugly People Have Sex since 1862Having too much beer won't help you at all. And there is no such thing as having too much sex. Only not enough sex.

FFX fans...

For all of us that think that Rikku is an amazing babe, check out these Winamp skins! And if you happen to just love the Audi TT, check here.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a skin that puts Rikku in an Audi TT. That would just cause too much drooling I suppose :(


I used to sniff coke, but the icecubs kept on blocking my nostrils.

Once upon a night, I was lying in my bed, gazing at all those stars in the sky when I suddenly thought : "Hey, where did my roof go?"

May 1st

Day off from work. Slept late, and already wasted every minute since waking up at reading my fav blogs, surfing around, killing spam and replying to mails that didn't interest me in the first place. My life is just soooo exciting.

I'm off to do stuff. (meaning that I'll probably be back in like 5 minutes)

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