Mad Max'ing thru the streets

I just felt like it... like being Mad Max. Window down, system up, roaring thru the streets, not caring about rules, people or anything. Basically being a badass that knows he rules the world. You know, I'm 29 year old now and I can't really say that I ever have really freaked out in life. Have I missed something? Hey, tell me your story! And don't come telling me about that time when you drunk too much and fell off your chair in a bunny bar... that doesn't count. I'm looking for those Mad Max feeling kinda stories. Where you deliberatly destroyed, vandalized or went insane. You totally crapped out, and felt damn good about it too.

I've always restricted myself too much - like I've got an internal brake that slows me down way before things might even slightly get out of hand. Hell, maybe that is what is commonly referred to as 'a consience'. I wish I could just throw it out sometimes, just let the dark side in me take over, live it all out. I just don't know if I would want, or even could, return to my life then, as it was before. Some things can not be undone. Life doesn't come with an undo function, I tried.

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