Hold it! Stop!

I've never written that I had/have an affair with Eef, nor did I write that those kids would be mine... Come on, you should know me better :)

But now that I read the post below again, I could see how it could lead people to think things like that. Just to set everything straight :

- I don't have an affair with Eef.
- Eef is not pregnant of twin daughters.
- Joco is my best mate.

I think it's just that the dream was fuzzy... it's not easy to remember dreams, and especially hard to blog them correctly, coz you can't blog moods, feelings... or at least I can't. The fact that I held Eef and rested my lips on the back of her neck in that dream was just a cuddle, a close moment, nothing more.

Hell... why am I even trying to explain all this? It was MY dream... Those who are important to me (you know who you are), also know what I mean.

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