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I am not alone!

I found this post done by techiegirl on her techfluid blog. It seems I'm not the only one who thinks stupid fuckers should be shot. Actually she expresses it in another way, but basically the point is the same : get off the friggin' road!

Should stupid fuckers be shot?

Today I was driving home, Suzana was sitting next to me and while we were doing around 120 km/h (75 mph) on the left lane, suddenly a mercedes cuts to the left lane while he's doing around 100 km/h (62 mph). I still wonder why, since the right lane was totally clear, and it was at least another 700 metres before some cars that were coming onto the highway had to join him in the right lane. I don't blink my lights, don't sound the horn, but just take back some gass and keep on driving behind him. Even Suzana - who doesn't have her license yet - was wondering what this man was doing.

Now, cutting me off in the left lane wasn't bad enough... he started braking suddenly, for no reason at all, and started making signs to me. Suzana looked at me and asked : "what's wrong with that guy?". Beats me, I dunno.... He kept on doing all this irritating shit for at least 3 miles, me stuck on the left lane at 62 mph, a clear and free right lane, but he just wouldn't move. I still didn't flash my lights or anything like that, but the man was getting on my nerves, fast. I didn't even try to pass him on the right side, coz that would have been a traffic violation, and I know what was gonna happen then : he'd cut me off for sure.

After he made more gestures and signs, he finally moved over to the right lane and I passed him. A jew. Call me whatever you want, but jews are just a pain in the ass when they drive their car. I think they just buy a license, but generally speaking they drive like they own the friggin' road. After passing him, I noticed that he kept on signalling to the right and realized that he was gonna take the next exit, or head for the gasstation. So did I. I had absolutely no business there, but wanted to let the fucker know that he'd better learn to drive properly. I was waiting for him and he passed me while I was on the parking lot, and I pulled up besides him when he stopped to fill the car up.

I opened my window (actually on Suzana's side) and when he got out I yelled something like : "Do you always drive like such a moron?" He walked over to the car and said something like "I don't understand, I don't understand dutch". Yeah right... when I told him to get lost and take the next camel to Israel, he suddenly understood dutch. Weird, ain't it? He asked me if I had problems with Israel. Nah, I don't... I got problems with you, asshole. Then he didn't understand dutch anymore.

I wonder how they actually get away with it... they don't understand a word of the language here, except when it fits them. They can all go to hell for all I care.

Oh... and if it were an asian, negro, morroccan, german, french, belgian or UK driver, I would have done just the same. I just hate it when someone thinks they are alone on the road. Now don't you look funny at me... I never get pissed when driving my car... I always think that they don't know any better and avoid the crappy drivers... but this farthead was really too much. He was looking for it, and he also got it... verbally.

I'm too smart to actually punch them in the face - or too civilised :p

It's not that I'm lazy

but I just don't feel like blogging today and I received this damn good joke today (thanks Pascale... I got the mail, 21st will be fine, others are up to date on it too... just lemme know what time, will you?) and read another one that I'll be posting too. Enjoy and read/write you all again in a few hours!

Wittle Wabbits
A little girl walks into a pet shop and asks in the sweetest
little lisp:

"Excuthe me, mithter, do you keep wittle wabbits?"

And the shopkeeper gets down on his knees, so that he's
on her level, and asks:

"Do you want a wittle white wabby or a soft and fuwwy black wabby or maybe one like that cute wittle brown wabby over there?"

She in turn puts her hands on her knees, leans forward and says in a
quiet voice:

"I don't fink my pyfon weally gives a fuck!"

10 things men know about women :

  1. They have tits.

Panic Room

First impressions : nice one... Jodie is as good as ever. Coke and Nokia won the props war. More details and review tomorrow.

Note : The neversilent.org domain is now fulled hosted and the DNS changes are being propagated all over the web. I've still got some stuff to set up - like mail accounts and such - but all of that should be OK by the end of the week. Then I can start working on more advanced stuff like coding that site up conforming all the standards (HTML 4.01, or maybe even XML 1.0 right away), getting php running, learing how to use php and build dynamic pages.

For all of that... I need to be restest well. Chill. Off to bed.

Sunday Fun

If Men Ruled the World

  • Any fake phone number a girl gave you would automatically forward your call to her real number.
  • Nodding and looking at your watch would be deemed an acceptable response to "I love you."
  • Hallmark would make "Sorry, what was your name again?" cards.
  • If your girlfriend really needed to talk to you during the game, she'd appear in a little box in the corner of the screen during a time-out.
  • Breaking up would be a lot easier. A smack to the ass and a "Nice hustle, you'll get 'em next time" would pretty much do it.
  • Birth control would come in ale or lager.
  • You'd be expected to fill your resume with gag names of people you'd worked for, like "Heywood J'Blowme."
  • Each year, your raise would be pegged to the fortunes of the NFL team of your choice.
  • The funniest guy in the office would get to be CEO.
  • "Sorry I'm late, but I got really wasted last night" would be an acceptable excuse for tardiness.
  • At the end of the workday, a whistle would blow and you'd jump out your window and slide down the tail of a brontosaurus and right into your car like Fred Flintstone.
  • It'd be considered harmless fun to gather 30 friends, put on horned helmets, and go pillage a nearby town.
  • Lifeguards could remove citizens from beaches for violating the "public ugliness" ordinance.
  • Tanks would be far easier to rent.
  • Garbage would take itself out.
  • Instead of beer belly, you'd get "beer biceps."

Facts of life

1. I'm getting old
2. Joco and Eef are my best friends
3. Joco is getting old too... I'm not alone :p
4. Antwerp is a cool place to visit
5. In order to really have fun, you have to go out more than once a year
6. I'm off to bed
7. Got a lot of laundry and cleaning to do tomorrow
8. Alex is getting pretty big and heavy... one healthy and cute baby!

Last Warning!

This really is the last warning I'm giving my brain... If it keeps on inserting Joco or Eef into my dreams, I'm gonna ban it from my head, and stuff it in the fridge for 72 hours. You are probably wondering what happened this time? I'll tell you :

I was taking a bath - the thing in wich you put loads and loads of hot water that goes cold after a while, so you have to refill it - and dozed off every now and then. Suddenly something flashed thru my mind and it was a message box from Joco, stating : "die twee poezekes zen terug".

In plain english it could mean something like "those two kitten have returned", but also "those two hot ladies have returned". Neither of both explenations make any sense, except for the fact that I know that Joco and I were chatting last night, and he had to go coz visitors had arrived at his place.

I really really urge my insane and probably very basic and simplistic brain to include more pleasant things in my dreams. I'm fed up with the shit I dream now.

Note to brain : don't look so surprised... I have already created space in the fridge. I know how stubborn you can be!

Good Morning World!

I'm still out here... are you? It seems like I've survived another night, no nuclear disasters, earthquakes or attacks from killerfish... I've had more of those strange dreams, this time not involving anyone being pregnant, but I don't remember any details. I just know that it was weird again...

Like I've been standing upside down for 12 hours straight and old memories, thoughts and idea's are now floating around, mixed and unstructured. This is not the end - it's only the beginning.

Worked on the NEVERsilent project

I've added some new GFX and buttons to the NEVERsilent sites, as well as instructions on how to use them, or where/how to link them. These small updates were triggered by the fact that The Girl (aka Digital Demon Girl) was shut down for even mentioning something vaguely. When I checked a few moments ago, her site was guarded by a request for ID and Password, effectively putting her blog out of business and silencing her.

I have no info about what she said, or who closed her down, but you can't just go round and shut down peoples websites (and more specific blogs) 'coz you don't like what they write. I've kicked around, ranted and insulted, opinionated on my blog, but I'd like to see the first one who shuts me up or down.

Digital Demon Girl : you can be the first site on the NEVERsilent project and launch all of this. Contact me, will you?

Mozilla Testing

I've just installed the latest mozilla build, actually release candidate 1. As someone said to me before "Netscape really doesn't like your page" I wasn't really surprised to see that in Mozilla the tables and stuff were all fucked up badly.

Wich is kinda strange though, since I do use correct HTML 4.01 tagging, my CSS sheets do comply to the standards and all. I don't know why it doesn't interprete it the way I intended? Opera 6.01 does a much better job there... and that browser sticks very much to the standards too.

Maybe if I don't know anything better to do tonite, I'll read up on why it goes all freaky... there has to be something that is interpreted differently, and just by looking at the result, I'm pretty sure it's the tables that fuck it up somehow.

Nuclear Disaster Prevention

Today I got a brochure in my snail mailbox that is distributed by the government, and it explains what to do in case of a nuclear disaster. Like if something really bad happens, it would help to stay inside and avoid contaminated air. The only thing that'll happen is that you die slower.

Belgium is a small country, yet we have no less than 4 nuclear sites in the country, and another 4 very close to our borders. I bet all the old folks will be waiting in long lines at the pharmacists tomorrow to collect their free jodium tablets. Hello?! Read the friggin folder, will you? Babies, young kids and unborn humans have the biggest change of suffering from radiation buildup. Excuse me, but how can you stuff a jodium tablet into an unborn one? I could think of a way, but I won't go into details <G>

Old folks are not in real danger, at least not in any more danger as the rest of the population. Why would they need jodium tablet for? To add another pill to their daily dose? To brag about those tablets while the spend their day at the hairdressers, trying to get some model in that gray (often white) hair of them?

It's all crap.. if one of the nuclear plants goes bang, we die. No problem here... it's part of life.

Internal Improvements

After running the page thru the W3C HTML Validator once more (it's been a while since the last check) it came up with around 12 errors. Too much for my liking, so I started hunting them down, and am stuck with only 2 right now. It actually is only 1, since the same error occurs twice. It seems using the Euro symbol causes an error to occur, and even replacing it with the correct ascii code didn't solve it. I think. Lemme try something... it didn't :(

Anyone know the correct syntax for the € symbol? I tried "& # 1 2 8 ;" already, but the validator is still choking on it... Or might it be that I declared an incorrect !DOCTYPE?

[MODE ON] Ignore Pascale

Yeah Pascale... you are still one of 'those'... but I'm giving you the ignore treatment right now... and that will last till I'm back home and can reply to your mail :p

Joco... why are you laughing??? You don't think it would be possible?

Hold it! Stop!

I've never written that I had/have an affair with Eef, nor did I write that those kids would be mine... Come on, you should know me better :)

But now that I read the post below again, I could see how it could lead people to think things like that. Just to set everything straight :

- I don't have an affair with Eef.
- Eef is not pregnant of twin daughters.
- Joco is my best mate.

I think it's just that the dream was fuzzy... it's not easy to remember dreams, and especially hard to blog them correctly, coz you can't blog moods, feelings... or at least I can't. The fact that I held Eef and rested my lips on the back of her neck in that dream was just a cuddle, a close moment, nothing more.

Hell... why am I even trying to explain all this? It was MY dream... Those who are important to me (you know who you are), also know what I mean.

The secondary tests were positive

I'm sitting - or standing - next to Eef, and Joco is a few metres away from us. Suddenly a door opens, a nurse comes in and walks over to Eef. The nurse says that both of the secondary results tested positive. I have no clue to what the nurse is saying, but Eef nods. Then looks over to me, looks over to Joco, and asks in a strange voice : "both the secondary tests?".

To wich the nurse replies : "yeah, both of them. You're gonna have two little daughters!"

I kiss Eef on the cheek and just hold her for a few minutes, my lips against the back of her neck. Joco still is a few metres away, and either knew it all along - the pregnancy - or is even more surprised as I am.

Congratulations to Joco and Eef would be in order but... (I think) it only was a dream.

Lol... it was just sooooo real! I had to check a few times to make sure I really was asleep, and that it thus was a dream. The two of them never cease to amaze me!


Yeah Pascale, I'll mail you again... Damn, even while you're in another country you find ways to get in my hair ;) - I will however not forget that you cleared me out of your address book... like we never knew eachother :(

I've added 2 new statements in the random quote generator at the top of the page... can you spot them? Shouldn't be too hard... for the regular readers.

Nothing much happened today except some meeting at the office, more planned tomorrow and I fixed some things that needed fixing for a while.

Feed your brain!

I followed all your peeps advice and talked to the persons involved in the dilemma. Everyone thought I did the right thing, so I guess it was the right thing after all :)

Shelley : you are right... food is more important and keeping your bills payed is too. Make sure you have all that taken care of before doing 'luxury'...

The Girl (damn... is that how I should call you? It sounds so... 'normal') : yeah... shutting up or restraining yourself is hard... but it sometimes pays off later on. I'll make photographs of the new tattoo for sure! I've made some of the first one too, I might send them over, I don't know yet... And about the pain : it's not that hard, is it? It stings a bit, but it's manageable... for me. Ofcourse it also depends on where your tattoo resides, as some parts of your body are more sensitive as other parts.

Pascale : thanks hon! You're the best...

Alexandra : yeah... I'm not too fond of needles either, but it's certainly not the same as having blood drawn or so. Maybe I should ask joco to come along so that he can check it all out :p

Online Crap

I've participated in many online programs and am still a participant in some. Yesterday I received a cheque for a whopping $11.10! At first sight, one would say that it's pretty good... but when you realize that in order to cash in that cheque, it takes at least 15 minutes of my time, and it costs me around $7.5... not much of it is left, is there. I've tried mailing the sender to get them to keep the money in the account till it reaches at least $100, but according to their rules, they pay you when the balance reaches $40, or after 90 days, whichever occures first. That's what I call crap... there is more to the internet as just the USA you know... I gotta pay international charges in order to cash in that cheque... get real!

I' think I'll just stick it on my wall.. right next to all those other 'uncashable' cheques :(


I should not be blogging this. But I feel the urge to do so, without exactly revealing anything to any prying eyes, or people that don't need to know right now. In the recent past I've met with someone (business related) and we talked for a while. Even though we couldn't come to an agreement, I think the knowledge might be interesting to others as well. I did however promise to keep all details between the two of us.

I've been struggling with this for a while, but still haven't found a solution that would ease my mind. I think I'll have to discuss it with one certain other person to get objective feedback on this dilemma. I might even be able to find a way that leads everyone to the future, without breaking any bonds, or disrupting anything permanently.

Hell... maybe it's not my problem at all...


Hey Pascale... June 16th might be a bit of a problem since I'll be taking another rather important exam on the evening of the 17th. I think I might be able to spare a few hours though. If possible, everything after the 17th would be easier ;)

Shelley : yeah, tattoo's ain't too cheap when you want quality work, but you really gotta look at it like this : It's something you will carry around and be proud of for the rest of your life. If you spread the cost over the rest of your life, it's really pretty cheap. I already know that my next piece will cost me between €200 and €250 (aprox $175 and $220) but I'm well prepared to pay that price to get the piece I want, from an artist I trust and know.

She's really good and creative, and when I stopped by the shop last night she asked whether I wanted her to do the piece, or John. I replied that I came to the shop to get tattooed by her, not by John :) She smiled... People tend to like it when you appreciate their work...

Inked once... inked forever

I've never believed it... but after that first tattoo, you want more. It's been over a year now, since I had my first one, and I'll soon be back in the chair for another one. I'm not divulging when, what or where... not until it's done, healed and a stunning view... Read/see more soon (in a few weeks, maybe 2 months).

I'm off to entertain the ferrets now... this morning and last night they were very active and playful, it was great fun to see them jump around!


I got a friggin' headache, my eyes are sore, and it's not because I drank too much.


I've been reading up on hosting, webhosts, dedictated servers and virtual/shared hosting for the most part of this evening. It's interesting, but probably boring to everyone that has a life. If you wanna know about spam, how to fight it, and more technical mumbojumbo, read all those characters at The Spamhaus Project

Everybody Hurts

Everyone knows this song from R.E.M I guess... I might not be everyone, but I feel like I've been run over by a truck several times. The only thing I that doesn't hurt right now is my head, but that can be fixed by slamming it into a wall a few times. But why would I wanna do that for?

REM : Rapid Eye Movement... that phase in your sleep where you actually (can) dream. The longer you sleep, the longer the REM phase becomes, and the more chance of having a dream. When you awake right after an REM phase you're more likely to remember your dream. (Yes... all of this is just basic stuff I happen to know about REM. And I'm not a physician, doctor, or neurosurgeon... Doesn't everyone know all this?)

Maria : never mind... I totally understand your reaction... I might have reacted the same way :)

Alexandra : you are too lazy... get out of bed, will ya! - My mom doesn't know... unless she's watching me from up above there, and even then : she knows I mean to do right (usually) - I currently have laundry, ironing, cleaning, groceries, sleeping... The movies and drinking is quite ok, but on the partying, and getting laid part I need a lot of catching up to do. Are you volunteering? [Grin] - I know how to handle computer viruses, and no sex is a very good way to prevent STD's. Just not the most pleasant way. Always protect yourself!

Heather : I wanted to contact you, but I couldn't find an e-mail address of you anywhere... send me that link, will you, and leave an e-mail addy :)

Links : durex - SafeSex

Back Home, Full Belly

Damn... I wish food wasn't that good. I ate too much and my belly is full. We had a very very nice evening and laughed a lot. What more can someone ask for, but to have this much fun in life?

Off to bed now... comments on comments will be done when I'm rested. Zzzzzzzz's....

I can feel my feet...

and it ain't a pleasant experience. Usually people say when they are tired from walking that they can't feel their feet anymore. I think the expression is totally wrong. When you ain't tired, you don't feel your feet. You just know they are there. I'm tired, and I can feel them. I'd rather not feel them.

Gonna take a shower now, then off again in a short time to have dinner - Hilda's birthday today - with a whole bunch of people. Most of them as wacko as I am, or even more.

Note : those who left comments, I'll get back on all of those when I'm back.

Chill, be back in a few hours (again).

Sunday Stupidity

There can't be another expression for it... those who decide to get up at 06h30 on a sunday morning, either have lost 80% of their mental abilities, or really like what they do.

In my case, both are probably true. Blog to you again in 12 to 16 hours!

I'm totally losing it...

Really. I'm not kidding here. If I keep on being what I am, living how I live and keep on turning around in these small circles of my social network, I'm gonna go friggin' insane. And I mean even more insane as I am already. Is this an early mid-life crisis? I sure hope not, coz that would mean I won't get too old!

I don't know anything anymore, I wonder why I'm doing all this "life" thing. No, I'm certainly not gonna do stupid things... you don't have to panic, I'll be around for the next couple of decades :p

It's just that I feel my life has no meaning... I just toured the city for like 45 minutes, and nobody pays any attention to anyone. Sure, people see you, but they don't react, let alone interact with one another. I feel like an outcast, somewhere floating on a rig, thinking that I'm setting course to somewhere, but in reality just drifting over the vast waters of the unknown. Stick your head in the water, and the only thing you see is blue. Raise your head and watch the sky : more blue. Blue resembles the mass of people around one, but it doesn't mean anything. It's just more blue people.

To whom it might concern


An online test...

That's how bored I got today. However, looking at the result, there might still be hope that something interesting happens today.

NC-17 Woah, dude, too far. You're totally unsuitable
for anybody under the age of 17, and for society
in general. Tough break...
"Which Movie Classification Are You?"
Take the test here.

Life the way it really is : nerds

You work all week, then spend two days ot home during the weekend. During the week you don't have too much spare time to do things, during the weekend you have, but can't think of anything interesting enough to do. This is the ultimate proof : I'm a geeky, nerdy, bitbashing something. I really need to get a life.

Last night I was planning on going out, but none of the peeps I asked felt like it. They might be going out tonite, but since I gotta get up at 06h45 and work all day (my own free choice though) I don't think that would be such a wise descision. Another weekend down the drain. I really need to get a life.

Unrelated Onions

Seems to be rather good outside. Damn I'm hungry. These two things are unrelated, but one might never know for sure. Feedback time :

Alexandra : Yes, From Hell is playing in theatres right now... It's a story about Jack The Ripper and features (amongst others) Johnny Depp. It is however not a comedy, and the Satan and goodbitch story that I wrote has nothing to do with the movie. If you ain't see it yet, I suggest you do :p

Shelley : glad you liked the joke, I loved it too... It's a tad bit old, but I don't know if it existed in english yet (I translated it from dutch).

Bliss : lemme take a look in my agenda to see when I can come over to Miami. If Miami has plenty of women looking like Rikku, that's the place I gotta be!


Rikku... babe of 2002 already?!I've never taken much interest in RPG's like Final Fantasy, although I liked the movie. But after seeing this image appear on someones blog, I think I might really like Final Fantasy X. The characters name is Rikku, and she just looks lovely!

Does anyone know if an IRL version of this cutie exists as well, and where/how I can get in touch?
(note : I've found the blog that featured Rikku of FFX : 24 eleven)

7 dwarves and the pope

The 7 dwarves head over to the vatican and since they are THE 7 dwarves and requested an meeting with the pope, they are granted one. Dopey is the leading dwarf.

"Dopey, my son," says the pope, "what can I do for you?"

Dopey says : "Sorry, Your Highness, but are there dwarf-nuns in Rome?"

The pope raises an eyebrow because of this strange question, reflects for some time, and then answers : "No Dopey, there are no dwarf-nuns in Rome."
In the background, some of the other dwarves start giggling. Dopey turns around and gives them the stare of death.

Dopey turns to the pope again and asks : "Your Highness, are there darf-nuns anywhere in Europe?"

The pope, really surprised now, thinks again and then answers : "No Dopey, there are no dwarf-nuns in Europe."

At this point, all 6 other dwarves start laughing. Dopey turns around again, gives them the extremely lethal stare and turns to the pope again. The other dwarves giggle a bit more and then become quiet again.

Dopey says : "But mister pope, are there dwarf-nuns anywhere in this world uberhaupt?!"

To which the pope replies : "No, my son, there are no dwarf-nuns anywhere in the world."

The other dwarves can't control their laughter anymore and roll over the floor laughing while they yell :

"Dopey fucked a penguin! Dopey fucked a penguin!"

Blub Blub

Never mind the pisces.

Please don't pay any attention to the insane ramblings above and below this line. It'll all disappear when you click that little cross at the top right corner of your screen.


From Hell came Satan, and while she descended from her throne she stepped in a large cow pie.


"Exactly," said that other wicked bitch that is supposed to symbolize 'Good', "I'm glad you make the effort to correctly identify my little joke."

"Oh, cut it out" Satan yelled "I'm tired of these little jokes. How old are you anyway?"

"Doesn't anyone have manners anymore these days?" replied goodbitch. "It's impolite to ask a lady for her age."

"Shut up... I'm not talking to a lady here... I'm talking to you... how old are you?"

Goodbitch looked around, couldn't spot anything anywhere that might resemble a lady, and thus answered "23 years old".

"You wanna hit it off?" Satan asked in her most seductive voice.

"Hit it off? What do you mean?" goodbitch said, while making those large, innocent puppy eyes.

"Don't bother, I've seen what you've done with the angels... don't play nice and innocent now. You wanna get naughty, get down, get steamy?" Satan explained.

"Sauna? Nah, not right now... I've just had dinner, special delivery from Last Meal".

At this point Satan totally lost her patience, booked a ticket for the first Virgin Express flight and only minutes later stood next to goodbitch.

"My goodness! You are one handsome Satan lady, but maybe a tad bit too much sun tan?" goodbitch said as she stepped closer to have a better look.

"Take off the friggin' sunglasses, and you'll see that I'm about as white as a the inside of a cow!" Satan said, and goodbitch took off her sunglasses.

"Damn, you're right... pretty white. What happened to all the fire and burning in hell?" goodbitch wanted to know.

"Forget about it" groaned Satan "this is the year 2002 you know... never got that brochure about central heating?"

Without much further thinking, both Satan and goodbitch left for Temptation Island. [END]

To make a long story short : I went out to watch From Hell, and liked it pretty much.


I'm feeling all kinda weird... maybe even a bit dizzy. It can hardly be those two pints of Hoegaarden I had during dinner, so it's gotta be something else. I'm tired, that's for sure, so I might hit the bed early today. Tomorrow is a rather important day at work, so I'd better arrive awake...

I've been dropping and adding in the Blog Links again... this time Coyote Howling got dropped coz I found the update rate to be too slow, and I've added two new insaniacs :

- Shelley who blogs at Scattered Thoughts, who's based in New Zealand and doesn't know anything about Australian underwear according to herself

- The Girl who rants and raves at Digital Demon. I won't even try to find a fitting description :)

I just wanna remind everyone that being dropped from the blog links is never a personal vendetta or so... It's just a change in interest from my part.

Interesting fact : 9 out 12 blogs I link to are written by females. It's purely coincidental, I assure you... I guess women are more attractive bloggers, or have another style of blogging. I just seem to dig it more. (It's only now that I realize those figures... amazing!)

I knew it!

Arrived at the office today and found a nice letter... Seems like our friends from the federal police noticed the fact that I drove a tad bit too fast a while back. They wrote me a nice ticket for it too. It wasn't really a surprise as I've seen the flash when I passed them. I'm not gonna fight it either.... if you break the law, don't come crying later on.

One should take responsability for his actions.


1. Just came back from the exam... Did rather well, scored 84%. Congrats to Glenn as well for passing with 80% and to Dirk who passed 2 out of 3 tests. He'll just have to redo one in a few weeks. Jan, you'll have another shot at it in June, we'll make sure to help you as much as we can. Congrats to everyone else as well!

2. Tangent, you are too smart for this world! You do know right away what I'm talking about, even though I never mentioned what link I was referring to. Do you have an IQ of 160 or so?

3. Alexandra and Shelley : thanks for pointing out that a belgian 75 is the same as an Australian 12. I'll see if I can do a study about that and compare samples :p (Update : Yikes! Sorry, Shellley... New Zealand... can you forgive me?)

4. Shelley : stop trying... some will just never get the idea that there is another continent but the USA. I guess they think of us as extraterrestial.

5. The domains finally are resolving. You could check www.neversilent.org, www.neversilent.com and www.neversilent.net, but as they all point to the same site, there is no reason to do so, is there? Unless you don't believe me ofcourse. There ain't much to be seen yet anyway :)


Final copy has just been printed. Off to get it Xerox'ed.


Ran out of ink. Paper is due in less than 7 hours. Was just printing semi final version. Off to get more ink.

Question : Define 'relief'

Relief : Fiddling with settings till you get the printouts you need urgently in the morning. In color.

I'm off to bed now, will finish the last things tomorrow around 07h00. It's gonna be a short night.

Question : Define 'bad'

Bad : Fighting with an HP 610C printer at 02h00 at night coz the damn thing refuses to print anything in color, even though a colorcartridge is in place.

Phew... a few more things to do

It's 00h45 and I'm printing the first draft of the paper I have to hand in tomorrow. There is still a lot of drawing and finalizing to do, but it's starting to look better. Off to do the rest now. Blog to you all later.

Breast Size Explained

Breast size (or cup size) is usually noted like this : B75... now why do they use letters? According to an english professor this is the reason :

A: Almost boobs
B: Barely there
C: Can do
D: Damn good
E: Enormeous
F: Fake

And in order to avoid all discussions in advance : not 'all' men fall for big boobs! I like small boobs more as huge hooters. 'nuff said.

Fuck Fuck and another Fuck!

I'm not getting any, but that is not what this post is about... at least not now. Remember that I was talking about the new project I was working on? Today I was checking out the site of Cyborgirl (one of my daily reads) and suddenly I spotted something. I followed a link... ended up on a site... they are doing exactly the thing I was planning on starting!

Damn (or rather fuck)! What does this mean? That my idea is/was good? That I should give up before I even started? That the idea wasn't original at all - well... it's not that easy to be original on the web these days - Most things have been done somewhere before. What the heck.. I don't have the time to work on the new project anyway, and since the domain(s) still ain't resolving there is nothing to show either. Maybe I ran before I learned to walk. Again. Happens quite a lot to me, I must admit. I'm an impulsive person...

Right now I'm crapping out over the fact that after almost 24 hours the domain(s) still ain't activated, while I know very well it can take up to 48 hours. It's just the impulsive mood kicking around. When I get home tomorrow night, they will resolve, and I'll have lost interest in the whole thing.

I'm a sucker when it comes to shopping... I can go around not buying things I need, and then get home with stuff I have no use for - as I usually find out later - but that looked, seemed or sounded cool at first sight.

I'm a mess, but at least you'll never know in advance where you'll end up when you hang around with me. Hey, I can actually understand now that it might scare people away... ROFL... their loss, not mine.

And I'm still not getting any!


The weather has taken a sudden turn and it's raining. Pretty chilly too - I can see/feel that through the window, not need to go outside and 'test' it - and no improvement till thursday according to Sabine.

Off to work on my paper... should get it all done today.

Think twice

I've just spend nearly 35 minutes on the phone with the USA... international call, to renew a domain name. The reason being that it wouldn't accept my CC and thus not renew the domain name. Crappy if you ask me!

I'll be on the lookout to xfer that domain name to a local registrar as soon as the renewal is confirmed. I don't wanna be in the same mess next year. I don't get it actually... I've got 28 domain names now, and only those 2 registered with this one registrar give me problems. If I could I would xfer them all over to the other one, but they don't handle the ccTLD where those 2 reside in. Too bad :(

You know what's funny? Dave - the support agent handling my call - casually asked me how the weather was in Belgium. When I replied that it was rather dark outside, he had to ask again. I had to explain to him that it was 23h45 and thus pretty much night. He didn't know what to say to that except "Oh... it's only around 19h00 here". Dave, it's called a time difference, and that is one of the reasons I don't like to deal with companies in the states when I need to contact them by phone. But apart from that, you did pretty well, providing that everything is correctly renewed now.

Working on new project

I've started working on a new project. I can't divulge too much yet, but it has to do with online freedom of speech. Sounds pretty damn serious, doesn't it? Well, it's supposed to be serious, but I might as well turn it into (another) crazy worthless piece of shite... I haven't decided yet.

Anyway, neither of the 3 domains involved resolve yet, so there is no point in plugging the URL's here yet. And even if they were reachable, there is nothing on them but a splash page. If you are curious or interested, see if you can found out wich domains I mean before I post them here :-)

Damn... Pascale, you couldn't have said it any better :p

Irony? Sarcasm?

While I was scanning things I saw movement behind me. I checked outside and... the damn doves are back!? I just can't understand... first she leaves for a couple of days, abandoning her nest, then she returns! Unless ofcourse it's not the same dove. (I think it's not... this was a couple and they were much more frightened by my presence as was the first one) This did however pose a problem for me : if this is indeed the mom, should I return the young ones to the nest and see if she starts caring for them again? The solution presented itself when I arrived in my garage to feed the little ones... they died overnight. :(

I don't get it... they were doing so good, or at least I thought so, and then they just give up. Maybe the cold had something to do with it, as last night was the coldest night in almost a week. Yet, if I had left them in the nest, they would have died a couple of days ago. I don't know how to react to all of this... did I do the right thing by taking them out, or should I have left them in the nest and take mother nature take care of things? Either way, they would have died I suppose.

I'm thinking very hard about closing up the nesting spot, so that tragedies like this one can't happen anymore. I'm not gonna cease using my closet 'coz some dove decides to nest above it. But, it's also fascinating to see the little ones grow up... Next time, I won't interfere anymore. If the mom decides to leave them, too bad. I've seen what happens if a human tries to take care of them... once is enough for me.

Damn! This really is depressing.


Forget breakfast... didn't even get as far as the door, let alone to the fridge. I've just scanned those plans, and it turned out a whole lot better and easier as I suspected. The only thing I still need is some nice symbols to go with it, and I can really start kicking ass.

I'm really heading for the fridge now...

Wake up early = long day

Why ain't things going the way they should be going?! It's 08h39 and I've been awake since 07h30... on a day that I don't need to get out for work. I'm home, working on my paper and I just don't get a grip at it... very weird. I don't know how I'll be able to get something good together by wednesday evening, but I'll manage (I hope).

There is so much small things that I need to fix before I can really start working, and all of them time an insane amout of time. Time I don't have. I'm off to have breakfast, and fire up the scanner so that I can get some plans scanned. I'll be back, blogging, in a few hours.

We got a hero here...

I've just read the comment on that last post... it says (in case you didn't check it) : you're right, you're a dork

Wow... are we feeling up to it? Calling people names without leaving an URL, or an e-mail addy? I guess you must feel totally brave now... You must be the type of person that slaps blind people, then runs away and yells : you didn't see that one coming, did you?

I'm proud of you... I really am. One-cell-organisms deserve life, so I guess you deserve to live as well. Next time, just be honest about your feelings, and don't chicken out.

*Plug* Check out this site : Jamie Leigh - Herphilosophy - Nice design!


Have you noticed the Oral Sex Donation button? It seems some people have. I got a blowjob offer from Jackie, but as she didn't leave any comment, I was in the blue about who she was. I switched into tracker mode and came up with this : Jaclyn Golda aka Yousei-ziploc. 14 year old single female, living in NJ, USA. You can find her blog here.

I'm wondering what makes these young girls give out acts of fellatio to old suckers like me. I'm not famous, I ain't the best looking male around, and I'm not even close to them. Maybe that last factor is the important one... the physical and geographical distance creates a barrier, making it all more or less unreal. Hey, don't get me wrong... I know all this Oral Sex Donation stuff is just play (duh... ofcourse!), yet I wonder why I don't get acts of fellatio offered by women aged 24 - 30 that live nearby? See, it must be the distance that has got something to do with it!

Anyway... thanks for the blowjob Jackie... it was totally lovable! Let me return the favor ;-p

New functionality added

I just added the bloglet e-mail subcription functionality to the blog. This means you can just sign up, and receive a mail each day this blog is updated. If I make 10 posts, you won't get 10 mails though... Only one mail will be send out daily, summarizing the updates of that day. I've chosen to only send you the first 100 chars of each post, so the size of the mails should be manageable as well. See, I do think about you, and I care for you. I'm am just the most sensitive blogger around, ain't I?

If you like the 'teaser' in the mail, you can still hop over here and read the whole story. Oh, bloglet is free... I guess you might wanted to know that :)

Update : Doves 2002

Alexandra... I was not kidding about teaching those little boys how to fly. I know I ain't condorman, but who else are they gonna learn it from? I don't see no one else... So I took them outside and had them flap their wings...

I guess a little excercise doesn't hurt them after I've fed them. Today just a few pieces of corn and some water. I think they still don't know how to pick grains themselves and I haven't got a clue on how to teach em that. Any suggestions anyone?

Check out the photographs in the Photo Trippin' section in the right hand navigation menu. And stop making fun of me :)


In the last post, I said that the Microsoft Intellimouse driver problems were solved, didn't I? Yeah, well... not really. The mouse itself was indeed working fine, but after I did a repair from the installation and rebooted, it replaced a .dll file with an older version. I didn't notice it at all, until I launched my mail client, Eudora Pro 5.1 and it came up with such a nice error message :

"Entry Point Not Found : The procedure entry point [email protected]@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library MSVCRT.dll."

You got to admit, it's a real beauty, ain't it? I first backed up Eudora, and ran a new install, to no avail (ofcourse not, but more about that later on). Reboot, same problem still exists. I started searching for this crappy .dll file and the culprit quickly turned up... the same older version in the Intellimouse software and in my System32 directory. Verifying the i386 and Servicepack dirs revealed that it was indeed an older version. Good! let's replace this old version with a newer one...

And that is where Windows File Protection came up : this mscvrt.dll seems to be one of the 2800 protected files in windows. This means you can't 'just' replace it when you feel like it. I turned to my loyal partner google and quickly traced a few possible options, but none of them were able to do what I had in mind. I went to bed and just turned off the PC.

I woke up this morning, remembered that the Windows File Protection (WFP) also contains a tool to scan and repair .dll's that have been replaced. Ofcourse I couldn't remember the correct syntax, but google once more helped me out. I ran SFC /purgecache and after it asked for my Win2000 disk it started copying a while bunch of crap. When it was done, I checked the version numbers on the .dll, but it was still the old version :(

Would all of this work been a waste? Would the only option really be to reinstall it all, or upgrade to the kids coloring book aka Windows XP? Nah, ofcourse not! The SFC just refreshed the original files, but the repair and checking are done upon booting, so after a reboot the correct (up to date) .dll was in the right directory and Eudora launched without problems...

Oink Oink... ain't stuff like that enough to make someone go insane? Still, I love Windows 2000 as the stability is unprecedented. Remember the days of Windows 98... the only way to keep a system stable was to a. not use it. or b. format every 2 months. Yikes!

Renewal time

Do you actually are aware that microsoft uses the site called passport.com to track login sessions and cross-domain logins for MSN and such? Now, that might not be so interesting, but a few years back, the peeps at microsoft 'forgot' to renew the domain name and nearly lost it. That alone is hilarious... the only reason they still have it, is that someone else had the good idea of paying for it, and make a deal with MS.

Why do I tell you this? Because each year, tons of domains become available again, as people forget to renew them, deliberatly drop them, or are untrackable due to not updated account information. I'm having a small fight with register.com for messing up some stuff at their site, and now they want me to call them (call from Europe to USA) for something they didn't code correctly in the first place.

I renewed no less as 12 domains today for a total price of $168, so that's only $14/year coz I use bulk registration. If you are looking for a good registrar, check out these guys - I've been using them for the last 2 years, and they deliver what they promise. Tech support is very good (and fast too) and it just works fine.

In case you wonder whether I'm just a small fish that happens to think he know something about it : I've got a total of 25 domains in .com, and .org TLD's, and another 3 or 4 in ccTLD's. I happen to know my way around stuff like this... lol.

Update : the Microsoft Intellimouse probs are solved. I've reinstalled the the drivers (got last release from the site) and back and forward buttons are up to par again.

Windows Update : never trust it!

Did a windows update last night, and the thing tells me there are new drivers for my Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer. I let the thing install, reboot and I lost the back/forward buttons on my mouse. I restore them manually by changing the settings, and they are back : twice. Hit back once, return to where I was 2 steps ago. Not really enjoyable. I'll just have to get wild and search for the original drivers again... crap.

Oh... the power of searchengines : this site has been hit thru a searchengine link 10 times out of 40 over the last 2 days. That's 1 link in 4 that comes from a searchengine. Yes, it's google. And you know what's even weirder? All the searches had to do with Kristel of K3 having a relationship with Gene from X-Session.

Duh! It ain't bad enough that she runs off with a wacko like him, now google has to index my page in the top 5 for just mentioning it. The original source where I got the article doesn't even show up. So much for commercial sites using the internet in an optimal way. Simple amateurs like me can just rise above all of them - without any special tricks - coz we get spidered much faster. As everyone knows : google loves new content. I think google even hits www.friedkitten.com several times a day, but then again... about once a day will do I presume :)


I'm just back from feeding the little doves. They still don't like being picked up and fed, but I'm getting better at it. Fed them three small pieces of meat (soaked in water) and a few particles of corn (steamed). They ate it all, so that should keep them going, or at least keep their condition stable. I also took both of them out for a walk - as they can't fly yet - and had them on my hand one by one. The idea here is to make them feel the wind, see the sky, and hopefully trigger some kind of instinct that will make them understand that I'm not gonna take care of them for the next 3 years. They have to learn to fly and take care of themselves...

Each time I changed my hands' position, they lost balance and then 'walked' over my hand, also spreading their wings and sometimes flapping them in order to stay on. That's the whole idea here I guess : the second they know that they can keep stable with spreading and flapping their wings, we can go to more advanced things like flying.

Lol... a human learning a dove to fly... what's next?

Update : feel free to check out the Doves 2002 link. I've added the photographs taken on April 9th, 10th and 11th!

Last game...

Tonite was our last tablesoccer game in competition. We lost, and are now officially last in the ranking. Neve rmind, we had a very good time and enjoyed it all, at least, that's how I look at it.

I got a very nice framed picture of Alex (www.alexcoulon.com), and I'm gonna place it somewhere in my living room. That kid is so cute!

Off to bed, tired and lots of work needs to be done tomorrow, and sunday. I'll move the laptop, books and technical reference papers to the living room, then I can work while ferrets roam the room. Oh, the little doves seem to be OK, still alive and they are already trying to fly, but don't have the power yet. I fed them by hand once more today, and while they continuel fighting me, I think they are actually happy to get some food. They are not yet eating on their own, so I have to force the food down their throath the way their mother would have done it. Funny... for them I am a mother dove. Weird idea :p


Why do people think about themselves? And I mean really think about their own personality, or the lack of it. I'm not talking egocentric materialistic things here, I'm talking about self-exploration, self-reflection. When you really really think about yourself, you get all the answers you never wanted... you get to face the facts, and it becomes - all things considered - a bad experience.

Let's take myself as an example. I'm 29 years old, and I spend my days working, coming home and being alone. Ask me about the web, TCP/IP, HTML or servers and I'll know the answers. Ask me how a relationship works and I haven't got a clue. That is what it all comes down to : I don't know how to function in real life. Sure, I make jokes (escapeism), I help people out (eager to please), and I hang around with friends (basic socializing).

Don't ask me to talk to someone I don't know, don't ask me to talk feelings and don't ask me to really bond with someone. I have no control at all over all these external and emotional factors outside of my webworld. Plug me in and I'm alive, kicking around, making things happen. Unplug me and I become a shy, clueless being.

This is my blog, this is my world. I've created it, and I can shape it anyway I want. Take it away and I stop existing, this is my window on the world, and the worlds window on me. This is me while connected, this it the character I play. This is my (re)creation, this is the world I shaped in my imagination.

I don't know what happens if someone was to take me out into the real world. I'd be scared, clueless. I can mix and mingle, I can play along, but is playing along what it is all about? My connection to the internet is my lifeline, it is my world, and at the same time... it is the reason why I don't function out there, in real life.

No, I'm not depressed - maybe I should be - but as I said : self reflection gets you all the answers you knew al along, but never dared to face.


I'm working hard on developing a total security plan for the project I have to complete. It's not that easy - I would even call it hard - when you have no prior experience with it. I'll have a lot to do this weekend... Right now, there is nothing but some sketches and drafts, but I've done a large part by completing the logical basics.


Something I just read : Kristel van K3 verliefd op Gene van X Session

Het was al enige tijd geweten in showbizzkringen, maar nu maken ze er blijkbaar zelf niet langer een geheim van: Kristel van K3 is verliefd op Gene van Gene en Ushi op VT4. Eerder deze week schrok een medewerker van deze krant zich een hoedje toen hij Kristel - de zwartharige zangeres van het megapopulaire meidentrio K3 - innig verliefd Gene - de zanger van de Vlaamse popgroep X Session, maar bekender van het kleine scherm - zag kussen in een Antwerpse bioscoop. Tussen het geflikflooi door keken de tortelduifjes er samen naar de opgefriste jubileumeditie van E.T.. Hun relatie zou al anderhalf jaar aan de gang zijn.

Ook Karen, het roodharige lid van K3, zocht haar geluk in de Vlaamse popscene: zij is het vriendinnetje van Regi van Milk Inc. Niels William, de manager van K3, wil niks kwijt over de verhouding van Kristel en Gunther Thomas, zoals Gene echt heet. "Wij hebben een verregaande afspraak met alle persmensen, al het personeel �n de zangeressen dat we hun priv�-leven en publieke leven strikt gescheiden houden." (source : GVA)

For those that don't understand dutch : Kristel of K3 is in love with Gene of X Session. Why do the 'famous' boys always get the good girls? If you ain't famous, a criminal or special in some way, you mean nothing in this world.

Doesn't that bother you? That all the hard working regular people are just plebs? Not looked at, not listened to, and oppressed by politics, government and taxes?

Power to the mass! (And Kristel of K3 as my honey...)

The Birds

Update : After getting advice from someone who knows at least a bit more about birds, I have taken the two youngsters out of the nest and moved them to the garage. Tried to get them to drink and although they did dip into the water a few times, I'm not sure they know what the idea was. I'll be getting food for them today, as well as some meat to add on to their diet. As one suggested : I'm gonna create a special kind of dove :-p

More will follow tonite (+ updated photo's)

Well... I tried :-(

Got out, bought a multi grain bread. Took a bowl, filled it with hot water, then threw in 4 slices of the bread, took my blender, and blended it all till it became a drink/edible liquid thingy. Tried feeding the birdbrains, but they were not too fond of my actions. Finally - while wearing gloves - managed to put a small bowl filled with the mixture next to the nest, in a position that was away from their immediate presence, but still reachable. Also took a slice of bread and softened it with water, then put it in between the both of them. There is not much I can do now... if they live, the better, if they die... I'm sorry... I can't work miracles with unwilling birds.

Man, if only those birds were ferrets... I know how to handle those...

Houston, we got a problem...

Remember the dove's nest? Good. Last night I didn't spot the mother dove, but that could be coz she was out getting food or so. This morning I didn't check, but when I came home about 30 minutes ago, she wasn't there either. I just checked again, and nowhere to be see. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it does look a bit weird to me for a dove to leave her two - nearly 3 weeks old - young behind out of free will, not?

I'll keep an eye open tonite, but if she doesn't return, it don't look too good for them kiddo's I fear. Come'on... what do young doves eat? Anyone got a solid answer on that? Are there readers here that know what to do? Can/should I start feeding them if the mother still hasn't returned tomorrow? What should I feed them and how?
Them birds are fairly agressive, maybe just b'coz they are hungry... I sure hope someone knows anything about doves here, I can't do this on my own! Help me people!!!


I've just seen American History X and I'm all confused. I'll gladly admit that at the beginning of the movie I was thinking and following the way Derek did. Or, to say it in other words, I bought the bullshit. Then I came to a more neutral stage - when Derek gets out of jail - but seeing Danny get killed got me all confused. There is no such thing as guarantee, or warranty in life. You can't just return it if it doesn't fit you, or you got the wrong color.

I'm off to bed, not sure what to think about all of this. The film sure is manipulative as hell, and the open end... well, it's an open end. The director doesn't tell you what descision Derek takes... which way would you go? I'd really like to know! If you've seen the movie, make sure you let me know in a comment...

Chill out... off to bed.


Something blogable : I went outside to pick up a bottle of water when I noticed the dove wasn't on the nest. I checked and the two young doves were still there. When I took some photographs the started making noises and tried to attack me. Is that what I get for letting them build a nest on my terrace? Is that how they thank me coz I allow them to shit all over my floor?

Remind me to close that spot where they nested as soon as the young doves have left and flew off to see the wide world. Stupid birds!


Still alive. Nothing really blogable today.

Good things come to those who are patient

Around the beginning of this year I set myself some goals. One of them was to reach a certain financial freedom, so that in case of bad things happening, there was at least some backup plan. I've reached that goal about a month ago. The moment I reached the goal, I've set the goal further (actually doubled it) and I'm now working towards a more solid backup plan. It might not be much, should I ever have to fall back on it, but at least it'll keep me going for a while... long enough to find solutions and/or new income.

Why all this talking about backup? Hey, I'm 29 years old, it's about time I wised up and started looking towards the future... I just xferred another € 750 to savings accounts, and it's not that I can't use them - one always finds a use for money - but I've decided not to spill what I've got.
Instead of going on a shopping frenzy, I've moved the money to a safer place, less prone to use it for unneccesary stuff. I've always had a mental barrier to use whatever was/is on my savings account... the name says it all : savings. It's the backup plan, and it can't be large enough.

I've still got 38% to go before reaching the target, so I might not get there this year. But if you don't set goals, there is no pressure to try.

Always try to reach a little further, but don't overestimate your limits.


Today I've been preparing for my exam, due next week. I've been looking at too much sirens, PIR detectors and magnetic contacts and still don't know where to use what. I'd say that it doesn't look good, but I'm convinced I can do it. By the beginning of next week I'll have a complete risk assesment model and fine tuned OFEM solutions.

Right now I'm too busy doing other things that keep on interrupting my concentration, but I expect to be left alone over the weekend and get it all inside the head, and onto paper. I can finalize everything on monday, get the project printed and finished on tuesday, rehearse on wednesday, and defend my choices before the three different jury's starting around 16h00. It's gonna be one hell of a thing to pull of, but I can still sleep when I'm dead.

Relax everyone :-p


I'm off to bed. It's only around 22h30 but I'm tired, or at least feel tired. I'm gonna hit the sack, read some more in "All families are Psychotic" and then catch some zz's and get up fresh and rested tomorrow. I hope new radio doesn't disturb me when it projects the time on my roof. Yeah, it's on of those really cool futuristic looking thingies... totally awsome, but basically it still has to wake me up in the morning. If it fails at that, I'll have to kill it asap.

Take my advice : never ever let alarm clocks decide for themselves. You should be calling the shots at all time. Better get that straight from the beginning, or you'll be in a whole lot of mess later on...

Should have paid more attention...

during fysics in school. I'm wondering if would be possible to extend the zoom of a regular webcam by attaching a telescope to it? If I think logically about it, I don't see no problems with it, but I think the lensfocus' might conflict somehow, or need readjustment. Has anyone done this before, or know anything about it? If so, please lemme know whether it worked, and if not, why not. I think it would be cool to turn a cheapo webcam and a cheapo telescope into a big zoom capable picture grabbing bastard.

But since I don't have a telescope, I obviously would wanna know in advance whether it could work or not, before I go out and get one. Get your brains in overdrive people... get me an answer! :-p

Update : it seems this has been done a zillion times before... lots of amateur astronomists are uses CCD webcams attached to the telescope to explore the universe. That should mean that I'm also able to do it... I'll take a deeper look into the possibilities. You can stop thinking now people. I'm gonna make myself some dinner. Chill.

Cruising through the day... Just

Just hanging around, just back from taking the car for a spin, got myself a new alarm clock radio, so if I'm late tomorrow... I must have set some things wrong :)

Now off to do some laundry, get the ferrets to awake (man... those are even bigger sleepers as I am!) and have a run around the house... The weather is still remarkably good, although it's rather windy and that brings the temperature down quite a bit.

Note to the dove that made it's nest on my terrace : stop shitting on my terrace! This is your first and final warning. If you don't comply, I'll have to evict you and your two baby doves. (Yeah, like I would ever do such a thing. I'm too friendly to scare them away... I'll just end up cleaning the terrace a bit more often)

Sundae Blues

Sundae, Sunday, Sunny day... Hey peeps... I'm awake! Slept very good, woke up around 08h15, probably to think about Suzana who would be taking her first official lesson to get her drivers license around 08h30. Ofcourse I fell back asleep and have been drifting in and out of sleep till around 11 'o clock. Yeah, that still is pretty early for me to get up, but I figured that the early bird catches the worm so... It's only just now that I realize that I don't really dig worms :)

Last night was very very enjoyable. I had dinner and good talks with people that have become much more than just colleagues... to all involved : a big thanks!

Got back home, stopped at Michael's place, watched Cool Runnings (Oi man, are you dead? Yeah man!) and loved it. I had seen parts of it before, but still great movie...

Oops... skipped a day...

Seems like I didn't blog on April 5th. It's not like I erased the day out of my life, not at all. I've just been busy but things did happen :

  • Dad's birthday : I called him, wished him happy birthday,

  • Went to work, worked hard, prepped some notebook that have to rolled out monday or tuesday,

  • Had dinner in the Witte Pipel again (thanks to Steph for that!), but the cutie wasn't there. I should have enquired about her (I'm a coward, I know),

  • Drove home with a light van coz I have to move some stuff this weekend (no illegal substances!),

  • Played our last home game in table soccer. Lost again... we're used to it :)

  • Got contacted by the dude I was looking for a few posts ago... At 03h00 at night... I didn't mind

Now I'm gonna entertain and check on the boys (ferrets), then off to move my sisters belongings, then back off to deliver the light van at the office again. Pick up the Astra, switch it for the BMW, and come back home. It's gonna be a packed day, but it's weekend, the weather is good and I'm all up for it.

Hello, Am I really out there?

I am : Paranoid: Low - Schizoid: Moderate - Schizotypal: Moderate - Antisocial: Moderate - Borderline: Low - Histrionic: Low - Narcissistic: Moderate - Avoidant: Low - Dependent: Low - Obsessive-Compulsive: Low

You are rated "low," "moderate," "high," or "very high" probability for each disorder. Low or moderate ratings mean that you are unlikely to have the disorder.

Nice... I nowhere scored high or very high... I'm non-existant I guess. This concludes our training round.

Links : DIY Shrink


Neopets froze my account about 4 days ago. Why, I didn't know till I got this mail (partial quote) :

Thanks for your inquiry. Your account has been frozen because we discovered a false login page with other user's passwords being sent to your e-mail address

I what? I steal passwords from other users and let them be mailed to me? Right, sure... like I don't have anything better to do. I requested they at least give me the URL of that pasword stealing page. I'll come down on them (the creator of that page, not neopets) so hard that they'll think again about ever entering any internet based world again.

Another very noteworthy thing : when we were out around noon to have someting to eat (in a tavern called "De Witte Pipel") I went blank when I saw the beauty that waited out table. I think - but I'm not too sure - that she was the owners' daughter, and she was just fab. I spotted her when she was waiting another table and when she looked thru the glass to check on our table, she looked right into my line of sight. I think she might have seen my look and she smiled - erm... maybe... at least she didn't start crying.

I'll have to go over there once more and check things out... she was cute and friendly, but ain't all waitresses like that? Damn, I don't know what is going on with the women in Limburg! They are all so cute and lovely, it's almost criminal. Hell, I'm from Antwerp, and I the thing I love most is making fun of (or rather with) people living in Limburg, but in a very special way, they always seem to steal my heart. I guess it's the mentality and attitude towards life that differs, and that's what throws me overboard.

Okay... all of my friends can now stop laughing and get a life themselves.

Blue Skies!

Wow... it feels really great to be able to track an old friend back, thanks to logical thinking, and the power of almighty google. I only had a cellphone number (didn't even use it), a last name (and that was probably misspelled), the first name of his brother, and a bouncing e-mail address (also from his brother)...

Using only his (old) nickname I was able to track him to some discussion board, then a more recent e-mail address, and finally to an MSN contact. Manual verification of the MSN profile showed his ugly face... Lol... got him. I'm now just waiting for him to hopefully reply.

10.000 feet above the rest matey!

Still great weather

Truely amazing weather, considering it's only the beginning of April. Tomorrow it'll be a bit colder, but still like 12 to 17�C.... pretty enjoyable :)

Today a colleague told us that he's gonna leave the company, and it did come as some sort of a surprise to me. I wish him the best in whatever career he decides to embark on... And whenever he needs some technical aid concerning computers, he can ofcourse still gimme a call or a mail. I'm always willing to help if I can. (Out of office hours that is ofcourse).

I'm gonna take a few more pictures of the little doves, and see if they have grown even more, maybe have some feathers that ain't yellow yet.

Update : they have obviously grown... their eyes are open now, check for 4 new pictures in the Photo Trippin' Section (right hand menu)

The good, the bad, the ugly

The good : I'm awake, but hardly.

The bad : a pro palestinian group of protesters (around 2000 people) caused riots and wrecked cars last night in antwerp. 2 people and 1 police officer got injured. I strongly suggest they take their fucking crap elsewhere, or I'm gonna kick some major ass myself. If they wanna fight a war (and I'm not taking sides here), they can do so... I don't mind. If they take their problems on my turf, I suggest someone ships them all back to camel country.

The ugly : did you look in the mirror today? right.

Note : I met Alexandra last night... She talks and is like she comments here... witty and totally crazy (kiddin') :p

"Oh my bottle of champagne!"

Usually people yell something like "Oh my God", but since I don't think there is a god, I decided to pick something more realistic, hence a bottle of champagne. Why I'm writing about bottles of champagne while at work is a long story, don't bother figuring it out...

I'm wondering what can of weirdo's I've opened here... Shelley pops into the blog regulary, makes all those witty but weird comments (matching my wicked posts I suppose), and Alexandra adds to the general wickedness as an outside factor to be taken into account. The Girl is fond of cord knitted gloves - and that creates a bond for sure. Not everyone can handle those gloves...

Oh my bottle of champagne, what have I started? I guess it's the weather or a sunstroke. Oh people... don't believe everything you read :p


Just popped out of bath. Yes, well over two hours, I know.

Hot bath, read magazine, soak, relax muscles... wash (invisible) hair, massage body with one of those superb cord knitted gloves. Use new shower gel. Get up, take lukewarm shower, rince off all the dirt, tension and soap. Adjust water temperature to cold and keep on showering. Feel body tighten, nipples hardening, gasp for breath when the first cold drops contrast on your warm body.

Stop showering, get out of bath, rub off and update blog naked.

Does life get any better?

Blah Blah Blaaarghh

Don't feel like working on the compi today. Been too busy all day long, and although the weather was very fine, and I enjoyed myself at work, I've had enough of PC's for today. I went shopping after I got home, got some toilet paper, new shower gel, food, all the really important stuff. I'm gonna head for the bath tub and relax for a while, I'm tired and I really don't know how that could be possible. Maybe I have been just too energetic today and I've reached my daily dose of weirdness too early - somewhere around 15h00 - when I flipped out on the music of BeatBox 10. It's an old mix CD (last year actually) but still kicks ass.

Another cause could be 'The Girl', who decided to give me head twice (thru oral sex donation) coz I couldn't sleep last night. At least now I know why insomniacs smile all the time! I should have thought about that before. Thanks 'The Girl'... you made my day night.

New fish on the block

Added to the (Blog) Links : I am your goldfish speaking. I only read the last 3 posts and I felt something : this is daily read material. Check it out!

Because I can...

I can't sleep. I'm too hot It's too hot in my bedroom. It's after 1 'o clock and I decided to change the sheets on my bed... Why? No reason at all... just because I can. How spoiled can one be if you start doing things just because you can? Or rather... how bored am I right now?

I've been thinking, but not really about something, not being able to focus or actually connect to the flow of words that goes through my mind. Unconnected idea's, sentences and ramblings. Much like this blog I guess. What am I becoming that I dream bloglike? I'm thinking about future, nothing specific about my future though... just what time will bring. Can we accelerate the future? Can we guide or even alter the future? Will markings of today still mean the same in 10 years, or will I look upon them and sadly decide that I was a stupid fool back then? So many questions, and each question you answer, just generates more.

I'm not thinking world peace here. I'm not thinking poverty and hapiness. I'm egocentric, I'm thinking about me, yes just me. I'm too much a realist to change the world. I try to find my own way in life, and by that possibly help others. But I haven't got a clue, just like you.

I guess I've read too much Douglas Coupland the past 48 hours. Planet Shampoo is finished as well and I just can't place the book. Is it a happy book? Nah. Is it a sad book? Nah. It's sort of depressing maybe, but I not feeling depressed...

I'm just curious about what drives us to do what we do. How we live out lives. I don't buy that we are driven by some sort of divine being, nor do I think that we are lived by our surroundings. I like to think that I am free, yet I know that this freedom is no more as an illusion, a thought.

Crap, I'm off to bed now... those new sheets will make it all better.

Mad Max'ing thru the streets

I just felt like it... like being Mad Max. Window down, system up, roaring thru the streets, not caring about rules, people or anything. Basically being a badass that knows he rules the world. You know, I'm 29 year old now and I can't really say that I ever have really freaked out in life. Have I missed something? Hey, tell me your story! And don't come telling me about that time when you drunk too much and fell off your chair in a bunny bar... that doesn't count. I'm looking for those Mad Max feeling kinda stories. Where you deliberatly destroyed, vandalized or went insane. You totally crapped out, and felt damn good about it too.

I've always restricted myself too much - like I've got an internal brake that slows me down way before things might even slightly get out of hand. Hell, maybe that is what is commonly referred to as 'a consience'. I wish I could just throw it out sometimes, just let the dark side in me take over, live it all out. I just don't know if I would want, or even could, return to my life then, as it was before. Some things can not be undone. Life doesn't come with an undo function, I tried.

Product Review : Total Shaving Solution

Yeah Yeah, I fully realize that I promised a review of TTS quite a long time ago (can't even find the entry in the blog no more), and here it finally is! According to the creators of TTS, it is a completely new and revolutionary way of shaving. Making shaving a fun experience. I got myself a bottle (containing a stunning 36.8ml of solution) and was really not pleased after the first time I used it. I smelled like menthol all over town and even got a headache from it. I decided to give it another try a few weeks later, when I had some more time and didn't need to do a 'rush' shave.

After rereading the instructions, I must admit, that shaving with TTS is indeed a pleasure. Wash your face with warm water, don't dry off (very important!) and while your face is still wet, apply not more as 3 drops of TTS on your handpalms, and massage it into your skin. Then shave as you would otherwise, but remember to rince the blade more often. Works like a charm indeed. Just make sure you don't use more as 3 drops, otherwise you will smell like menthol for a week (like I did the first time). After shaving, massage 1 drop in as aftershave.

Yes, I'm very pleased with it, and I never use shaving gels or creams anymore. You can also use it when shaving electrically, but I haven't tried that yet since I always shave 'wet'.

Total Shaving Solution comes in two types : His and Hers. I bought His (obviously) but Hers seems to be less strong on the menthol. When I run out of TTS (in like a year or so) I'll check out Hers to see if that smells less. You can use TTS to shave more private parts (according to the brochure that is), and although I didn't try it, I do believe that it would do a good job down there as well.

In case you'd wanna try something different, check out these link below to order over the web (none of them are mine, nor am I related to them). In case you have questions about my experience with TTS, feel free to ask them.

Links : Total Shaving Solution


After I washed the car and found that missing hour back (Shelley stole it a few weeks ago as she claims), I drove over to my sisters place and she was up already, but only like 30 minutes. Chatted a bit, toyed around with the three cats and then went back home. When I came home I went nuts and washed my windows... I hate cleaning up, but I guess the good weather is responsable for it all. At least, sunlight can now abundantly penetrate my windows again.

While cleaning the windows on the back terrace, Mother Dove was not too fond of all the work being done, so she flew off. I took the chance to take some new photographs of the little ones. In other words : updated pictures in the Photo Trippin' section.

Read some pages in Planet Shampoo while the ferrets were running and jumping around like crazy critters, and now that they are off to bed again, I'm updating the blog. I'll do some laundry and then head out again. Haven't got a clue what I'm gonna do, but I don't feel like staying in, after all, it's only 17h00 and it's still very good outside.

I'm out, washing my car. The weather is too good, even for me.

I've lost track of time...

I don't know if today we switch to or from daylight saving time, but I'm pretty sure strange things have been going on... When I rebooted my PC, I suddenly spotted that the PC clock was 1 hour in advance to my wrist watch. My mobile phone also told me the same time as my watch, so I adjusted the PC clock. When I got out this evening for dinner (had a lovely pita mixed dish) the clock in my car told me it was 21h54. My watch told me it was 20h54. Bizarre, no? I waited for the news and they confirmed that it was indeed 22h00, so either someone is pulling a great april first joke on me, or I've lost all sense of time and reality. I realize the latter is the most possible option.

I'll just accept that it's 00:24h now on April 1st. This is not a joke. I'm serious, real serious. Ok, Ok, I admit... I don't know how to be serious, but still... I'm not kidding! I lost 1 hour today!!! If anybody finds it, send it to me, will you?

Note : Chatted with Alexandra today and it turns out she's been partying for the last few days, and she didn't get my ICQ message. Arrrghhh... damn ICQ! Anyway, I'll be meeting with her for the first time this week, for a casual drink and chat. She's fun for as much as I know and - no! no! no! you are NOT getting any details on how she looks, talks or walks, and certainly not that we are meeting on thursday evening in the Hoegaarden Caf� in Antwerp - I'm looking forward to it.

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