Yes! He did it... thanks dad!

Sending chivers down my spine already... (Photograph copyrighted by AudiWorld)I got a call from dad about two hours ago... he found a place where he can rent an Audi TT for me. Yeah, when he asked me what I wanted as a birthday present, I told him that I'd like to drive an Audi TT for a day. He went looking for it, but most rental companies don't have it. Fortunately, a friend of his works for a rental company and when he called her, she said that she would inquire about it. She returned his call and said that they could get any car... including the Audi TT cabrio.
I'm happy, now I just gotta find a good time to take that beauty for a spin... If I want to drive it during the weekend, I'll have to make a reservation months in advance, so I guess I'll just take a day off from work and enjoy it during a weekday. Preferably with good weather ofcourse... it's a cabrio, so the hood must be down! I also plan on making a zillion photographs...

I've just taken a look at the Audi site and the configurator... The Audi TT I want would only cost me around € 42.337,40... I've got about € 5.500 right now, so I will get there... some day. In the mean time, donations are accepted, and everyone who donates $5 or more will received an exclusive, customized photograph with signature and special note, to thank you for your donation. Hey, you never know who comes around and has some pocket change...

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