Wings of a Dove

A dove nesting on my terrace
A dove nesting on my terrace - Two eggs in the nest!
Here's the story... I went outside two days ago, to grab a bottle of water in the closet on my terrace, and when I closed the door again, a dove launched and flew away about 30 centimeters above my head. It wasn't scary or so, but I was kinda surprised! Then everything started to make sense : about a week ago I found small pieces of wood on my terracefloor, and even though it had been a stormy night, I found it pretty weird.

I checked the open space above the closet and my guess was confirmed : a nest with 2 small eggs in it. I took some pictures and hoped I didn't scare the dove too much so that she would abandon her nest, but when I checked again yesterday and today she was happily nesting again. Good for her!

I'm thinking about installing one of the webcams next to the nest, but I don't want to interfere and disturb her too much. I'll have to think about it, but you gotta be honest... it would be cool to see them little birds get born live on cam, wouldn't it?

Note : Oh my god... I almost forgot : still sucks! (Let google index that!)

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