Today everything should be OK again

... according to the mail we all got from Skynet. According to me, it's sunday and as you can see : nothing is fixed. At least two newspapers have reported about the fuckup skynet made and skynet has confirmed that they will be doing a 'commercial' effort to make up for all the problems. Yeah right. I don't need a commercial effort, I need a reliable host! Update : Skynet has officially confirmed that they made an error and 24.700 site are affected (unreachable, possibly deleted). It's more as 120 hours now that I can't reach/update my pages, and I'm getting very very fed up with it.

(I've moved the pages to another ISP for the time being. Sorry about all the broken links, crappy look and missing GFX... I'll fix it all again the second skynet has fixed their servers)

So, I'm gonna keep on stating it here till they have fixed everything : SKYNET.BE SUCKS!

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