i'm seriously screwed ere : tanks to some campane!

remember were i told you tat my keyboard was broken, today it is really broken; i've lost bot sift keys, and some oter ones as well;

it's really crap, and te reason it's broken is truely a funny story : i ad tis bottle of campane and i was tinkin about openin it, but i felt really decadent openin a full bottle of campane just to drink it by myself; i opened te box, took out te bottle and loosened te wires tat old te cork; ten i started playin c and c reneade wile te bottle was just standin tere; i uess te music or soundeffects set it off, coz in te midst of a level i eard a loud "pop" and i ad my own personal campane fountain!!! too bad it dropped it's load on my keyboard wit te obvious results :(

bye bye to 10 keys or so;;; i'll ave to et a new one, but i tink i mit ave a spare keyboard around; pew;;; it pay off to ave spares; i'll connect it tomorrow and ope tis one isn't beyond repair; if it is, ten at least i know wat to ask as a present for my birtday : a siny new campane proof keyboard!

note : tis is no joke! i'm really screwed ere :( [i copied te g in te stron ta for te title] - damn lanuae becomes really strane wen you suddenly lose some letters!

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