Makes me :

  • happy : I got a mail and call from Pascale and she told me she and Martin bought a house in the UK.

  • sad : Only got home at 21h00 and have to get up early tomorrow.

  • happy : Finished eating and am now fulfilled.

  • sad : No paycheck yet. Maybe saturday or monday.

  • happy : Had a very interesting meeting this morning. Everything looks good.

  • sad : Fridge is empty, freezer is empty and bankaccount is empty.

  • happy : Saturday or monday paycheck will arrive.

  • sad : Have to be at a funeral tomorrow. Funerals are no fun. It means somebody died and that can't be good.

  • happy : One more day and it's weekend.

  • sad : The weekend only lasts 2 days.
See Pascale, not all the posts here are 'dark' and negative as you told me. I'm a stable and sane person and have found the right mix between good and bad in my life. And the comment system does work, try it.

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