Sniff, Sniff

I seem to be getting a cold again, and with all the trainingcourses for work starting next week, I really can't use that. It's gonna be a very busy three to four months coming up, and I would like to have a minimum of shit going round during that time. Oh, I added another mail that I got today, it's not really related, but it's something I didn't wanna hold back either.

Bastard Operator From Hell : Get Disconnected!Played some more minicombat today and kicked total ass at it again. Funny thing is that I also got a mail from Robert who works at the BT IT Helpdesk and I replied to it, and now we might exchange tips on how to get rid of (l)users as fast and violently as possible. It's good to find out that IT comes down to the basics everywhere : it's us against them. Funny thing is that we win all the time, but the lusers just don't seem to get it. Ofcourse, if they would get it, they wouldn't be lusers, because then they would be bright. And purely by definition, lusers can't be bright.
They only have AI, and that's when a Bastard Operator From Hell takes over their machine (although it technically always is and was and remains OUR machine) remotely. Don't believe me? Read BOFH (the archives) or check the recent episodes on The Register.

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