Been moving things around

As you will have noticed, I've finally come around to filling that large white gap on the right hand side of the screen. For now I've just copied the left hand menu background and moved some of the stuff that was there over to the other side, but that was more to kinda fill it :)

I've also been busy adding new stuff and promoting (always a good idea to plug your own site) all over the world. I somehow ended up with the peeps at blogsnob who have this nice micro ad thingy that is put on all the sites that participate. It's kinda fun, customizable, and a very good tradeoff against all them large crappy banners you see elsewhere. If you got a blog, check them out! I've included some other freaky, funky or just plain interesting links as well...

Links : BlogSnob - AntVille - Blogger - Mc Sweetie - Get Linked

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