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I've just moved my account from the free blogger service to the paying (only $35 a year, ain't that cheap?) Blogger Pro service. Upgrading was very easy and I'm just gonna do a testdrive now to check the new possibilities : posting in the future/past, better internationalization, automatic weblogs.com pinging and much more...

The Pro site loads faster (the regular blogger site often has hickups) and seems pretty cool on a first view. I'm still gonna put the Powered by Blogger Pro thingy on my site, even though it ain't required anymore, coz I think Ev does a great job.

Chill out everyone and enjoy the more powerful blogging experience.


Makes me :

  • happy : I got a mail and call from Pascale and she told me she and Martin bought a house in the UK.

  • sad : Only got home at 21h00 and have to get up early tomorrow.

  • happy : Finished eating and am now fulfilled.

  • sad : No paycheck yet. Maybe saturday or monday.

  • happy : Had a very interesting meeting this morning. Everything looks good.

  • sad : Fridge is empty, freezer is empty and bankaccount is empty.

  • happy : Saturday or monday paycheck will arrive.

  • sad : Have to be at a funeral tomorrow. Funerals are no fun. It means somebody died and that can't be good.

  • happy : One more day and it's weekend.

  • sad : The weekend only lasts 2 days.
See Pascale, not all the posts here are 'dark' and negative as you told me. I'm a stable and sane person and have found the right mix between good and bad in my life. And the comment system does work, try it.

Trd, nd m kbrd s brkn

No, I was just kidding about the keyboard. But I'm kinda tired however, and I think I'll head off to bed early today. No course tonite, but I did some preparation for something we have to finish on thursday evening. You could call it homework, however, I don't consider making a total risk-evaluation of a building homework. It's just studying in a more practical way. It forces you to think and view a building as if you were the crook, and then come up with all the possible risks, weak and strong points, followed by an answer on how to block the intruder. Not easy but very interesting!

Received the Anna Kournikova pictures from Xavier, who went to see her when she played in Antwerp. I dunno where he was with his head, but the pictures are not that good, and loads of them failed :( - I don't get it : how can you take bad pictures of Anna Kournikova??? Come on Xavier, next time pay some attention to the things that matter! (She's got one very cute behind!)


Random Blogquotes has quoted me today (february 25th). They picked the 'wodka and grapefruitjuice' post to quote, and I think it's a wise choice. Go check them out.

Brieven en Lieven (Letters and Lovers)

I was/am listening to "Brieven en Lieven" on Radio Donna tonite and was wondering who makes up all that romantic stuff. Love makes blind, but come on... is it really necessary? Why can't you just stay a realist and see things clear? To make things short, here's my letter to them (translated from dutch) :

Dear Anne,

I'm listening to Brieven en Lieven while it streams on my computer and I hear all these sweet words float thru my boxes and I wonder who can make up all these things. Do really need to be completely out of this world when you're in love? I know that love makes blind, but wether it is always correct, I really have my doubts about it.

I'm a 28 year old male ferret living near "beep" and I'm feeling quite well. Laughing, jumping and singing, I'm happy. I'm just looking for a sweet female ferret that would like to jump around with me, 'coz there is nothing as good as enjoying life together.

I'd like to meet someone with a heart for animals, a killer sense of humour and a realistic view on life, so this leaves out all those 'floaters'. I would like to hear 'The Blues Brothers' with their 'Theme from Rawhide' because that song resembles life for me : raw, real and full of passion.



What do you think? Will they pick my letter? I don't know, I really don't, but at least I'm honest about what I want and what I don't want. Thumbs up and we'll see what the future brings. Chill.

Experiment : Failed

Our litte experiment where Joco and I picked women and Eef had to tell whom of us picked wich ones had a very surprising outcome : She got every single one correct! She passed on Mariah Carey (mine) and Jessica Biel (also mine), in the first view, but got both correct after she had seen all others...

Two possible reasons : 1. Joco (and I) are too predictable. 2. Eef is too smart.

Thumbnails of my choice(s) : Anna Kournikova, Alyson Hannigan (Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Mariah Carey, Melanie C, Heidi Hudson Leick, and Jessica Biel.

Anna KournikovaAlyson Hannigan (Willow)Mariah Carey
Melanie CHeidi Hudson LeickJessica Biel

Oh... I played Playstation 2 with little Alex (aged 3 months) and we even got pictures... But more about that tomorrow!

Houston, we have a problem...

I'm gonna pop over to Joco and Eef (and little Alex ofcourse) tonite for dinner, PS2 and fun... While I was chatting with him thru ICQ, we naturally ended up talking about women. One thing lead to another - we do have a different taste in women, however sometimes agree - and tonite we'll be showing 20 pictures of women to Eef, and she'll have to pick wich one of us chose that picture.

Now for the problem : Joco already has 10 pictures and I only have 5 (excuse me, 4) right now. Why? Coz I look at the 'big' picture and if it doesn't 'click' it ain't a good one for me. I want perfection, even if that means imperfection. Sounds contradictory, but a photograph can magnify the imperfection in someone and still be perfect, because that imperfection is part of the perfection. Ow, just forget it. I'll never find those photographs anyway. Lol... but it'll be fun discussing all of them.

Aaarrghh... be right back...

It's windy and rainy outside, the kind of weather they use in thrillers when a poor soul is lost the woods and something creepy is about to happen. The only thing missing is darkness, but that will be fixed tonite.

My front door keeps on making this irritating rattling noises because of pressure differences (I presume), so I'm gonna go an fix that first. It's one of those things that only takes a minute, but you never come around to actually doing. Not today. Today is D(o it)-day.

Stop rattling doors and create silence!

I'm exhausted... and the weekend just starts!

After a full day at work (was not too busy) the course of tonite was just a killer. I'm exhausted, my brain is exploding. I don't have a headache, but the stuff we learned today still needs to sink in bigtime. It was all going well, but after about 1h I suddenly seem to have lost a part. Was it coz I was still thinking about something that was said earlier, or was it just because I don't understand something, I don't know yet. I feel however that I missed something crucial. And the worst part is that the theory and things we learned today is the basis on wich everything is build. I'll have to reread it all tomorrow, and see if I can find out what exactly I'm still fighting with, because I can't even pinpoint what it is that I miss.

Pretty bizarre, but rather important. I'm off (from the PC) to do some other things now, and I've just done a workout and that helped me forget and worry about the course for a while. It's actually the only workout I've done in the past week. Shame on me, but I can't do everything at once :(

Site probs fixed?

This afternoon I experienced some problems getting to load the page correctly, but I didn't really have any time to check for the exact problem. Got home, received the same error and problem and traced it back to some strange stuff going on when loading the site directly thru the IP instead of the servername. Changed the redirection and all should be fine now. If you still encounter some sort of errors, let me know! Thanks in advance.

Young(er) people can be cool too!

Ever thought about how an older generation always picks on a younger generation? How they say youngsters have no idea's, no clues, opinions and respect? Well, let me prove you different. The following text is an partial quote from {Eternity} Dangergirl's blog, aka Nicole. She's 15 and lives in Ontario, Canada.

I believe that love isn't dependant one what sex you are. I believe you should be able to care for someone and be close to them in an intimate way, no matter what gender they are. And people shouldn't have to worry about being belittled for being a homosexual or being bisexual.

If only everyone could think and respect others like that. The world would be so much cooler.

Boing Boing

Did I ever mention that wodka and grapefruitjuice is a killer application of alcohol and juice? I did? Doesn't matter, I'll just do it once more : wodka and grapefruitjuice is a killer application of alcohol and juice. So, that should make it real clear that wodka and grapefruitjuice is a killer application of alcohol and juice. Erm, right. I actually supposed you'd get it by now, but ofcourse, you might be under the influence of wodka and grapefruitjuice.

Ow... and those that don't believe me, check out my mate Joco (actually best mate ever) and what he thinks about wodka. Yeah, I know that links goes to his 'Baby Blog' but that doesn't really matter, does it? It's about as cool as he is, wich makes it like -253�F or so. (Note : it doesn't get any cooler as this. This is the summum of cool.)

Yes it's in dutch, but I happen to understand dutch (and english, french and fluent german). Hey, get lost. I'm drunk, I'm allowed to write whatever I want up here. So I don't speak german fluently? Correct, but at least I got laid - and it was damn good too! - and still flunked my german exam. See that exams and tutoring is good for something in the end?

Fuck. (Always works nicely in the searcheninges, especially when combined with Asian, Teen, Sluts and ofcourse : blowjob.) I don't remember what I was about to say. If you entered this page by looking for the words mentioned above, you're screwed. But, since I'm really not a bad guy, take a look at this (ADULTS ONLY! Not for kids or -18!!) : Little Asian Cocksuckers 2.

Sing, song, I'm going strong.
Gotta get another drink, maybe the idea's will sink,
If not, at least they'll stink.
(Just like this 'poem' by the way).

Woooooossssshhhhh... and we have lift-off!

Damn windy, can't really tell you anything else. I hear the wind roaring outside, sweeping the streets clean. I actually like wind a lot : is there anything more enjoyable as walking outside, feeling the wind trying to push you around? It sometimes even makes you go places, and if you would look back on it, you might realize that you would have never gone there, if it wasn't for the wind.

But today it's a wet wind. It's been raining very very hard yesterday night (so people told me, 'coz I was asleep and didn't really notice), and this morning at least 1 highway was blocked due to water that couldn't go anywhere. All day long : rain. Didn't even see a single ray of sun, but I used to it. However, it's nice to see the sun every now and thenn ain't it? I've always thought that I really didn't need the sun, but I do recall something that opened my eyes. About two years ago, there was a periode of like 14 days in wich we just had no sun at all. After about 5 or 6 days I started to hear people complain about everything. Not only about the sun being absent, but they were just easier irritated.

Humans need sunlight. So do geeks apparently...
copyright : [email protected]
I however, still had no problems at all. But one day, after like 12 days, without a spark of sunlight, I was riding the elevator I sudddenly realized that I really wasn't feeling to good either. I was missing the sun! It's not even about the heat sunlight generates, because during wintertime you hardly get heat, you only get light. Can you imagine a geek that misses the sun? Maybe I'm human after all?

Crap. I'm crap @ (photo)shoppin'

Throw me into a store and make me buy new clothes : I just can't. Unless I've got a preset idea and can imagine exactly what I want, I'll come home empty handed. And if I've got that picture or look in my head, I'll probably don't find it, or find it, but (hopefully) realize that I look absolutely ridiculous in it. In other words : get back home, wasted an insane amount of time and still have no new clothes.

Photoshopping is the same as shopping, with only a few minor technical differences : you don't have to 'get out there'. If you don't have the idea, creation bubbling, you won't get anywhere. I used to just open photoshop, grab some pictures that look cool and toy around with them. Often creation nice effects and bizarre things, but without ever knowing in advance what I was gonna make. Now, I can't even do that anymore. I've got this idea (actually, I have more) but I just can't see it. Maybe not yet, but I might have lost that 'innocent' creativity process for good. That would come as a big loss to me, but I can imagine others being rather happy. That what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. Or crippled.

Evolution, creations, idea's... it's all minds at work, and I'm getting the idea that mine has gone on either a looooong vacation, or a strike. Unfortunately I haven't seen the demands of the rebellious neurons yet, so I don't know what I'm up against. Let's just hope it's the holiday, and that the return flight is scheduled soon. Otherwise that crappy FK logo on the top will stay there for another 2 years. :(

Answers, we all need answers!

Unfortunately, you're looking in the wrong place if you think you'll find em here. I'm looking for 'the' answers myself, however : I do know some things :)

Eden : I'm in GMT+1 timezone (damn, I really should get around installing that universal Internet Time) wich puts my location in Belgium, Europe. Actually, the fact that I'm in Belgium, Europe makes my timezone GMT+1, but that's just technical details I guess.

Jamiee : Yeah... fried kitten. If you are concerned for the kitten and/or my mental state of mind, I suggest you read the disclaimer. It'll all be clear. (short wrap up : they kitten are fine, I'm unstable)

I'm off to work now... see and read you all tonite!

There's (been) so much going on...

about blogging in the past few days that I'm really starting to wonder what's so important about it? Hey, we blog, you write, we rant, you review. What's the difference? Ok, so you pro's get paid for writing down words and doing research, and we bloggers don't. Does that make us less 'real' or second grade? I really doubt it. It's not coz we write what we see, think and do - however trivial and pathethic it may sound to others - this is OUR life. We don't come running into your area of expertise and call you an inadequate researcher. (Well, actually we might do, but hey... get over it, so will we)

Blogging is here to stay, in all it's boredom and it's beauty. The difference with the 'old days' is that back then you had to be a computer wizzard to actually make something possible, and now the tools have become mainstream.
Hand someone a hammer, and some will know how to use it correctly, and others will just wonder what the hell they are supposed to do with it. But that doesn't make them less web-aware or webworthy as the ones that can use it. People learn, remember. And those that suck today, might be the Beethoven or Spielberg of the next decade.

Let us develop... we won't harm anyone and it makes us think, learn and experience. Now get back to your draft, read it again and then write your final version. We're all waiting to see what YOU can come up with.

Evening courses are cool

Imagine this : you work all day, till about 16h45, then you hop on over home, and start an evening course at 17h30, and that'll last till around 20h30. Does that sound cool to you? It doesn't? Come on! It's a good chance to learn some new stuff! What do you say? Long hours, long days, no free time? Sure, but these courses ain't gonna last for the next 3 years, are they? It's only like 4 months. And what about the future? I don't know what the future will bring. I don't have a magic 8-ball either, but I can tell you this for sure : it's gonna be cool, and I'm gonna be part of it.

This concludes our broadcasting day.


Fact of the day : I've laundered and ironed 14 hankerchiefs. If each hankie was € 100, I would just have made more than my average monthly paycheck states.
I'm gonna watch The Cable Guy and realize that is who I am. Ofcourse I'm not as funny, not even by far, but the rest of it is true. I have no friends, no life and no idea what the end of this sentence should say.

Why does this world always has to be a 2 person thingy? Wanna buy a house? You need to be working fulltime with at least 2 adults in order to loan the necessary money. - Wanna eat out in a restaurant? "Would that be a table for 2, sir?" - Feel like having sex? Erm... where is that second person? (solo sex IS good, but it gets boring after a while, don't you agree?) - Wanna marry? You gotta get married to someone else. I actually wonder why? If I liked myself so much that I'd wanna marry myself, why should anyone oppose to it? I think I'll check on that last statement... shouldn't there be an option to marry yourself? After all, multiple personality is a known and documented state of mind. So if told them I would like to marry my other me, they wouldn't really be able to check, would they?

I'm gonna start a screw-the-couples-world-domination-group thing. Come back for more.

* Mirrors cause reflections.

Mighty Girl's Blog

So I got an electric toothbrush, which is charmingly efficient. You push a button, it brushes your teeth for exactly two minutes and beeps at intervals that indicate when it's time to change sectors. My teeth are shiny and new--they do the little lens flare thing when I smile. The only problem is, my new toothbrush sounds very much like a vibrator. My roommate has begun to avoid eye contact with me when I leave the bathroom.
2:37 p.m.
(credits : Mighty Girl)

Taken from the 'favourite posts' section of Mighty Girl, and if you find this post funny (and I certainly do, otherwise it wouldn't have been posted here) I suggest you pay her blog a long visit, coz there is plenty more...

I've also added the famous evhead blog to the bloglist on the righthand side of the screen. Yes, it's the same evan that powers Blogger and Blogger Pro. Let's all have a cheer for Evan! CHEER!

Ok, I'm done... what's next?

Just finished watching Romeo must Die for the third time or so, and I still like the flic. I also went out this afternoon, had dinner (a "steppegras") with Snow-white and breezer (and his wife and daughter) and it was cool. Not much more info I can give you though, as it also was kinda strange since they do know eachother IRL and I didn't. But I do now :)

Gonna entertain the ferrets now, and do some laundry. Starting tomorrow evening I'll be having evening class 3 or 4 times during the week, so I better prepare for it. That'll take up quite some of my spare time, so I must plan shopping etc more careful. But I'm looking forward to learning all this new kind of stuff, it's gonna be very interesting!

Shopping/To Do list for next week

  1. Get food for the ferrets
  2. Buy food for humans (myself)
  3. Check bankaccount
  4. Drop off printouts for Dirk
  5. Remember other things to do

Blogging has been infected

Where is the time where bloggers blogged about their own world, the blog was a window on their own mind and views? In the last few hours (or even days) I've seen the same shit pop up everywhere : 1. What was the first thing you ever cooked? 2. What's your signature dish? 3. Ever had a cooking disaster? 4. If skill and money were no object, what would make for your dream meal? 5. What are you doing this weekend? aka "the crappy cook questions" and then there is all this test stuff going around.
Do you really think people care that you are : 'a natural beauty', 'a fierce dragon', 'kiwi flavoured' or 'winnie the pooh'... I doubt it. For those that are into this kind of stuff : "I'm a Banana". Everybody happy now? Good.. then get back to your lives and do something with it! And preferably something that'll distinguish you more from the masses as "I'm woody woodpecker".

Cough Cough

I should be in bed, but I'm not. I'm one stubborn friedkitten, ain't I? I've actually just seen Office Space on DVD, coz some other blog recommended it as funny and a good replacement for all those romantic Black Thursday movies they play (referring to february 14th). Unfortunately I don't recall what blog it was, so I'm once more blogsnob-jumping thru 1500 or so blogs in order to find the one that did.

It's actually my post from a few hours ago, and this time translated thru www.google.com. Obviously some german was looking for something that was present on my site. Now, I really really suck at german, but even I can spot that this translation is crappy. But hey, that might as well be coz the initial english text was crappy too ;-)

Spiritus tötet Mikroben, nicht er?
Das ist, an was ich erinnere von der Biologiekategorie mich irgendwie...., Und da ich eine K�lte habe, habe ich mich ein nettes wodka und ein grapejuice sie t�ten gelassen b�see Mikroben. Hey, wenn es nicht funktioniert, mindestens werde ich: getrunken erhalten),
, die bloggerschablone �ndernd, sehen eine Spitze, grosse nichts und Sie nur, da� es when/if Sie einen Pfosten kommentiert. Hatte die fabelhafte Idee (yeah, geschehe ich, die, gleichwohl nichts wie M�rderbohnenanimationvideos Jeff Lews so fabelhaft sein kann die, und ofcourse manchmal zu erhalten das sound(s), das zu ihm. geh�rt), etwas von dem offensichtlichen Material addieren m�gen Sie, wem ich bin und was ich tue, gelesen, zu und Material wie das h�ren, aber dann ich feststellte, da� es wirklich bigtime saugt und gerade stumpf bin. So �bersprang ich es:),
Im Augenblick Vereinbarung - Der Leiermann (leben Sie), startet durch die Lautsprecher und mich bezweifeln, wenn die Nachbarn es m�gen, aber hey... ist es gerades zu schlechtes. Lassen Sie sie sich beschweren, ich w�rde lieben, heute zu poltern

I'm getting really pissed now

Blogger just ate my post for the second time. Status says everything is OK, but I strongly state that it ain't OK. I've just signed out and back in, and if it still messes up this time, I guess you won't be reading this.

Update : Ev fixed it. Thanks for the swift intervention!

Alcohol kills germs, doesn't it?

That's what I remember from biology class anyway.... And since I've got a cold, I've made myself a nice wodka and grapejuice to kill them nasty germs. Hey, if it don't work, at least I'll be getting drunk :)

Been changing the blogger template a bit, nothing big, and you'll only see it when/if you comment on a post. Had the fabulous idea (yeah, I happen to get those sometimes, however nothing can be as fabulous as Jeff Lew's The Killer Bean animation videos, and ofcourse the sound(s) that goes with it.) to add some of the obvious stuff like who I am, and what I do, read, listen to and stuff like that, but then I realized that it actually sucks bigtime and is just dull. So I skipped it :)

Right now Covenant - Der Leiermann (Live) is blasting thru the speakers and I doubt if the neighbors like it, but hey... it's just too bad. Let them complain, I'd love to rumble today.


I'm old. No, really, I'm not kidding you here. When I read them blogs written by yougsters, I feel like I'm from the ice age or so. My name is Yeti, and I'm totally worn out, ready to crumble and become dust again. From that dust something new and beautiful can blossom, but in reality it'll probably just be blown away by the slightest breeze of wind. So much for uplifting idea's today. I think I'll order pizza tonite. I don't have the cash for it this month, but that's something I'll worry about later on. Although I hate being low on cash. Another uplifting idea, I'm full of it today.

Argh, I'm gone... Yes, fuck you too.

Small update

Been eating a bowl of vegetable soup (not the real fresh thing, but instant soup) and drinking loads of water. Tried calling Eef a couple of times today, but I think she's out walking with Alex coz I keep on getting that damn answering machine. Usually I like answering machines, coz you can do fun stuff with them, but I'm not up for it today.

Suzana asked me what I was planning on doing this weekend, but to be honest, I haven't got a clue. Guess I'll have to play tablesoccer tonite, and then crash for the rest of the weekend. My boss told me that I needed to go home and rest, sick it out, but I told him since I've never listened to him before, why would I start listening now? He replied : "Yeah, right. I should have known you'd have such an answer". I've got a kickass boss! A few more hours and then I'm off, the weather looks great, cold but very sunny and clear skies. I might even decide to go outside :-)

I feel shitty... really

Damn Damn Damn! I never get a cold, never have to visit the doctor, and never have to stay home because of illness, but this year seems to be a pain in the ass already... I've got a cold again, but I actually suspect that it's the cold that I had 2 weeks ago that has re-emerged somehow. Maybe I should have rested longer, and make sure I was really OK before going 110% again. Well, the weekend is coming up and I'll have (once more) time to sick it out, and be back on my feet by monday.

Yes, I'm gonna make that same mistake again, as you might know by now, friedkitten ain't too bright :)

Note : thanks for the comment 'little sis', but you should know that I always know and understand what I'm saying, what I'm gonna say, and what I have said in the past. I must admit however that sometimes I don't remember exactly what way I was going with a certain explenation, so I get lost every now and then, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I... erm... damn, lost again! You get the point... I'm funky :) - And to all them other visitors here : feel free to leave comments, I ain't writing all of these posts for the pope you know (they would probably kill him anyway), so get busy and when you're done, relax, and post a comment.

When I logged on this morning and browsed thru some usenet groups I kinda visit regulary, I came across no less than 6 photographs of girls that were clearly underage. Looked at them, then closed to think about it for a moment, let it sink in, then opened them again, verified that what I saw was indeed what I think I saw, grabbed all the headers and send off a complaint to the Federal Police that handles childabuse and childpornography.

If you think there is any way you can get away with spreading childporn over the web, think again. There will always be citizens and people that stand up against this kind of crap, and fight it to whatever extend they can. Today, I became one of those that fight back, and I feel good about it. I hope you spend many years in jail, you sick bastard. I've wasted too much words on this topic for now, as you are not worth to be written about.

Oh, I also got an e-valentine-card from someone (damn... reminds me, still gotta send out mine! BRB... done!) so this kinda got me wondering. Would there really be someone that loves me? I suppose not, but why not give them the benefit of the doubt? I'll sleep about it, think and play with the idea, and who knows... maybe I'll even react, coz I know who it's from, yet I've never seen her IRL, and neither has she seen me... It's a strange world, ain't it?

I'm slow to catch on but...

I've just stumbled across this article Real Life and Internet Life that was posted on BlogControl about 7 days ago. It's old news by now, yet I found it important enough to pick up and comment about. I suggest you go read it, and then come back and read on here.

It all comes down to how you feel, act and do in real life. I for certain know that my web life is a major part of my real life, if not the larger part. I don't mind that at all, and I do carry web stuff into 'real life' as well, and even on purpose. Would I hold back on writing certain things if I know that some people who read them might not be too pleased with them? Yes, I probably do, and I've done so in the past too. I've always written what I think, even if that meant kicking around like a madman. However, I've never for instance mentioned the name of the company I work for, nor have I put names in posts if I suspected that some third party could get pissed about it.
Believe me, it's possible to strike out swift and hit hard, even if you don't spill the names of those involved. Friends and others that know who you are and what you do, don't need to see explicit names, and those that just happen to 'drop by' your blog, don't care coz they don't understand the situation anyway, nor does it become clearer when they read who's involved.

The power of words and writing lies as much in what you write, as in what you don't.

Call me an insensitive bastard, an unromantic idiot, but I don't get the idea behind February 14th. Valentine, so what? It's just a huge commercialised bullshit day. I'm at work today and tonite I'll be working too. No romance, or love for me... If you love the one(s) you love, every day is valentine. I love my ferrets and just cuddled them as much as I did yesterday, and as I will do tomorrow. Those little carpetsharks just love you every day, and they deserve to be loved every moment as well.

Now you get lost and go be happy!

Sniff, Sniff

I seem to be getting a cold again, and with all the trainingcourses for work starting next week, I really can't use that. It's gonna be a very busy three to four months coming up, and I would like to have a minimum of shit going round during that time. Oh, I added another mail that I got today, it's not really friedkitten.com related, but it's something I didn't wanna hold back either.

Bastard Operator From Hell : Get Disconnected!Played some more minicombat today and kicked total ass at it again. Funny thing is that I also got a mail from Robert who works at the BT IT Helpdesk and I replied to it, and now we might exchange tips on how to get rid of (l)users as fast and violently as possible. It's good to find out that IT comes down to the basics everywhere : it's us against them. Funny thing is that we win all the time, but the lusers just don't seem to get it. Ofcourse, if they would get it, they wouldn't be lusers, because then they would be bright. And purely by definition, lusers can't be bright.
They only have AI, and that's when a Bastard Operator From Hell takes over their machine (although it technically always is and was and remains OUR machine) remotely. Don't believe me? Read BOFH (the archives) or check the recent episodes on The Register.

Man @ Work

Anyone remember that band called Men at work? I think they had some hit in the eighties or the nineties, but this title has got nothing to do with them. I've just done my daily workout and it seems the results are starting to show. I noticed my biceps keeps on growing and I also seem to have gained quite some muscle in the shoulders. In normal talk : I'm growing. If I could only start loosing weight now, coz the belly still looks shitty. Guess I'll have to add a daily dose of 50 crunshes to the mix in order to shape up in that region as well. I will be doing that starting next monday, and then I'll also increase the barbell weight from 10.5 kg's to 13.5 kg's and lower the number of flexes from 15 per arm to 10 per arm (individual flex) and from 20 to 10 with both arms. After at least two weeks I intend to increase flexes again, and after about one month to add weight again, to the max of 15 kg's, depending on how training progresses. I wouldn't wanna do too much at once, or get injured. And it also looks kinda weird to have nice and lean biceps if the rest is crappy. I'm off to bed now, coz a good rest is 50% of training. If you don't let the body recuperate as it should, you run into trouble real soon.

All things considered, shaping is going good. Who knows... I might even look good at the start of summer :)

Damn... I keep on seeing all those

nice splashpages and impressing logo's for other blogs, and I totally am realizing that mine sucks. I gotta get rid of that top stuff, replace the webcam images somehow (might stick 'em on the left or right handside in a menu) and design something cool. However, since I'm not cool to start off with, wouldn't that be misleading to the poor souls that happen to end up here by pure accident? I guess I could be sued for deprivation of time and emotional distress, on the other hand, the disclaimer clearly states that I can't be held responsible for anything. So if you feel like being irritated, freaked or even scared, be my guest, but please don't even bother complaining about it. Word.

Xavier is off to see Anna Kournikova play a game of tennis (after all, that's what she does if she ain't modelling or showing of some new watch somewhere) and he's got a camera with him, so he'd better get me some nice pictures that I can stick up here. Not that I have anything to do with it, but I got him the ticket, otherwise he wouldn't even be there. Shoot away man!


Was talking to a colleague about Anna Kournikova, it turned out he didn't know who Anna Kournikova is! So I surfed around a bit, send him some pictures of the blonde tennisgoddess and somehow I ended up on the site of the english tabloid The Sun. And on that site they had a link to minicombat. Result : we're playing game 2, round 15 right now, and no casualties yet. However, I won game 1, so I have a psychological advantage.

Update : Turn 30, and I'm fucked. It think it'll come down to one last game to settle the score and decide on a winner. Boogied, I'm gonna kick our sorry tank-ass!

Links : Anna K. Official Site - Anna K. Fan Site - Minicombat

Whoa... loads of stuff going down!

Just got some and made some phonecalls, and there is a whole lot of things that I gotta do today. Gotta do some checking and make sure we can get at least 6 people on a tech course starting next week, and it'll be in the evening hours. I see troubles coming my way already. Also gotta do some other things, so I'm gonna leave you all for the time being. Work Calls!

Nite Nite everyone!

It's nearly 30 minutes past midnight now, and I think I'll call it a day, or rather a night. I'm off to bed, but not before I've pumped some more iron today. Wouldn't wanna stop working on the new and improved version of myself, now would I?

Note : I wonder why people actually have weblogs, if they don't even respond to fanmail? Are they just busy, or stuck up bitches/assholes? Or maybe they are those people that somehow figure out how to set up a blog, but haven't got a clue about how they should get to their mailbox, let alone reply to something someone sends to them. Funny business, this whole webthing. Make sure you're connected!

Added more

Right now just some links of blogs I check on regulary, with on spot number 1 (and standing firm) the Goatee Master himself : Ryan. Other links are welcome, but don't take it personally if I don't add a link to your page. If I don't like it, so be it. Me liking your blog or not, is absolutely not a reference, let alone something you should compare your work to. After all, what the hell do I know about blogging?!

Added the blogHop rating system as well, and checked loads and tons of other sites, blogs, tools and searcheninges. More will be added during the coming.... years.

Toying around a bit...

Don't go all freaky on me... I'm just toying around a bit with new ideas and even more CSS thingies. So far it's starting to look better (yepz... it was even worse before this design) but I'm still learning and trying.

Been moving things around

As you will have noticed, I've finally come around to filling that large white gap on the right hand side of the screen. For now I've just copied the left hand menu background and moved some of the stuff that was there over to the other side, but that was more to kinda fill it :)

I've also been busy adding new stuff and promoting www.friedkitten.com (always a good idea to plug your own site) all over the world. I somehow ended up with the peeps at blogsnob who have this nice micro ad thingy that is put on all the sites that participate. It's kinda fun, customizable, and a very good tradeoff against all them large crappy banners you see elsewhere. If you got a blog, check them out! I've included some other freaky, funky or just plain interesting links as well...

Links : BlogSnob - AntVille - Blogger - Mc Sweetie - Get Linked

Working out again : finally

Now that I feel much better and successfully beat a serious cold and infection thanks to 1 aspirine and loads of sleep, rest and hot chickensoup, I've taken up working out again. I could have started earlier, but I deliberately waited to make sure I was in good shape again. I didn't feel like getting injured or so, and thus loose even more time. Last sunday I had a fever of 39.1�C and was only awake 5 hours on a total of 24h. Worked all week, but really felt bad. Only 7 days later I'm pushing iron again.

Lol... it seems that letting my body fight infections instead of always grabbing for medicines and antibiotics does really pay off. This is just the proof I needed to continue saying no to all pills, sirups and antibiotics. You might not believe me, but the human body is perfectly capable of fighting most infections and diseases on it's own, providing you give it the time to do so. There is just one thing you should keep in mind : start early with it... if you weaken your immunity system from the day you are born, it won't be easy to fight back later on. If your kid has a cold, don't pump it full with pills and shit like that. Let it be sick for a while. Let it fight the cold! Mark my words : next time everyone in school is down with a cold, your kid will still be running and playing, healthy and feeling good.

The truth is out there!

I've just been visiting some other blogs, and one that I kinda like is FRIED - from the mind of a brillian moron. The only reason I actually ever visited it, was coz it also had fried in it's title. From that first day, I now check it more regulary, like once a week, or once a month. I know it ain't much, but it is regular, ain't it?

One of the new quotes I've added on friedkitten actually is a sentence from a post that blogger did. I liked it and there is loads of truth in it. I'm off, exploring more of the powerful world of blogs.

Fuck (Hyper) Carrefour

Got a magazine from them last week on saturday or sunday, listing all these kewl things they have for sale. Usually their promo's ain't really what I need, but this time they had some gym equipment that I could use. But... the promo ain't starting till wednesday, so that's three days waiting before you can actually go and get it. So today, Saturday, I head off to Carrefour, and guess what : it's nowhere to be found?

I don't even know if they ever had the promo in stock. Does that suck of what? I always believed that shops legally had to have an 'adequate' supply to fullfil the demand.

I can hear people wondering already why I didn't go any sooner, but hey, some people have to work and can't just leave the office to go out and buy things. Too bad you say? Guess so, but I'll keep it in mind. And I don't care about me being wrong and them being right : this is my site and I'll tell the world what I think.


There you have it. Totally senseless namecalling, profanity and violence. Are you a concerned parent that is wondering how you can protect your innocent kid from hearing all these 'dirty' words? Let me tell you something, dear parent. When you are away with your pretty husband or wife, working all day, your 16 year old 'innocent' daughter gets screwed in the ass by her boyfriends. And you know what's more? They do it in your bedroom, in your bed and they make sure they wipe their dicks and ass on the curtains. Yes, that's where those bizarre stains on the curtains come from.
And if you think your 14 year old 'top of the class' son is any better, just listen in on him when he's on the phone with one of his buddies. I bet you'll soon hear all about that day he boned both the math teacher and her daughter that is in the same class as he is. And take this : he first did the daughter up the arse, and then let her mother suck him dry. That's something else, ain't it? So... stop pissing about some 'dirty' words and grow up! Do you know where your kids are right now?


I'm still alive. I'm alive again. I just came home after my first real full competition tablesoccer game. Only took 2 points out of a possible 6, but both Michael and I agree : We were good :)

More updates tomorrow, or during the coming days.

Back home

Yepz... a whole load of water.. this must be the northseaJust got back home. Off to bed now, I'm tired. Long drive, pretty windy on the shore. More tomorrow.

It seems everyone is asleep, or just too

set in whatever life they have. No mails, too bad, you don't know what you are missing. (I don't know it either, but hey, that's something I can't help, can I?). I'm leaving in 2 minutes or so, the weather is windy but good, so I won't even need a jacket. I'll be taking photographs during the trip as well, so there should be much pics tomorrow. Don't know yet what route I'll take, or where I'll end up. I might do a tour of the coast, why not? Check for yourself in like 18 hours or so.

Last check : no mails. See ya!

Call me stupid, call me insane, I really don't care. I'm free as a bird and I've just decided to drive up to the coast and take some photographs. If you wanna come along for the ride and the shots, send me a mail before 23h45 (that's another 20 minutes from now) and gimme your phone number. I'm leaving from Antwerp, so everyone who's between Antwerp and the Belgian Coast is welcome! Ow, just to make sure : female company would be preferred ;)

Check for the photographs tomorrow afternoon!


I was writing a nice post again about my short shopping spree this afternoon, when I received two calls for help from buddies. One was fighting with his XP and IE6 that won't open a new window anymore, the other one was looking for drivers for an old ISA soundcard from the stoneage. Ofcourse, being the good person I am, I helped them out, but when I followed a link, it opened in my blogger edit window instead of in a new window. Bye bye post :(

Shorthand : Went shopping by bike. Laughed at all people that couldn't get a parking spot. Bought 2 new t-shirts, ofcourse not on sale. I suck at sales. Home again.

Saturday.. what am I gonna do?

Working out...Came home last night around 2 I think (can't really remember... hehehe) and went to bed around 3. Slept till just about 30 minutes ago and I'm really wondering what I'm gonna do tonite. Was planning on grabbing some empty CD's coz Carrefour has a good deal on them right now (150 blank 80" CD's for € 49.45) but it seems the personnel is on strike. I think I'll check my bike and ride myself to the shop and get some new clothes. Paycheck has arrived and sales are still
on, so I might be able to get some good stuff for good money. Those pants I got a few weeks back really are good, so I think I'll get myself some more. Also gonna check on some more of those kewl t-shirts.

Still working out at least once a day, and even though you don't see it yet (I think) I feel good about it. I feel like I'm in control of myself, and that I'm really rebuilding myself. Just gotta loose the belly, but that'll be something that will follow later on. Right now I'm just doing weight training, so not really focussing on loosing fat, but more on gaining muscle. Barbell still is set at 10.5 kg's, and after next week I'm gonna add some weight I think. Should be possible to do the same training with 13 kg's.

I'm off, but I'll be back I suppose.

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