I am hacking up the page... no worries!

I'm trying some new designs on a live page, so things might look pretty messed up every once in a while. Just keep focussed and everything will end up OK in the end ;-)

This is the end.... it's time to hit the bed now, and the design sucks even more as it did before I started working on it. The nice lady in the background of the menu is gone, and instead it has some weird jumpy lines. This can't be good, can it?
Actually... it isn't good, but I really suck at GFX design. My initial idea was to recode the header section of the site, and I ended up doing the menu section. I also suck in managing myself and my creativity (or the lack of it).

If you think it would be better to just leave it all to the pro's, please don't tell me. I know. ;-(

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