About to kill a kid

The neighbor's have some kids over. They find it very funny to keep on banging the doors in the hallway. If they don't kill the little bastard in the next 30 seconds, I'll grab the shotgun and blow 'em away.

Ow... I've finally come around installing the random quote script as well. Should work fine and give you a new quote every time you reload the page. There's currently only like 8 quotes in the file, but I'm working on collecting or writing more nonsense.

Update : expanded the numbers of quotes to 18 now, including some stuff from Nietzsche, Orben, Andretti and some other so called 'famous' people. Funny thing is that I mixed them right with all my own nonsense, so you don't know in advance whether you'll get shit, or educated shit. Enjoy it.

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