Damn.. I should really pay more attention to details!

When I just loaded the page, I ran into an 'undefined' error in the quote script. Pretty strange, however when I looked at the code I quickly pinpointed the problem. Should be solved now. Added another line to the script while I was at it :)

Stuck without a life...I'm thinking about putting up some sort of link section as well, but don't know yet how or what... and definately not why. 'Coz everyone has one might be a valid reason, but I think it sucks. If everybody jumps off a cliff, do you jump too? It doesn't always pay off to follow the masses. On the other hand, running in the opposite direction is not always the correct solution either.

These are the mysteries of life as we know it today. I have no life, so I don't have to ask myself these questions. Leaves me with more time to do other things. The only problem then being that since I don't have I life, I don't need things to fill it with. Brings me right back to the start, doesn't it?

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