As you might have noticed...

I've totally been fucking up the page :) Yeah I know. I've been doing even more recoding and putting things in CSS stylesheets, but to be quite honest : I know as much about style sheets as I know about women... nothing.

Just been toying around a bit and now I've got all this white space on the right hand side of the screeen and although it was basically the idea, I now have completely no clue what to do with it. Funny, not? First you redesign things, then you start wondering what to do with it. But, there is some good news too!
While playing with the stylesheets, I've learned a whole load of stuff about 'em and I think I might even see the advantages of stylesheets now. Gimme a few more years and I'll fully understand it I suppose. I even managed to throw out about 33% or so of the stylesheet and still have the same result, so that should speed things up even more. Who knows.... maybe one day this site might even become enjoyable?!

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