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Yipee and Oh shit at the same time

I've been back for a few hours now, after talking to flyingdoc about becoming a mod on the Skynet Forum(s). Yes, I'm happy, but at the same time it seems that the 'Help' section will be only moderated by Skynet personnel. Ofcourse, that makes sense since they have the resources to check on things happening at their side, and I can't for I'm just a regular customer. I was rather interested in helping out in the 'Help' Section coz I feel at home there, but no worries, I've layed hands on "Laughs/Jokes" and "Meet & Greet" sections, so I'll have enough stuff to do. Right now some shit is coming down coz Skynet closed incoming port 25 connections (effectively closing all illegal and unauthorized mailservers) so things are a bit rough, but everything will clear up soon I hope.

I've (re)started working on something, but it's too soon to tell what the outcome will be. I'm scared and excited at the same time. It's like jumping of a cliff and not knowing if the safety net will be there. Call me a romantic fool, call me a scared weazel, (btw : weazels are not scared at all. They are just as ferrets carnivores and hunters, but also sweet as candy!) or call me anything you want. I'm going for it. If I slam my face into a brick wall, so be it. One can't be blamed for trying, and one can't just ignore the call of one's heart, even if the mind tells different.

Arrrghh... Come on, get real!

Can you actually believe this? I got called on my mobile phone at 07h15 this morning by Guy Ritchie. I was too sleepy to pick up the phone right away, so I heard the voice message wich went like this : "Hey, this is Guy Ritchie and I'm sorry to disturb you this early, but could you get back to me? Madonna would like to have you over for tea this weekend." Erm.. yepz, sure! Needless to say, it wasn't Guy Ritchie. It was another Guy, and he gets a nice and clean finger up from me for calling me at such an early time, for something that probably is not important anyway. Don't have people have any respect anymore these days?

Yeah I know that you have probably messed something up with your PC, or don't know how to solve something, but even I need some sleep! Anyways, I'm not gonna call you back for the next 2 hours. I might call you around 09h00... or maybe even 11h00. I don't like people pissing me off, and certainly not at 07h15 in the morning.

Eat this mate : FUCK OFF!

Nothing mucho going on right now...

Been checking the HTML and CSS code for the page some more, updated some tags and provided some ALT tags to make the page more accessible according to Bobby. Don't think I've reached all the specified requirements yet, but at least some parts have been improved. Yeah, OK, I admit : I was bored (seems like the 9th time this week that I was bored, and it's only wednesday!)

Tomorrow I'm off to Skynet, and that also happens to be my ISP. I didn't do anything wrong (this time) but there is some papers I gotta sign before I can take up a task as a Mod on their forum. Some of you might know that I've been an Admin on a board for almost a year, and this time I'm restarting a career as a Mod on a legit board... I can't help it... I just like helping dumbasses out (GRiN).

Off now... see you all laterz!

PS : the workouts are going good. Managed to do at least 2 of them every day, but the idea to do one in the morning and one in the evening kinda doesn't work. I'm too sleepy to work out in the morning :) I just do 2 of them in the evening.... hehehe... bye!

Good morning!

Howdy. I'm awake. Could someone please take note of that? Thanks.

One heck of a day...

Damn... loads of shit going on today, with calls, tech problems and questions all the day. Didn't know where to start first and it won't be better tomorrow I suppose. Means that I won't be home early tomorrow. Better go shopping this evening! Life is funky :)

Still stuck in the office

Didn't really wanna knock off early today, but I actually planned to leave by 17h00. It's 17h30 and I'm still stuck here. I dunno why, but somehow the person I'm waiting for right now seems to be able to plan her work better when she's in the other office. Whenever we're here, we tend to leave later, rather than sooner. Last friday it was even 18h45 before we went home, and home means at least another 1h drive. I usually don't mind at all, but somehow today something is telling me that I gotta be home earlier. I just hope the ferrets are OK, and that it's not one of those feelings that turn out to be correct. I think I'll just hook up one of the webcams (why not a wireless one?) and monitor the carpetsharks 24/7 so that I can check on them on regular times. Gotta work it out a bit more I guess. If I have to money, I'll just order one of the X10 cams and plug it in. Pretty easy :)

Picked up chinese food (yes.. that healthy stuff!) and the ferrets entertained me while I was trying to finish my eggroll and tomatosoup. Ironed clothes, did some laundry, still have at least 3 hours more of ironing to do before it all would be done. Let the major part be where and what it is now : in the livingroom, not ironed.

Took a lukewarm, then warm and finally cold shower after the first workout. Cold showers kick ass! They are really really good for your body. All that warm stuff spoils your immunity system and makes it weak. Did another workout, I wanna feel wrecked tomorrow. After the second run I felt all warm and cozy. Good feeling.

Now watching a download finish, that's how bored I am. Guess I'll turn on a DVD and do something more entertaining. Have loads of reading to tomorrow at work coz dad yesterday gave me a shitload of information that might be valuable for the project I'm currently working on. Will head to be around 23h30 or so. Sleep tight!

Whooha! Started developing ServMe v2.0!

Yeah. I was so bored today (although I got more than enough things to do) that I picked up the fitness equipment again and worked out a bit. Actually, one of my new year's resolutions was to lose some weight, and gain some muscle, but I kinda forget about it on january 2nd. Wait... "forgot about it" is not really correct : I actively pushed the idea out of the way. I'm lazy you know!

However, all of that is over now... I picked up the barbells (weight : 10.5 kgs) and worked out. Didn't take too long, only about 5-6 minutes for 1 run, so I should be able to keep that up on a daily basis. After all, if it only takes 5-6 minutes, that should be manageable. Just wonder if I'll feel wrecked tomorrow or not... As some say : No Pain, No Gain. Ofcourse, they idea is that by making your muscles do a task that they can bearly do, you force your body to build/grow more muscle in order to keep up with the increased load they endure. The trick is not to overload them too much, or you might get injured, and that would backfire ofcourse.

Anyways, cut all the crap : I'm building a ServMe v2.0 now. While v1.0 was just fat, boring and lazy, v2.0 will feature : less fat, less laziness and increased boredom! Makes you wonder why everyone wants to be a v2.0...

Damn, somehow I am tired!

Left this morning - erm... ok, it was noon - around 12h00 to go and cure that virus infected machine, then went off to my dad to pick him up to drive over to Hilda, have a bite and then we went to see that play she wrote. Actually, she's written quite a lot of plays already (14 to be precise, check on www.hilplays.com for more details), and this one was titled "Satans vuile was" (roughly translated : Satan's Dirty Laundry) and I just loved it! Lotsa great jokes, a very very impressive scene as well, and there were quite a few times that I just couldn't stop laughing. I guess that caused me to miss some other jokes, but hey... I can't help it. I don't wanna give anything away, but there was one scene that goes something like this :

Katrien : Antoon, go fuck your computer!
Antoon : And how am I supposed to do that?
Katrien : press arrow up and enter!

All credits for the above extract go to Hilda ofcourse ;-) Yeps Hilda, I'm shamelessly ripping your play here.. ehhehe... I'm bad to the bone, kinda devilish maybe.

I'm really off to bed now, I'm very tired and that fact that I've driven over 250 km's in really bad weather is the reason I guess. I'm used to driving long distances, but tonite the weatherconditions were especially bad with unlit roads where I've never been before, loads of rain and very irregular bursts of wind. To make a long story short : stormweather and a pain to drive in.

See you all tomorrow or so, keep on reading and here's a note to Nadia : get well soon, and the serial-popup-killer is gonna send you another mail... hehehe.

Just back from tablesoccer competition

I think next year we'll have to rename the game to 'tablesucker'. At least, that's the way we play it. Lost 3-15 today, so the figures kinda speak for themselves I guess. Off to bed now (yepz... it's still early, I know) coz I gotta be somewhere around noon tomorrow and have to wake up a bit earlier as I was expecting.
I received a mail today that someone was having quite some trouble with viruses and an infected OS, so I'm heading over there tomorrow to see what we can salvage and what might need to be replaced/updated. It's a fairly old system they work on, so it'll take me some time to get it all up to date. Later on tomorrow I'll be off to the theatre (see other previous post) so I'll be updating again late saturday evening, probably early sunday morning.

Sleep em peeps!

Oh.. and keep those rants and feedback flowing in... I like to really laugh at them stupid mails people send me.

Also moved the main page to CSS now

Slowly moving everything over to the new (and by the W3C recommended) stylesheets in CSS2. Been messing things even more up, but now everything seems to be kinda OK, and the stylesheet gets loaded externally. Tested everything with IE5.5 and Opera 6 and both gave me correct results.

Links : W3C CSS Validator

Ready to leave

I'm about to leave for the other office. Gotta be there around 10, and it's just over a one hour drive, so that makes is next to impossible. Shit happens.
No real plans for the weekend, although I'm off to the theatre on saturday evening, they're doing a play that was written by Hilda, so Dad, Hilda, Nadia and I are off to check it out. I've been unfortunate enough not to be able to see other plays of her, but this time I'm not gonna miss it. Unless I become sick ofcourse... I don't feel too well, but I don't care. I'll be there!

As you might have noticed...

I've totally been fucking up the page :) Yeah I know. I've been doing even more recoding and putting things in CSS stylesheets, but to be quite honest : I know as much about style sheets as I know about women... nothing.

Just been toying around a bit and now I've got all this white space on the right hand side of the screeen and although it was basically the idea, I now have completely no clue what to do with it. Funny, not? First you redesign things, then you start wondering what to do with it. But, there is some good news too!
While playing with the stylesheets, I've learned a whole load of stuff about 'em and I think I might even see the advantages of stylesheets now. Gimme a few more years and I'll fully understand it I suppose. I even managed to throw out about 33% or so of the stylesheet and still have the same result, so that should speed things up even more. Who knows.... maybe one day this site might even become enjoyable?!

ISP FTP upload is still fucked up

... so it might be that every now and then the pages can't be found, but that would be coz I gotta delete it all manually before being able to upload the new posts, archives and templates. Just try again in 56 seconds or so.

Sections coming alive and debugging

Lol.. first mail in already. Sucked bigtime too... read it all in the mailbox section. Also been debugging the page (the javascript) and fixed some things that seemed to be bad. Also recoded bits and pieces to make a smoother loading possible (less lines of code). Just one thing that I can't seem to tackle is the scrollbars=auto setting. This syntax should turn on the scrollbars in the popup when needed, but it doesn't. Anyone has a bright idea why not? It seems I'm overlooking the bug :(

NEW! (and certainly not improved) sections!

1. Mailbox - Send us an e-mail and tell us whatever you want. Do we inspire you, irritate you (great), or don't you agree with our rather black and white opinion (fabulous!)... Send in all those juicy rants or your own deathwish and let the whole world read in on how we make a fool out of you. (For those that don't do it themselves, that is).

2. Missions - We'll be off doing Missions during 2002. Inspired by The Spark, we're gonna try to equal, overcome and redicule them. Won't be easy, but it's something necessary to create more interest in this page. Suggestions always welcome.

Why is everyone so creative?

Take a look at liquid generation and when you're done (in like 3 hours or so) take another look at friedkitten.com (yepz... this site). Now, what's missing here? I know what's missing : the chicks! The insanity is definately here, but I think the team behind Liquid Generation takes it even further. There are more of these wicked sites out there, just take a look at the links.

So... here comes a small to do list :

  • Get chicks (plural, better have an extra one available)
    [Probability Rate : complete utterly impossible]

  • Learn how to do GFX and Flash (the computer program Flash, not the "driven by insanity" sexual act)
    [Probability Rate : hard but manageable]

  • Get a team of likewise insane and creative people to join me, without pay (erm... volunteers?)
    [Probability Rate : fat chance]

  • Wise up and stop dreaming about things that are not going to happen without a very very real effort
    [Probability Rate : 0 (too lazy)]

Links : liquid generation - thespark


Couldn't sleep last night. Went to bed around 23h30 and didn't fall asleep before 03h45. Woke up at 07h30. No wonder I'm still tired. Off to work now, be back later!

When I just loaded the page, I ran into an 'undefined' error in the quote script. Pretty strange, however when I looked at the code I quickly pinpointed the problem. Should be solved now. Added another line to the script while I was at it :)

Stuck without a life...I'm thinking about putting up some sort of link section as well, but don't know yet how or what... and definately not why. 'Coz everyone has one might be a valid reason, but I think it sucks. If everybody jumps off a cliff, do you jump too? It doesn't always pay off to follow the masses. On the other hand, running in the opposite direction is not always the correct solution either.

These are the mysteries of life as we know it today. I have no life, so I don't have to ask myself these questions. Leaves me with more time to do other things. The only problem then being that since I don't have I life, I don't need things to fill it with. Brings me right back to the start, doesn't it?

I suck @ GFX and webdesign

Just got a call from Joco, if I could change the design of The Baby Happening site a bit? Sure... I can... but not just out of the blue. After a while it just turned out he needed some small changes in order to be able to cram even more on the page. No prob... it's done. An extra 105 pixels or so available now. Enjoy it mate!

Note : Added another 3 quotes to the list, bringing the total to 21 now. Delivering more insanity to you in a refreshing way.

Tonite : bowling, drinking and having fun

My sister organized a little get together with some of the mutual friends (actually, the bunch we always hang out with) and we've played two games of bowling. Had lots of fun, and the fact that I won the first game with a score of 149, and my sister won the second game with a score of 146 has nothing to do with it. I actually could still have won the second game as well, since I came in very close at 143, but instead of throwing a final strike, I only hit 3 pins or so. Doesn't really matter, we laughed a lot, and really enjoyed ourselves. Too bad it was very hot over there and too crowded.

Afterwards we went to Michael's place, actually wanted to do something, but as we all are such weirdo's that don't come out too much, no one had any real good idea about where we could head off to around midnight. We just watched some TV, some VCD's (Pink Floyd) and talked about all sorts of things. It was just a casual evening, enjoying the company of everyone. It's just good to know that you have friends and can hang around with them, even if you don't do special things.

Note to Joco & Eef : thanks for the lovely pics of Alex, I'll be hanging them somewhere in clear view :)

I have been lured to the Dark Side!

Yepz... after over 12 years on the web and defending myself against Evil itself, it has finally gotten the upperhand. Yepz... I've installed MSN Messenger. And it's all the fault of the peeps at the Skynet Forum 'coz they are all addicted. Shame on you peeps!

Talk to you soon ;-)

I was almost done writing a very nice rant, something about weekend drivers, and somehow I was gonna put pictures of Tampax next to it, but when I went elsewhere to check out some other sites, the crappy browser closed on me. Anyways : here are the - now even more unrelated to the story as they were to the first version - pictures.

You can stuff it where the sun don't shine!

Note : the ISP's FTP connection is crapped up. Status Page at ISP says this : We currently (at 17h40) are having problems with our FTP servers and residential webspace. You might have difficulties updating or uploading websites. Expected downtime : 15 minutes. Status : Closed. - Yeah right.. that was almost 3 hours ago. I bet the technicians went home and closed the case. That does indeed solve the problem... for them.

Give me a few moments to find a target, will you?

I've been running a distributed.net RC5 cracking tool for exactly 1.548 days (yes... 4 years, 2 months, 26 days) now. However, since the initial installation, I've moved on to multiple machines, and more powerfull machines as well. Yesterday was the best day since the start for me and it ranked me at number 1.492 for the day. I know that sounds like I'm still very far away from the number 1 spot, but if you know that there are 315.675 contestants, it's not too bad. Overall I'm ranked as number 11.883, and that is majorly due to the fact that I've not run the client in 1998. However, I'm quickly gaining now as I rise about 40 to 50 places each day.

If you got spare CPU power, why not join the cause and get cracking? It doesn't slow down your PC, nor do you have to leave it on all the time. The client runs whenever it has a chance, and does not interfere with other programs. Besides... IF you find the winning key, there is a $1000 award for you and another $1000 for the team that finds it. So, if you are competing alone, that would be a whopping $2000 in your pocket, just for letting the client use your idle CPU power. And it's legal too. Read all about it in the FAQ

Fuck you mail.com!

After using the service of mail.com for several years for free, I've just received note that mail forwarding will only be possible by signing up for a premium (read : paying) service. Is that how they intend to make money?

Good... coz I'm checking the links about the old account and then moving things around so that I can easily drop the account. You really piss me off majorly. Hey, I might even sign up the old address to like 10.000 mailinglists before I let it revert to a webbased account. That might stuff their crappy servers to the brim. Now that's an idea!

This wraps it up nicely ...

It's like male geeks don't know how to deal with real live women, so they just assume it's a user interface problem. Not their fault. They'll just wait for the next version to come out - something more "user friendly".

Nothing to add to that I suppose. It clearly is not my fault. ;-)

Just to explain things a bit

I've gotten a question from Pascale about the I suck link in the left navigation menu, and what's up with that?

The answer is quite easy : I was realizing that I totally suck at web and GFX design so I added the "I know, I suck" comment. However, I didn't want the comment to be totally useless, so I searched if the domain isuck.com, isuck.net and isuck.org already existed and if so, what was hosted there. isuck.com was ofcourse an adult site, I don't remember the isuck.net site, and when I checked out isuck.org and digged a bit deeper into it, I ran right into Ryan.

Ryan also is the owner of goateestyle.com and he just seems to be everywhere. That also explains the statusbar text when you go over the link... And I just happen to totally dig the goateestyle site, as you might have known already.

Is that enough explenation for you Pascale?

Does that cool rub off on me?

I just got a mail back from Ryan after I mailed him coz some link was bad. Does this mean I'm alive? Will his cool rub off on me? Damn, I guess not since the (long) e-mail I send him about subliminal messaging and stuff like that didn't make it to the mailbag. Anyway, it's nice to see your mails replied to and appreciated!

Kitten Out.

Pretty bored... or maybe not

Not much goin' around here today. Been working all day (or rather just a few hours since I drove about as much time as I worked) and came home. Had dinner, drank a corona and I'm just boring myself now. Unfortunately, according to The Death Clock I've got another 1.418.291.178 seconds to live and be bored even more. However when I switch to the sadistic setting, it's only 250.681.457 seconds, so that should cheer me up!

So, there basically is two options here : Someone puts my out of my misery and beats The Death Clock, or someone puts my boredom to an end. Somehow I do prefer the latter. I just can't pinpoint a good reason for it now. See you all back someday. (maybe)

The koala bear joke

I was going thru my ICQ message history and suddenly found the famous koala bear joke... I don't know if you know it already or not, but I just love it. So, for those unfortunate to not know it yet, here it is again. For those that know it already, enjoy it once more :-)

Koala's ain't bears actually. They are related to the kangaroo and the wombat
A koala bear and a hooker go back to her place and they get undressed.
The koala bear goes down on the hooker ... for 3 hours straight. She has multiple orgasms ... after 3 hours he stops, gets up and puts on his clothes.
The woman is hanging back huffing and puffing from exhaustion.
"Oh God, that was great! Now I need my money."
The koala bear just looks at her and shrugs.
Then the hooker says, "No, I need my money. I'm a hooker and this is how I make a living."
The koala bear just looks at her and continues to put on his clothes.
Then the hooker gets up and runs to the bookshelf and grabs a dictionary and thumbs it to "hooker."
She hands it to the koala bear and it reads:

HOOKER: "person who has sex for money"

Then the koala bear turns the page to "koala bear" and walks out the door.

The hooker reads:

KOALA BEAR: "eats bushes and leaves"


Yeah... I've been out and got some solid chinese food. Yes, again. I like chinese food, didn't you know that yet? And besides the fact that I like it, it's also healthy and cheap. What else can one wish for? You can try and make tomatosoup, a large springroll + currysauce, and about 500g of nasigoreng with chicken for € 9.10. I'm pretty sure it's next to impossible. And even if you get all the ingredients for that price, you'd still have to spend some time in the kitchen preparing it all.

Support your local chinese community! Order chinese food today!

Sunday is almost past, and what did I do?

I've spend all day long in front of the computer. It was really nice weather outside, but I didn't even get out. Now that it's dark, I'll probably realize that I need to eat something and get out. I'm not a vampire, but sometimes I do act like one. The only differences ofcourse being that I don't bite the neck of cute girls and that I do like garlic. Maybe I should just do it the other way around...

I've spend the day sorting out mp3's (all legit rips of original CD's I have bought myself) and updating lists. I've processed about 440 mp3's I think and now the disk is rather clean again.

OK, I'm off to have a bite now. Cute girls, beware!

Note : It seems commenting is back up. Feed me, baby!

Go to bed before 00h00? Not really!

I've still got the headache, but I ain't in bed yet. I've been sending some mails, probably pissing people off, but I don't really care. We all are entitled to our own opinions, ain't we?

Anyways... I was going thru some of the sites' source and I suddenly spotted that quite a lot of the pictures are servers from my old ISP. I still have an account there, but they only offer 10MB of webspace, whereas the new ISP allows you 50MB. So I've been recoding some parts and moving stuff around. I'll probably have it all tested before I log off for the night, but in case you still find things that don't work (like links, photographs, toasters, unemployed people...) feel free to send me a mail.

Spanish people are dumbasses, not?

I usually think of spain as a sunny country with lotsa sun, costa's, mountains and lovely women... but I'm starting to see the dumbass side of spain as well. I've coded a small cgi script for friends of mine, and buyers of a certain modembrand can use the form to register themselves, so that they receive mailings, driver updates and such.

However, for the spaniards that buy their modems thru Terra, there is a seperate form, wich is specifically for them. The original form clearly says : "Spanish users click here" and it's even there in spanish! Yet I keep on receiving forms filled out by spanish newbies that haven't got a clue what they are doing. They will not get support if they register with the incorrect form, coz for them Terra is providing all the support, not the manufacturer or the dealers themselves. I could feel sorry for them, but I really don't ;-)

I've just taken a bath, and even though I feel clean and refreshed now, I still got some kind of a headache that doesn't seem to clear up. I don't think I'm getting a cold again, yet I don't know what the reason for the headache is either. I've not been drinking anything except water all day and yesterday, so it's not a hangover. I was thinking about going out tonite, but I'd be all by myself and the idea is not really appealing to me. I think I'll just go to bed.

About to kill a kid

The neighbor's have some kids over. They find it very funny to keep on banging the doors in the hallway. If they don't kill the little bastard in the next 30 seconds, I'll grab the shotgun and blow 'em away.

Ow... I've finally come around installing the random quote script as well. Should work fine and give you a new quote every time you reload the page. There's currently only like 8 quotes in the file, but I'm working on collecting or writing more nonsense.

Update : expanded the numbers of quotes to 18 now, including some stuff from Nietzsche, Orben, Andretti and some other so called 'famous' people. Funny thing is that I mixed them right with all my own nonsense, so you don't know in advance whether you'll get shit, or educated shit. Enjoy it.

No Topixxx

  1. Comments are currently unavailable due to BlogBack being recoded by the owners. Check for update at www.tecknik.net
  2. That date I was trying to fix for tonight (well, not really a date, more like a pleasant meeting) seems to be off. I didn't even get a reply by mail, nor a call. Puts me right back on level -1.
  3. I don't have anything planned for tonite. Anyone has good idea's?
  4. I just realize that I need a new calendar now that 2001 is past. I got till january 2002 to find one.
  5. I was looking into buying a nice little piece of land with trees and such somewhere in the outbacks. However, after getting more info the price turned out to be about 40 times higher as advertised. Seems the real estate broker that was selling it made a 'slight' miscalculation when converting BEF to € :(

Quick nightly update...

I've just returned from a little company newyears meeting and it kicked ass bigtime! The boss was a bit (not to say waaaaaay) nervous about the location, as he thought that some might find it the castle a bit nerving and thus not feel at home. However, from what I've seen, everyone felt quite OK and loved it all. More about it tomorrow.

While driving home, we passed a roadblock where cops were testing for drunk driving. Just a few minutes before we passed the location we had been talking about it... ain't that coincidence? Anyway, I told Suzana that I never had to undergo tests to see if I was drunk, and she didn't believe me. So I passed the roadblock, turned back at the first crossing and approached the roadblock. There were already a few cars in front of me, and a parking lot was almost filled with drivers that were being checked.

I waited in line, when suddenly a cop turned up next to the car and he asked to see the cars' papers. I opened the glove compartiment, handed them over, stating that everything was there (didn't even bother taking them out of the map) and he looked thru them, and while the car in front of us was directed towards the parkinglot for extra checks, he handed me back the map and told me I could drive on.

See?! What did I tell you.. they'll never ask me to do tests. That reason might be easy : I'm responsable, look responsable, look good, I don't know. Or maybe the fact that I never drink anything when I have to drive the car has something to do with it?

I am hacking up the page... no worries!

I'm trying some new designs on a live page, so things might look pretty messed up every once in a while. Just keep focussed and everything will end up OK in the end ;-)

This is the end.... it's time to hit the bed now, and the design sucks even more as it did before I started working on it. The nice lady in the background of the menu is gone, and instead it has some weird jumpy lines. This can't be good, can it?
Actually... it isn't good, but I really suck at GFX design. My initial idea was to recode the header section of the site, and I ended up doing the menu section. I also suck in managing myself and my creativity (or the lack of it).

If you think it would be better to just leave it all to the pro's, please don't tell me. I know. ;-(

Things you should not do (when drunk) :

And here is the proof that these rules are not to be messed with!
  1. eat with chopsticks
  2. take photo's illustrating drunk eating with chopsticks
  3. continue meal without changing chopsticks
  4. Drink more Wodka & Grapefruit
  5. Run out of Grapefruit
  6. Get back up after falling down*.
* Warning : It is of the utmost importance that you don't try to get up after falling down. Wait for someone to pick you up. After all, you've already proven that you know how to fall down, now let someone else prove they can pick you up, not?

Just updating...

Ali-G - Bling Bling!Blogger is temporarily down, so I'm just prepping this... In the mean time, check out Ali-G, the most funky comedian since Fred Flintstone... If you can't appreciate sarcasm, strange words, totally insane questions and even stranger replies, skip it. This ain't comedy for dumbo's :)

For all those that think they're up for it : Boyakasha!

I've send out a mail and I'm very curious what the answer will be... this is the new me popping up!

Links : Ali-G

Whoaaa... where is my Heidi Hudson Leick?!

Ain't she just fabulous?!I've just finished watching Cold Heart and there is just one thing that keep flashing in my mind : Julia (and she wasn't even a main character). I carefully checked the credits and matched it with Hudson Leick, then browsed to the International Movie Database (IMDB) and found this, but unfortunately it didn't show a picture. It did however tell me that her full name is Heidi Hudson Leick, and after dropping that info into Google, I ran right into the al lot of sites about Xena, Princess Warrior where she plays Callisto. However, the Official Fan Club Page gave me all the info I could ever dream off :)

How could I have not known about this stunning lady before? Maybe because I don't watch Xena? Or maybe 'coz my TV broke down 4 months ago and that I still didn't bother getting a new one? Or maybe 'coz they don't show Xena on TV here? Anyway... I do know who she is now... and I'm off hunting for other movies she played in now.

BTW : I've asked one of the copyright holders if I could use a photograph that he made on this site to go with the post. I hope he replies pretty fast so I can show you why exactly she is just stunning ;-)
UPDATE : thanks for the approval Mike!

Links : Hudson Leick Official Fan Club - Mike's Hudson Leick Page

Sexual Predator... one heck of a thriller!

Sexual Predator - The hunt for pleasure is the most basic instinct of allI've just been watching this erotic thriller... damn it sure was something. I won't spoil the plot for those that haven't seen it yet, but let me tell you this : nothing is what it seems. And unlike the usual hollywood movies, the good does not prevail in this one. About 4 people and a cat bite the dust, and the bad ones gets away clear.

Lol... I haven't spoiled the end yet... coz you don't know who the bad one is, until the last seconds of the movie!

It seems like I've been nothing else but just watching movies all day long... Started with Death Race 2000, but that kinda sucked. Not in the way that the movie wasn't OK, but it shows that it has been produced in 1975... it's outdated, although it's funny to see how they pictured the year 2000 in 1975. Then it was Demolition Man (as said in an earlier posting) and just a few seconds ago Sexual Encounter. I'm now off to grab something to eat and after that I got either Big Daddy or Cold Heart to enjoy. Big Daddy is a comedy, and Cold Heart is another thriller I think. See you all in a few hours!

My day is good...

Have you ever had that feeling when you are just like doing stuff you do all the time, and suddenly something pops up? And that just changes the day, or at least is a very welcome break from the boring everyday life?

Today is such a day... I was watching Demolition Man on DVD when I checked my mails and got an e-card from Claudia. I haven't got a clue who Claudia is, but I know from her e-card that she lives in Vienna, and that she had to work today.
Come'on... that sucks, working on a sunday. Sundays should really be to enjoy yourself, and have a good rest.

Her mail kinda lightened my day... And I hope that my reply to her card makes her day less boring too. Ain't life a wonderfull thing?!

Fetish... pleasure or perverted?

Fetish-FactoryWhat can I say? I love it. I've never dressed myself in latex, leather, or plastic, but do certainly understand the idea behind it. If someone likes to dress up, crossdress or whatever he or she likes, then go for it! We are all adults and responsible enough to understand what we do and the consequences of it. I've quickly browsed my bookmarks and selected a few sites for you to explore.

If you are shocked, too bad. If you are intrigued, be my guest. I can understand that some people would have never suspected that I might be interested in things like this, but on the other hand, you should know that I like to explore and learn/experience new things. I'm openminded, although that doesn't necessarily mean that I have the need to experience things myself.

Links : Fetish-Factory - latentia-desideria - rubaquagirl - shinybabes - skintwo - Women in Wetsuits

I am still alive

No need to worry.

Trillian is currently at release 0.71 and it is beta software, I do realize that... so some bugs can be expected. However, having to re-enter all your details and import all contacts each time you've closed the thingy goes a bit too far for me. I'm back to using the 'old' ICQ here. I'll check again on trillian when it reaches some more maturity and approaches version 1.0 or so.

It's actually too bad, 'coz it actually works... kinda :)

First changes already...

Trillian - The new IM client to use?I've just received word from Joco that he was testing a new IM client called Trillian. I've done some checks and installed the thingy myself and I'm pretty pleased with it, so far. It takes a while to finetune, since it has like a zillion options and the basic setup got on my nerves instantly.. too much windows and space used/wasted.
However, after disabling about 75% of all the options I ended up with a client that was smart, thin and stable... It also let's you connect to AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN and even IRC, all thru the same client. Sounds awfully good to me. It also has a secure chat function, and whenever possible it does use secure connections, but I've not yet been able to really check if the connections are indeed secure or not.

Just like all new things, it takes a while to get used to the changed screens and options, but I think it might be worth checking out... I also checked the thing for Spyware and it seems to be clean... Which actually surprised me a bit :)

Links : www.trillian.cc

Yes! We have lift-off! This is the official first entry of 2002 on www.friedkitten.com and I can guarantee you that there will be more to come. In the short lifespan this site has, we've received 1.352 visitors, and more will be coming along in the new year...

Here are the friedkitten do's and don'ts for 2002 :

  • Find someone that I can be with, enjoy myself with

  • Persue the things I want, like or need. Be more assertive towards others

  • Let others influence on how to live my life

  • Have more sex as in 2001

  • Stop being naieve and think that people always are as honest as I am

  • Take care of the ferrets and love them even more

  • Enjoy the experience of everything that I experience (erm... yeah, sure.. never mind)

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