Mariah Carey about to be dumped by her recordcompany

Erm... I dunno, but if Mariah is looking for a place to sing while she's showering, she's welcome at my place... I'm not such a big fan of Mariah, although I do have 1 album of her, but I'm always prepared to get to know her a bit better. She looks OK, let's just hope she ain't a stuck up bitch coz in that case she'll be out faster as she can sing 1 line of one of her songs.

I'm sure some people will think that I'm too demanding again, but I keep on setting hight standards. I either meet someone who matches with me, or I'd rather stay alone. I'm not interested in a one night stand or crap like that. I might change my mind someday, but as far as I know myself : nah... thanks.

Just a quick sidenote : There are a few women in my life I think I could/am in love with, but right now it's just not the time to bother them with more trouble. Besides, I don't feel like losing good friends over what might very well be a one way feeling. It's just the practical side of me that keeps on getting in the way. I don't like getting hurt... so don't blame me for it :)

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