Happy New Year!!!

2001 - The EndThis is the end, my friend... of 2001. During these last hours of 2001 I salute you all, my friends!!

I could do a review of 2001 here, but I don't have to : this site is my view and experience of the past year. I've had happy moments, and I've had sad moments, but when I look back on the past 525.600 minutes, I see a picture that's in balance.

Maybe I was off balance on several occasions, but that's something entirely different.

2001 was the year where I finally started realizing that I'm alone. Alone without a partner that is, 'coz it's been my friends that made this year what it was. It's also the year that I've done things that I would never have thought of doing before. It's the year that I started enjoying my freedom, and at the same time long for the restrictions of a relationship.

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