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Happy New Year!!!

2001 - The EndThis is the end, my friend... of 2001. During these last hours of 2001 I salute you all, my friends!!

I could do a review of 2001 here, but I don't have to : this site is my view and experience of the past year. I've had happy moments, and I've had sad moments, but when I look back on the past 525.600 minutes, I see a picture that's in balance.

Maybe I was off balance on several occasions, but that's something entirely different.

2001 was the year where I finally started realizing that I'm alone. Alone without a partner that is, 'coz it's been my friends that made this year what it was. It's also the year that I've done things that I would never have thought of doing before. It's the year that I started enjoying my freedom, and at the same time long for the restrictions of a relationship.

Fellowship of Numbness - Troll Alert - Sleepy Movie 1I just went to see LotR, and here's my first impression : overhyped! OK, at first the great landscapes and woods and mountains are impressive, but after 45 minutes you get bored with it. I don't know if the movie reflects the books of Tolkien to the fullest extend, since I've not read any of them, but I think it does : it's slow, almost numbing. First impressions were good, but after almost 3 hours of watching elves, hobbits and demons, I've had it. After all... this one is just number 1 out of three! I can't wait to see the sequels, not! So, after the landscapes we also have 'action scenes' : suddenly lots of swords, arms, faces and fighting. You don't have the chance to even see who's slaughtering who, but you can feel it in your guts that the good will prevail. Ofcourse, there are two more sequels!

The characters : hobbits (little fellows), Frodo (played by Elijah 'babyface' Wood), Gandalf (the sorceror that dies halfway the movie), a bad sorceror called Sauramon (or something like that) and some more devils, demons and bad-breathed characters.

The plot : You have the Ring (oops.. sorry, the One Ring), the bads folks want it back, and you have to bring it deep into the Dark Country in order to destroy it. Sounds like the script of a 50's B-movie to me.

What else can I say but this : Go Frodo, Go! (away, and never ever come back!)

Luckily there was a whole bunch of us, and we had fun, despite of the movie. Went to eat chinese food, used chopsticks (really easy! I use chopsticks quite often), and lotsa laughs again...

links : official website - chopstick etiquette - more chopsticks - even more chopsticks

Festivities, ok... but not tonite!

Tonite I gotta be at a family reunion-party-thingy. I can tell you right now : it sucks. If it weren't for my grandma, I wouldn't even attend it. Luckily my sister and her boyfriend will be there as well, so I might actually be saved from dying of boredom. Dad and Hilda were supposed to be there as well, but dad only got out of hospital yesterday, and he's still in quite a lot of pain, so they are excused. Even if he didn't need the rest, I wouldn't blame him for not coming...

One more thing that's crap : I'm driving tonite, so I can't even drink myself totally senseless and use that method to drift thru the evening. Jess and Johan can drink, so it'll be less worse for them. But hey, I proposed to drive so, I don't have anyone to blame now.

I already know how they will have organised the table... they'll try to scatter us all over the table, so that we are forced to make conversation to the braindeads as well. We usually solve that by either moving nametags, or just shout a bit harder. Not that the braindeads actually notice anything of it. They are braindead, remember?

Oh, in case your read this before we leave - my gifts contain the following :

  • 1 bottle of spanish wine (I got it somewhere and don't know if it's drinkable, but the year is 1997)

  • 1 bottle of red wine (that I also got somewhere and yes... the same. Don't even know the year)

  • 2 champagne glasses from the year 2000 (my sister liked these, so I'll tell her up front what gift to pick)

  • 1 semi-large candle and a box containing 5 floating candles (found it in a cupboard, and I never use candles)

  • 1 bottle of sparkling water (1.5 litres) of the year 2001 - approximate value : € 0,40

Hehhee... I'm not gonna waste my good money on gifts for people I don't like in the first place. As we all know : you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family.

Just back from the pub after a few games of tablesoccer. Had lotsa laughs and fun. I think, well... if I can get out of bed tomorrow morning, that I might look into redesigning the page a bit. See you all tomorrow (or actually technically speaking today) or in a few hours!

Note : my pay has appeared on my account. Good, I'll start paying bills and people right away. I was actually not counting on seeing it on the account before January 2nd, 'coz the banks postpone all payments till that date to do the euroconversions. I've already send out two payments the past 30 seconds, and I'll be xferring more in the first days of 2002. I don't like to keep bills unpayed.... I've also send out some mails to let people know that the payments have been made, and that there's no need to worry :)

The Euro is coming... better get with it!Yeah, the boss ordered kits some for all the employees about 2 months ago, and since I've seen him today, I already received mine and I'm now playing with it. I know that you can't play with it, but I have absolutely no fear for January 1st 2002. I'm actually looking forward to it... Everyone is used to the current coins, but it'll only take a few days, maybe 2 weeks for some to get to know the new coins.

Man, this € thingy will make things much easier... you can compare prices in different countries easily, and when traveling abroad, you don't have to exchange currency all the time. We can stand next to the USD, and it'll unite €urope even more.

Goooooood morning...

I'm hardly awake, yet I somehow do feel awake. This is the last day before the weekend, so this must be friday. Only 72 hours left before we enter 2002!

I am off for the night...

Yeah, I know it's rather early, but I'm tired and I'm gonna let the ferrets have a run around the house as well. After that I'm hitting the bed and tomorrow is another day of work. Dunno yet what needs to be done, but there'll be enough to fill the day... See ya'll on friday evening or during the weekend!

1 Tequila, 2 Tequila, 3 Tequila, Floor...

Or how an image in your head can say more than the actual words themselves. Have you ever realized that even the best fairytale only becomes 'alive' when the reader can picture it right in front of him? If you can experience and live the adventure with the characters? Ok, never mind.. that was a small slip of the tongue... erm.. mind... erm... keyboard.

I just wanted to say here, that it looks like another era has ended. The project I've been working on for over 4 years (actually nearly 5) is finished. Well, the project itself is not over yet, but I'm no longer part of it. However, nothing is certain yet... things might go in a different direction in the new year. Alas, this is the time to say it :

The bitch is dead... Long live the bitch
That sentence says what I feel right now... I'm glad I'm gonna be off the project and moved into other very very new and interesting developments, but on the other hand I think I'll be somehow missing it a bit. That freedom that I had, I'll never have again. That's not entirely true, but only those that have lived 'on the road' for a few years understand to the fullest extend what exactly I mean.

Mental note to myself: Instead of just remembering all of the stupid and maybe genius idea's you had tonite, write them down! Develop with KISS in mind : Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Erm... I dunno, but if Mariah is looking for a place to sing while she's showering, she's welcome at my place... I'm not such a big fan of Mariah, although I do have 1 album of her, but I'm always prepared to get to know her a bit better. She looks OK, let's just hope she ain't a stuck up bitch coz in that case she'll be out faster as she can sing 1 line of one of her songs.

I'm sure some people will think that I'm too demanding again, but I keep on setting hight standards. I either meet someone who matches with me, or I'd rather stay alone. I'm not interested in a one night stand or crap like that. I might change my mind someday, but as far as I know myself : nah... thanks.

Just a quick sidenote : There are a few women in my life I think I could/am in love with, but right now it's just not the time to bother them with more trouble. Besides, I don't feel like losing good friends over what might very well be a one way feeling. It's just the practical side of me that keeps on getting in the way. I don't like getting hurt... so don't blame me for it :)

links :

Yikes! It hurts...

After being home for 5 days going back to work kinda sucks... especially if you can't sleep at night and lay awake till 03h15 and have to wake up at 06h46. However, I'll survive...

I just came home... feeling good, very good

Wodka can be frozen after all!The fact that I don't have to work tomorrow has something to do with it, to be honest... lol.... I feel sorry for those that have to be at work tomorrow, really. I've just spend the evening with some very nice people, and we had mucho fun. We exchanged small gifts (each around € 12.39) and some more expensive gifts as well. I got funny joke things, and a kewl map to store CD's or DVD's in. Lotsa laughs and jokes, kidding around, entertaining eachother, we all felt good.
Oh... and thanks to whomever organised the table... I was very pleased with where I was sitting. The company was very enjoyable ;-) I'm already looking forward to going to the movies with the whole bunch. Will be another great evening out. I'm off now... think I'll be hitting the bed and have very sweet dreams.

Note : Joco, it is possible to freeze wodka after all, I've seen and experienced the proof today. Just stick it in the freezer and put it on -24�C instead of -18�C or so. It works. It just takes you 30 minutes before you can make yourself your first wodka-orange... rofl.

Arrrghhh... it can be such a pain...

Ok Ok... there is a x-mas tree on the site! Everybody happy now?When you know that you can do it, but can't pinpoint the exact reason why it ain't working. Damn! I've been into webcams, running them, setting them up for over 4 years, and then neglected the technology completely for 2 years. And as a result I've just been messing up with the Java Applets for the past 12 hours in order to get it working properly. I knew what the problem was, yet I couldn't pinpoint it. Well, it's working now, but only 50% of what I intended. In Opera the AnfyCam java applet works, but for some very bizarre reason only once - meaning that when you reload the page, the applet just says : applet loaded, but doesn't show a picture. And the JavaCam Applet works fine in IE and NS, but gives and invalid bytecode error in Opera. Yeah Yeah, I hear you saying already that I should drop support for Opera, but this is my answer : fuck you ;-)
I suggest you just behave, or I'll make the cam picture larger... well, I know that's a pretty insane thing to do, but desperate times call for desperate measures, don't they?

Making additions to the site

It's X-mas eve and I'm all alone at home. I've just eaten and the meaning of X-mas is totally unclear to me. I'll be partying and having fun tomorrow with family and friends.

I wonder what is so special about december 24th? To me it's just another day... What happened on december 24th? Was that the day some lowlife punk called Jesus did something? I dunno... If you ask me, there is no Jesus and no God. Well... let me correct that. There is a God : it's you. You are your own God. Stop counting on some never ever to be scientifically proven crappy tale and blame yourself if something goes wrong. You look after yourself... and everything will be right ;-)

I'm installing the webcam again (and it took me about 15 minutes before I could actually find drivers for windows 2000 for it) and I'm now off to mess up the page bigtime and somehow get that image up there. It won't be live (at least not all the time) and it won't be pretty (and that will be all the time) but hey... it's an addition!

Arrghhh.. people : stop sending me Merry X-mas SMS'es!!! I know it's X-mas, so what?!

Links : webcam32 Software - I am naked blog (unrelated to X-mas, but what the heck)

Time to wrap up all the presents

Tomorrow is presents time, so I've been packing the gifts I got for everyone. Actually... my sister got quite a lot of them on my behalf, but that's simply coz I didn't have any spare time to do the shopping myself. I hate it when there is like a zillion people just browsing the shops... I'm more of an 'in and out' person. I know exactly what I want, find it, pay it, and get back out. I don't have time to walk around all day long. I wonder if all those other people don't have to work or so? And if they don't work, how come they have money for gifts? I work hard, and at the end of the month there is no money left. How do people do it?

Anyways... I've been rather creative with the gifts and created a riddle to go with each present. I'll be giving everyone an envelope wich they can't open unless I tell them too. The envelope will contain the riddle and everyone can take a moment to think about what it could mean before I tell the keeper of the envelope to grab a specific gift and give it to someone. The receiver should first guess, then open the gift. Makes it funnier for everyone.... I hope :)

Let me give you an example : If I was to get someone a wireless headphone, the riddle could be something like this :

When you use me, I'm attached to you. Yet I don't come with a string

Well... you get the point I hope. I'll report back tomorrow to tell you if it worked or not.

NYPD live broadcast..."10-84" Yepz.. it seems it's still alive and broadcasting. It's been taken over by !Yahoo although and stuffed with banners and other commercial shit. Nevertheless, it gives a peek into what's happening out there in the streets. Don't expect superb quality or things like that, but hey... it's live. Makes me wonder what you would have heard on september 11th."10-90 N"
Links :

I won't say anything more. Experience it. (Needs flash plugin, and please : turn up that volume!)

Links :

Good... I have an idea

I don't know yet if it's a good idea, but hey... we'll see about that later. Inspired by Ryan and Pan (you should know by now who I'm talking about, and what site I mean) I'm gonna create some nice stickers. There is just one little problem : design. I need a good design. I'm not good at designing things. See the problem?

Is there anybody out there that could draw me a kitten (or cat) that's fried? Don't ask me how a fried kitten looks like, coz I honestly don't know. And I don't wanna fry one just to test it out either. I love animals. Maybe a drawing of a scared kitten will do? Mind you, in don't want a picture of a real kitten/cat. It's gotta be some sort of cartoon cat.

What the heck... Submit all your artwork to : artwork*@* and the winning entry will be mentioned and get a link to your site (if you have one) for as long as I use the design.
All designs will be shown on this site as well, with contact details about the artists who did it. Please please please, don't make me kick your ass by submitting drawings of designs that you didn't make yourself! That would be utterly lame. And you don't wanna get into the historybooks as the lamest person of 2001, you do?

Details : The design should somehow match the current friedkitten gfx I use on the top of the page. (Unless you feel very generous and decide to design a complete new logo as well). I think a side-way design would be best, so that I can stick it next to the text. Black & white is best, as I don't intend to produce a zillion color stickers anyway. I ain't rockefeller :(

King of the Jungle

Erm... forget that. I ain't King of nothing, unless of my own kingdom that consists of my home. And even there the ferrets are the real Kings. But I really don't mind... If I would be unhappy that they rule my kingdom, I'd revolt. But I feel pretty damn good in a Ferret ruled kingdom, and that's just the way it should be. Ferrets don't worry about anything, they just need food, water, lotsa sleep and playtime. Give them a pretty cozy cage, hammocks and lotsa toys and they'll entertain you whenever they're awake. I can live with it. It keeps me positive and optimistic at all times. All the stuff that happens around me, all the problems and stress... they just slide off me. I'm a rock with a silver coating.

Never mind. I don't expect you to understand. I suggest you just go back to your pathethic stressed life, and roam around your cubicle a bit more. Make sure that you don't forget to be rude, unfriendly and certainly unhelpful to whomever speaks to you, or seeks a helping hand. After all, if you are an unhappy and stressed loser, it wouldn't be right is anybody else felt good, would it? ;-)

You just can't touch me... I've got my own kingdom... beat that!

King under Ferrets,


Well, maybe weird is not really the exact word. I think the exact word would be "emotional". I've lost a part of my life, but I also gained a part. It's just been an up and down weekend. All things considered, I'm fucking tired (not tired of fucking), and I should be in bed by now, but there is just one more little thingy that I want to write down here before the new day starts.

Congratulations to Jonny & Eef with their first kid!!! Little Alex was born today, and I'm the very proud godfather of the newborn baby. You can follow everything (or almost everything) online at

I'm beat... off to bed now. Maybe more info tomorrow, maybe not.

The ways of the web work mysteriously...

Have you ever build a website? Yes? Good.. then you know about META tags and page contents... and how to use them to guide and trick searchengine spiders... Now forget it all!

This is how people have found friedkitten :

  • Google Search : "pic of doing sexe"

  • Google Search : "kinky sms messages"

  • Google Search : " "network tester" Schematic"

Does any of this make sense??? It doesn't to me, but yes... those are some of the topics covered here. Seems Google spiders damn fast and accurately :)

That's 3 people that were not looking for me, nor for my site, yet found it and clicked thru on the link in the searchengine. That's 3% of my visistors that end up here by accident.
Good. I want more accidents to happen. Should I maybe write a small piece about anal coitus in Bujumbura? Nah... sex related things don't work. Kinky however seems to work... especially in combination with SMS messages. Is that the newest hype? We've had Real Sex, Phone Sex, Cyber Sex... is the next thing to come SMS Sex?!

But more on that topic right after the break.

Shameless plug for a CD

Hooverphonic - The Magnificent Tree - Just fabulous!I just bought this CD and am now listening to it. I actually decided to buy it coz it carries "Jackie Cane" and "Mad About You", their two latest hit singles. These tracks remain great, but I've discovered another beauty on the CD as well! Listen to track 1 : "Autoharp"... it kicks ass!!!

I wonder why people (and especially belgians) think belgian artists can't mean anything, or produce only total crap? Front 242 in the EBM scene in the 80's and 90's, Hooverphonic now with their great tracks... and don't forget all the fab. dance projects that are either 100% belgian, or mixed/produced here. Belgium might be a small country, but we do mean something on a musical level.

The fact that C�line Dion will live in Belgium for a few months, will just be ignored here. That is just an unfortunate coincidence. C�line : get the hell out of here. Even with the best Belgian producers, mixers and artists, your music sucks!

Stats, figures and numbers

Just checked some stats, and here are some totally irrelevant numbers for you :

Move on... nothing to see here! Why do all graphics always have to mean something?!

  • Total time online (connected) in October 2001 : 301 hours, 08 minutes

  • Shoesize : 42

  • Total xfer (up and download) in GB's in September 2001 : 17GB 44MB 6KB

  • Total number of Goner-A virus mailes received this month : about 23

  • Number of days that Eef is over the expected date of birth for the Baby : 1

  • Number of letters that my type of user consists of : 4 (Nerd)

  • Mails received this month : 223 - Mails send this month : 15

  • Number of letters and figures you've read before finishing this sentence : Do you really think I'm that stupid? (61)

  • Random website checked and found to be really awfull and lame :

  • Number of people that re-counted the letters to make sure I'm right : 1 (you)

Damn, this site sucks...

Yes, it does actually. Hey, this wasn't an e-mail that I got from a fan, but I think that might be due to the fact that I don't have any fans. Good, that also means I don't get hate or 'you suck' mail. This is something that I realized myself, just after drooling at the design and wittiness of Ryan @ once more. Damn, that is someone with fans and a cool site. I think I don't even come as high as the sole of his shoes.

I'm really gonna have to spend some time redesigning this site in order to be able to get noticed too. The only problem ofcourse being that I don't have a clue where to find the time, let alone have the capabilities or idea's to come up with something original. I could add the webcam again (been running one for 3 or 4 years at but that would scare people away even before they can read a word of what I write. I could do some awsome designs for the site, but then I need to be able to use photoshop, and for that I don't have the time.

So... let's combine two things : I don't know yet what I'd like to get as a X-Mas present (except for a very nice girlfriend), so I dare you to send me cool idea's to expand this site and make it better. All the idea's you send me will make great presents! Just send them off to idea's as a x-mas present and make me a happy sad puppy :)

It is four days now that

I'm home and I'm really starting to feel like a human again. I think I've slept more over the past 4 days, as I've slept over the past 12 weeks :) Just incredible what a good night's sleep can do for you. Maybe I should really start spending more attention to my sleeping patterns 'coz 4h to 4.5h of sleep a night, is not the way to do it. But then I'd also have to reorganize my life completely. Could someone PLEASE invent a 48h day, so that I can still do the same things that I do now, and grab at least 12h of sleep a night?

Links : National Sleep Foundation - Late Sleeper's Bill of Rights

Starting to feel a bit better

The headache has diminished to a lightly irritating but constant pain now. I hope after a good night's rest I'll feel all good again. I also ate some chinese food I cooked and that seems to stay in and actually tasted OK as well. Didn't feel like eating all day long, I only had a small bowl of soup around 14h00 but I did get kinda hungry around 20h00 :)

So, all in all those are good signs... just some more rest and I'll be up and jumping around next week. The ferrets are up and jumping as well, and they just loved their cheweasel treats. It's such a lovely sight to see them happily chewing away... How can one not be totally in love with em?

I was actually planning on struggling on till the weekend and then crash bigtime, but when I woke up this morning, my head felt like exploding. Damn, I've never had a headache that bad. (No, not even when I have a hangover!). Been to the doctor, she told me to stay home and rest a lot during the coming days. I intend to do so ofcourse... Problem is that while I was in bed, trying to sweat it out, people just kept calling me. I got more work related phonecalls today as I get in a complete week! How do people expect me to get better then?

Due to me being ill, the ferrets didn't get their Saint Nicolas treats yet. Luckily enough, they have no real notion of it, so I'll just surprise them later tonite when I feel better. I don't want to infect them with anything. (For those that are frowning their eyebrows : yes, ferrets can catch a cold, or the flu from humans. Always watch out when you handle your ferrets if you are ill. You don't want to get them ill too.)

I'm off to bed again, see if I can sleep some more.

It's been an OK day, apart from the fact that when I woke up this morning my back was aching. Haven't done anything special yesterday, so there is no obvious reason for it. During the day, it didn't improve, but didn't get worse either. I just came home about 30 minutes ago, and now I just feel like dying. I'm not really hungry (or, I might be, but I don't have an urge to eat), although I only had a quick snack this morning, I feel tired and warm. And I can hardly focus on my screen. Hey, if all of the above is real, why don't I just go to bed and sleep it all out? I wish I could, but I've got a meeting at 20h00, so I gotta leave in about 1 and a half hour. That's the reason not to crash into bed right away.

I could ofcourse call them and say that I can't make it, but then I block other people coz the meeting is about the upcoming BFL meeting on sunday 16th of December and I should really be there. Not that there is a lot that's gonna be different from the other years (after all, this is my 3rd or 4th year that I help organize the thing) but some small details might change, or some of the people with less experience might have questions. So I'd better be there tonight, or things could get a whole lot more difficult as needed on the 16th.

There is another reason too... I asked Marc to bring some cheweasel along to the meeting, coz today is the 5th and Saint-Micolas will be bringing around presents tonite. Since I don't know if Saint-Nicolas also does a tour for ferrets, I will make sure that the three carpet sharks will find some cheweasel tomorrow when they leave their cage. I can't/won't disappoint them furballs. I doubt if they know who is Saint-Nicolas, but I can already see their happy faces when they find the treats ;)

Gonna eat some fruit now... hope the extra vitamins will pull me through, or at least keep me going till friday evening. Then I can easily crash during the weekend. If Joco and Eef don't decide to deliver a baby that is ofcourse!!

Hope you had a great holiday... I got the card with the picture of Martin on it... hehehe... kidding ofcourse. On the card was a camel, while everyone knows he's a mule and you're a piggy ;) Hear or see ya in one of the coming days/weeks/months...

Opera 6.0 Final is released!!!


[Get Opera for Windows!]
  • Opera 4.0 was OK, but I didn't use it too much coz it was not yet totally likeable.
  • Opera 5.0 and 5.12 were great and I switched from being a hardcore Netscape user to Opera as my full time browser.
  • Opera 6.0 is just installed a few seconds ago, but already seems to kick ass BIGTIME. It's even faster as 5.x was... and that was damn fast. IE, NS... your browsers suck! Get a grab on life and try to beat Opera!

Just some quick notes...

1. Still no baby for Joco & Eef. I'm getting anxious now!
2. Some very strange customer and colleague questions I had over the last two weeks. Like : What is a Browser?
3. Note to my sister : next time that you claim that your modem doesn't work, try to write down the ISP password correctly. That'll help you a lot. Call me again for such a dumb thing, and I'll uninstall your OS for free... (just kidding ofcourse! I'll send you the bill afterwards)
4. I kinda forgot what I wanted to write here at point number 4.
5. Neither do I remember what was planned for #5.
6. It seems like I already forgot this one before.
7. Guess it's time to go to bed :)

Joco is off today... looking for a job.

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Good luck mate! Your first assignment is to wake up and get there. I'm confident that you'll make it! Go for it!

I really don't feel like going to work tomorrow. I've had some sort of an e-mail fight with one of the coordinators I work for right now, and I didn't hold back so to say. I did excuse myself in the same mail for what I wrote, yet I'm starting to think that maybe I was a bit harsh. On the other hand.... I was right as well. Oh well... I'll find out tomorrow what the result is. If I get kicked off the project, my boss certainly won't be happy, and that's more of a concern for me. I don't wanna get him into trouble.

You know... there is a difference in causing trouble for yourself, and causing trouble that affects other people. Anyway... I'll talk my way out of it probably :) - It's just one of these days that I've spend doing totally nothing (well... I've actually been doing all kinds of stuff : filling out timesheet, sorting account information, checking and sorting bills that have been paid) and now I'm wondering why I'm doing all this? What is my purpose in life? Is it just staying alive, go to work every day, come back home and sleep? Or might there be other things planned for me? If I had like enough money, I'd just hop on a plane, boat or hitchhike to somewhere. Just like waking up and saying : Ok! Today I wanna see South Africa. Or... the weather is fine today... let's drive to Paris. Just like that... no strings attached, nothing to think about. Just do it (nah... no TM here folks. This ain't the Nike site). Would I feel better? I don't know... but if I don't try it, I'll never know.

I still think that flying over to Australia and work there on some kangaroo farm for 6 months sounds damn good. It would be hard labour, but I wouldn't mind. Anyone in Australia reading this? I'd like to come over and work for ya for 6 months.

World Aids Day... I care, do you?

December 1st - World Aids DayWell.. that's the slogan. Do I really care? I dunno, by posting the topic here I think I support the fight against aids anyway. However, if someone has sexual intercourse with a partner, without proper protection... I don't care. Yes, it's another of my black/white opinions, but if you are too stupid to realize that aids kills, and that you can protect yourself against it (at least for 99.99%), and still take the chance by humping around unprotected, then you might as well die. I take it that some people thinks with their hormones, not with their brains. And don't give me crap about not daring to say "no" or "only protected" to your partner. If you can't stand up for yourself, you shouldn't be having sex in the first place. It means you are too immature to even think about it.
Ow... you a small note for those checking out the UN Aids site : I noticed that most pictures on the site depict black people. It gave me the (incorrect) impression that Aids is a racial disease. I guess because the situation in Africa is the worst right now, that they picked those photographs to put online. Let me tell you right now : white, black, asian, and every race is alike when it comes to aids. Aids doesn't select - It kills.

links : - -

Why are weekends always so hard on me?

Yesterday we had a competition day (or rather evening) in tablesoccer. We lost bigtime, yet managed to win 1 game and draw at another. One of our better players was so ill that when we arrived at the pub where we would play, he looked like a zombie. Actually, he never looks good (lol) but this time it was really really bad? I checked with him and decided to drive him straight back home coz he could hardly stand on his feet. No, he wasn't drunk! It's was medication that seems to be a bit too heavy for him. I dropped him off home and headed back to the pub. After the competition, we went to M's place, played some PS2, broke some records (Joco : Tekken Bowling : 259) and around 3 after I dropped Joco back off at his place, I went home and straight to bed.

I just woke up 25 minutes ago. It seems that I need the sleep bigtime, otherwise you don't sleep 12 hours. Most big supermarkets appear to be closed today due to a national strike, but I did my shopping yesterday evening :) I'm off to clean the house a bit, I invited Jess & Johan over to dinner later tonite coz I bought too much food yesterday, and she needs a break. It's been a very tough week for her. Besides, I have never invited them over for dinner (at least, not as far as I can remember) since I live here. Bad Me!

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