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You better don't have the nerve to read this. You might find it very funny and enjoyable to pass everyone that's waiting in a traffic jam and then cut someone off in the last second in order to gain a few meters : it is not. You cut me off, and that was a very very bad idea, let me tell you that. Cutting me off was just not everything, was it? You had to pretend (well... not pretend, I'm convinced you are) like a jerk when I flashed my lights and honked to let you know that is not the way things work. You have won this small fight, but if you ever cross my line of sight on the web, I'll take you to the cleaners, let me tell you that. No one cuts in front of me in such an agressive manner.

So, owner/driver of the dark blue (maybe black) volkswagen Polo with the above mentioned license plate, come play on my turf and show me you're as much man as you pretend to be... only this time you won't be protected by a car... Shithead!

Sister called me, she's fired and will have to leave her job within 3 months. That sucks majorly. A project that I run on the web has been hacked and fucked up. That sucks majorly. A theatre play that we planned to go see on sunday is booked full and only other day is december 6th. We would have to leave around 19h00, and that's impossible for me. That sucks majorly. I've got at least 1 bill that's overdue and one to be payed tomorrow, but there is no money to pay them right now. I hate paying bills too late. That sucks majorly.

So, this is what I think of it : ain't life beautiful? (Always try to look on the bright side of life!)

I just lost one of the boys. It is a sad day.

Fritz... in my heart you'll live on forever!I was planning on driving to Hasselt to visit an international animal happening, where the BFL (Belgian Ferret League) always is present and see if I could help out, but I ended up driving to my vet to have one of the ferrets put to sleep. Fritz - my very first ferret - wasn't too well the last months, slept an awful lot, and when awakened, didn't play too much. He was still eating well, and drinking too, yet he kept loosing weight. Last night I picked him up and decided to make him a nutritional mix of food to see if I could get some more flesh on him again. He liked the mix and ate some. When I checked today, I found him laying on the bottom of the cage, all cramped and dirty. I immediately called the vet and drove off with him. Unfortunately I also realized that it wouldn't be possible to save Fritz anymore.
When I arrived at the vet's place - Joke was the vet on call - she took a look at Fritz and diagnosed quickly. Every sign of kidney defici�ncy was there, and considering that he was nearly 5 years old, there was not much left for us to do. I asked her to put him to sleep. There is no point in keeping one of my ferrets alive, or even trying if everyone realizes that the battle has been lost. Then the only sane choice to make is to help the animal and let him go. It is with very much pain in my heart that I took the descision, but knowing that I saved him a lot of pain and misery, makes it bearable.

I don't know yet how I'm gonna react to this loss, as I know myself. I either react very extreme and go off to look for extreme things to make me cope with the loss, or I put myself over it and realize that there are 3 other boys (Bono, Max and Happy) that depend on my to care for them. I've hugged all three remaining ferrets and they played along while I cleaned and disinfected the cage. They do realize that one is missing, just not completely. I'll have to keep a very close watch on them to see how they handle to loss of their senior ferret.

Note : For those that know me personally and want to send feedback on the loss of Fritz, feel free to do so. However, I would appreciate it if you didn't call me about it in the next few days. Thanks.

Task Completed...

The design I had to do for Joco is done. Well, maybe not totally done, but the core design and technology is available. Now it's just a matter of putting everything in it's place, add the correct colors and some little things. Mama and Papa can sleep on both ears : it'll all be ready when it needs to be there :)

Joco : get me all the details asap and then it can all be tested and in place before monday. You never know when the baby's gonna drop... hehehe...

Phew... finally awake

Yes, it's still morning for me... or maybe just noon. I got up out of bed around 17h00, but I was already awake around 16h00!! Yes, really :)

Seems like this will one of those rest weekends. That means that I won't do too much but rest. Unfortunately, on sunday evening I realize that there is (or rather was) a lot to do, and then I kick myself in 6th gear and do it all in a matter of hours. I'm just finishing my first meal of the day right now, and then I'll have another look into that coding problem Joco threw to me. Actually, that is something that can't really wait, coz it'll be a major part to consider how the design of the site is going to end up. Better kick myself into gear right away!

Be back later peeps!

Hide! Hide! Fire in the hole!

No, no, no... there is not shit involved... that's not the hole I was referring to, you perverts! I was just trying to grab the current state I'm in. I came home from work, and I was - and I honestly don't know why - driving GT3 style. Now, for those of you that know GT3, and think it's a pretty slick game, you are right, but I ride GT3 like a stock-car race. Right before we have to take a sharp corner, I hit the brakes, let all the others pass me, then I put my car in the pack and squeeze them all like oranges. Funny thing is that I come out first usually. I know that it's not slick driving, but I love it.

So, when I came home, I had the common sense (luckily) not to park my car into to pack, but I did squeeze it between some cars and turns where there was actually not enough space to let two cars pass. Well, I proved two cars can pass, but I suppose most 'normal' drivers wouldn't even think about it. Hey, I sometimes get carried away a bit too much. Joco also told me that in GTA3 (not GT3, it's not a typo) he now has access to a full blown badass tank to cruise around with. Well, ever since the time I got hold of a bus, truck, lorry and armored car, his life in GTA3 is hell. We're now officially at war with all the clans at the same time I think. How come? Do I sound like someone who cares who's car is parked when I trash it? Right.. I don't.

I'm off to wreck some more havoc in Tekken, GT3 and GTA3 now. Michael, Joco, Sam, here I come!!

I say nope to dope!

And I thought most of you know how I feel about that shit? I just wonder why I already got more feedback and questions about what stuff I've been swallowing, sniffing or injecting in the past 2 days, as I ever had in my life. My only dope is creativity people... and that takes me waaaaaay further as any synthetical, natural or chemical dope you can ever get. And it allows me to stay in control all the time.

Try it... you'd be surprised what things you can experience in your imagination, without messing up yourself. If you compare your brain and the power and imagination it holds to any type of drug, it's the same as comparing an elephant with an mouse. Except for the fact that the elephant (representing the brain) is much more powerful as the mouse (representing the drugs), and it is smarter as well.

I rest my case.
links : -

Raining outside...

...and it's around 07h45 when I write this. I have to be at a clients' place around 09h30 and when the weather is OK it's about 1.5h driving. When rainy, like today, you should count 2h - 2h30 to get there. I still have about 1h45 but I ain't left yet. This means that I'll very probably will be too late.

I couldn't care less.

Don't try this at home* kids**

Here's a little test :

Sit down in a nice and comfy chair. Try to ban everything from your mind (if you manage this, you can use the same technique later on when your spouse yells at you because you came home at 3 at night instead of 19h00), ignore all sounds around you. Now close your eyes and think of nothing. If you feel tired, let yourself slip away into your sleep... don't pay any attention to anything that might be happening around you. Now, someone should shake you awake suddenly (erm.. did I forget to tell you that you should ask this in advance?) and see how you react.

Did you :
A. sit up with your eyes wide open, not knowing where you are?
B. yell at them and don't know where you are?
C. sleep right through it all?

Now transfer this above test to a yourself sitting in a car, driving on a crowded highway at 90mph. You fall asleep, not realizing how much distance you cover in a short timespan (ofcourse, if we were awake we would know that at 90mph we cover 1.5 mile per minute). You only awake by a loud truck horn almost blasting you out of the driversseat.

Results (aka if you picked option :)
A. You will crash into the vehicule in front of you, but at least you'll see where you are going.
B. You call the driver in the car on your left hand side a complete moron and irresponsible maniac, right before you slam into it's side.
C. You are dead.

Congratulations at surviving one of the insane experiments. Thank God (or whomever you might wanna thank) that it was only an imaginary setup. We have got full life insurance and are used to being submitted to the most bizarre experiments, so we don't mind slamming into a car or two. Unless you are ready to embark on a full time carreer as a tester for, we suggest you don't try this at home, on your local highway, or in your backyard. However, feel free to use your neighbors backyard, especially when they have a Perfectly Ordered Orifice Lake (aka P.O.O.L.) that you can use to safely crash into.

* It's hard to drive your car around at 90mph for a considerable distance inside your home.
** Kids are not allowed to drive a car.


  • that grass was blue instead of green. Would Tom Jones sing 'Blue, Blue grass of home' then?
  • that cows were carnivores and people herbivores. Would cows slaughter us and fry our beef on a grill?
  • that flying fish could no longer fly. Would we call them swimming fish?
  • that you knew that I wrote this piece while sitting in my bathtub, and used voice commands to operate the computer. Would you still read the next part?
  • that the world would stop turning. Would we crash into buildings if we jumped from one right at that second? (Thanks to Dimi for this deep thought).
  • that Yoko Ono was not called Ono, but Duo. Would she and John Lennon be called a trio instead of a duo then?
  • that you had all the money in the world. Would you send some to me, even if that means you wouldn't have all the money in the world anymore?
  • that I used my second neuron as well while writing this crap. Would it be even weirder, or make more sense?

Why does my job suck?

Perhaps coz right now they expect you to leave home around 7h15, work all day at clients' places, then report in the office around 17h00 and file reports for another hour? Hey peeps! I thought we were supposed to have dinner (or at least be able to eat something) in between clients? Yeah right... I ate a snickers at 17h15 after arriving in the Brussels office. I usually don't mind putting in long hours, but the project (or rather the client I'm working for) I'm currently doing just is not what I'm made for. If you work your ass off, you just get arrogance and ignorance from the customer you work for.

I'd rather be doing support and development for my direct boss again, at least he and the office team of both locations appreciate the work you do. And when people appreciate what you do, it's so much more fun to work for and with them. Without calling any names, here's my sincere opinion to everyone (you know who you are) :

Antwerp and Sint-Truiden Office Crew : You all rule bigtime and kick ass. If you need anything, gimme a call and I'll gladly fix it.
Brussels Project Crew and Client : Stop acting like you rule the world and start treating employees with respect. If we all tell you to shove it up your *ss... you've got quite a load of troubles, never forget that!

All the photograps are online...

So the only thing left for me to do now, is to write the final words... to summarize the week I spend in Finland.

And here we go :

bye bye Finland...

  • Finland is cold and snowy : wrong... not all the time

  • Finland has as much woods as I expected : correct

  • Hilda, Nadia & Karen are awsome ladies and fun to have around : definately true!!

  • It's always good to get back home : true

  • I speak and understand russian fluently : not a chance!

Only thing left to say here is this :

Hilda, Nadia, Karen...


And who's to blame for the delay but Joco & Eef??? :) Nah, Yesterday they called me to see if I would join them for a movie (went to see Training Day) and that resulted in having dinner in a Yougoslavian Resaurant (not really the first time we eat there...) and a fun evening with PS2, grapefruit, coke and wodka. It was around 03h45 or so when I finally crashed in the couch, and thus all updates got postponed a bit ;) - I got home around 15h00 today cleaned up some more, did some laundry, emptied the dishwasher, entertained the ferrets... stuff like that and it's only now that I could really start writing comments and uploading the photographs. Please bare with me, some days are still missing, but I'm onto it!

Yes... I am awake this early :)

I should actually be unpacking and cleaning up a bit before I go get the ferrets, but instead I'm working on the site. Must be a side effect of wrestling thru 215 mails that were waiting for me when I got home last night. Luckily most of it was spam, so that could be deleted right away. I guess it's time to change some e-mail addresses again ;)

The links to the photographs of the trips are online again, or already, but nothing is behind it (yet). UK 2001 should be working, Finland will be in a few hours. First gotta sort 90 photographs and check for quality, then resize, comment and order them. And ofcourse I still gotta do the review of the whole adventure... Prepare for more!

But more about all that tomorrow (or actually today I should say, since we've passed 00h00 already), coz I'm off to bed now to get some sleep. Lemme just tell ya that within a few hours, most of the pictures should be available online - not all ofcourse.. I censored some ;) - and a major update and review of the holiday should appear as well.

The links to the trip to the UK I made earlier will re-appear as well.

G'nite people!!!

Last night (after coming back from the Riviera) it was -9�C and someone told us it could get as cold as -12�C during the night. However, it's been snowing all night I think, and today there is really lots and lots of snow to stroll through. We've taken more photographs ofcourse, and you'll see such an amount of snow you can't even imagine to see in Belgium ever. Weather is very grey and there is lots more snow falling down while I'm looking thru the window of the university library.

Later on Hilda and I will be making spaghetti for Nadia & Karen, coz Hilda makes an awsome sauce. I guess we'll have to do some shopping before we can start cooking, and that can only be done by looking at the pictures on the packaging... Finnish (or is it Fin?) is logical, if you are a good guesser... See you all back around Friday evening or so, maybe saturday... I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again, and I wanna know Joco & Eef are doing! (And the little baby too ofcourse...)

This is the Finland I was expecting...

In other words : cold, snowy and just awsome to experience... It's our last day here, we leave for Helsinki by train tomorrow morning at 08h04, then hop on a KLM flight to Schiphol (Amsterdam) and then off to Deurne with a small cityhopper of KLM. I'm kinda looking forward to go home as well, but I did enjoy it here. I guess it's just the fact that I miss the lovely foursome (the ferrets I mean!).

Oh, for those that might not have noticed it yet : ReBlogger (the thingy I used for the comments) is gone and has been replaced by BlogBack wich is right now performing pretty good. I already did a first test post and it appeared so everything seems to be OK. Back to the Finland adventures then :

  • November 14th
  • Here's what happened after the last update... Went off to Nadia's place to morally support her with some tasks she had to do for her course in Russian, then went off to the Fransmanni Restaurant where Hilda and I both had Reindeer (sorry Rudolf, sorry Blitzen... but you tasted rather well) and we both agree : Reindeer is enjoyable, but not the exquisite meat that we thought it would be, It actually reminded both of us of liver. Not really as strong as liver tastes, but it certainly has a subtle taste of liver. Was it a good dish? Yes, it certainly was.... excellent sauce (blackberry) and some potatoes. We also got the traintickets in advance, to avoid long waiting times when you don't have time to wait on friday morning.

    We went back off to the karaoke bar to sing some more songs (or as Karen would probably say : song some more sings), but there was some kind of contest going on and we didn't want to disturb the amateurs too much by our professional way to tearing a nice song apart... After the karaoke bar, we went to The Riviera, and that's a disco/nightclub, but not too much was going on there. Only stayed till 23h30 or so and then dropped off Knabbel & Babbel at the taxi stand, to wich we were followed by a local troll. Karen - diplomatic and subtle as she is - tried to scare him off by yelling : "Yes these are breasts, haven't you seen any yet?!" but ofcourse in plain dutch to make sure the troll didn't have any clue what she said. It didn't scare him either...

Yepz... here's another update. When I logged on to the box and went to the domain it gave me a nice page from! Strange... and it always seems to happen when I away from home, or when I use the friedkitten page to keep people updated to what's going 'round. I dunno if any was able to see the update from november 12th, but now everything should be OK and working fine again. (It's always good to know 76% of your passwords by heart... then you are able to fix techy things even from the finnish outbacks).

Right now Nadia is sitting next to me, probably chatting and e-mailing and Hilda has taken posession of the other computer here, so we have now taken complete control of all of the connections to the internet that are available here. LOL.

So... what have we been doing the past few days?

  • November 11th

  • All the snow was gone that fell down on the 11th. Made Finland look totally different!
    We've been discussing the architecture of Finland (duh... it's that boring here, not!) and laughing a lot with the trolls you see here... more about that when I add the photographs.

  • November 12th

  • We've been following some of the lessons that Nadia follows here. Can you imagine me being awake and in school at 11h00 to follow a 1h course in russian? Indeed... neither can I. We also followed a course of 1 hour in English, and that ofcourse wasn't really a problem. The prof was even able to enlighten us on the reason why all the buildings here in Kouvola are so new and such (see the architecture thingy I mentioned earlier) : it was all bombed by the russians and later on rebuild. That's why they don't have old buildings. Actually, one of the oldest buildings around here is the university since it was the old garisson of the russian army that is now used.

    After all those hard lessons we ate at the restaurant and then wanted to have a few drinks. Bowling or karaoke were also a possibility, and after we (Hilda, Karen, Nadia and I) found out that the first bar was only open from wednesday till sunday (from 22h till 02h or so), that bowling is only possible from 12h till 21h00 we headed off to the karaoke bar to see if there was anything going on there. Luckily there was and they even had english songs as well. Kick off team was Nadia and Karen with "Help!", followed by Hilda and I doing "House of the rising sun", in a way that no one could ever imagine what we were singing... A couple of wodka-orange's later a lot of the songs seemed to be very doable, and after the 4th or so, even the finnish songs appeared to be funny to sing along with.
    The four of us did a rahter likable version of "The lion sleeps tonite", but I was the only one that was doing the "wee oom oom uh eeeh"... the rest of the bunch was just trying not to break out in complete laughter.
    Around 24h00 the bar closed, but not before we had a go at "All that she wants" from Ace of Base. Plans were that the four of us would be doing that song, but Hilda and Karen chickened out... So it was just Nadia and I on stage, and call it strange, but it actually sounded like the original ;-)

  • November 13nd

  • We slept till 11h30, forfeited breakfast, turned away the people that were gonne come and clean the hotelroom. Funny way to kick off the day, but we're on holiday, so why not? Had a bite in a snackbar, Nadia joined us after school around 14h00 and then we did some shopping to get a hat for Hilda cow her ears were freezing off. Found one after a while, but also had lotsa fun and photographs picking a good one... lol. We went bowling around 15h00 or so, and had fun ofcourse... bowling in Finland is about the same as bowling in Belgium : throw the ball and hit as much pins as you can.

    Ate in Neville around 17h00 or, and that was some sort of mexican bar and the food was rather good. Spend the evening in the hotel bar drinking Tequilla Sunrise. I had finished the Tom Clancy I was reading the day before, so now I'm reading the Dilbert Future. See you all again tomorrow or so...

*Note* You may post feedback on these pages, you know?!!! ;-)

Yeah!!! We have arrived in Finland!!!

Yepz... I've made it into Finland and I'm now at the library of Nadia's university where we can access the internet, but only if you fix it yourself first ;)

I came home around 3h15 or so, after the opening reception of the new offices and we left for the airport around 5. No problems there, and we even got into Schiphol and Helsinki without any problems... Finland is a rather large country, but nothing seems to be happening here. It has been snowing when we arrived, but after only one day rain started pouring down and it was much alike the belgian weather : wet. Photographs can't be upped from here since I didn't bring the cardreader, nor the laptop...

More to come in the next few days. Greets to everyone over there, we are still alive ;)

Am I all prepared for it? Erm... yes I guess so. But I've been busy till 01h30 yesterday night in order to pack everything, and I'm pretty sure there are things I have forgotten at this point. The plans were to get home early, pack, entertain the ferrets and get to bed early as well. The result was that I drove over to Joco's place to get a Tom Clancy novel to read while on the plane and such, and I ended up only leaving there around 23h15 or so... way too late ofcourse, but we had lotsa fun again. Been playing GTA3 on PS2 all night long. That game really releases the criminal in you.

I'm now almost ready to leave to work, hope to be able to pop back in at home between two clients to do a quick checkup of the things I already packed and if somehow possible, quit early, drop the ferrets of at the hotel (I'm gonna miss my sweeties bigtime!), get ready to leave for the office reception and after that.... it's only a matter of time.

See ya all in a week or so! (Depending on wether I can or want to fix internet access in Finland, you'll even be able to follow everything online...)

Sabena - the story has ended.

An era has ended...Yes. It's over. Sabena, the belgian air fleet carrier has been declared bancrupt after they filed for bankcrupcy themselves. Around 6.000 jobs are lost, but work has already started to continue with a tuned down company called DAT. Does this affect me? No, it doesn't, but since this is a company that has been around for 80 years this is an historical fact that I couldn't neglect. Links will be provided at the bottom of this article. Sabena actually was the second oldest European air fleet carrier to date. Maybe this will fuel a discussion about air transport for governmens as well : you either participate in it and reckognize the social value of the company, and consider it as modern public transportation, wich could mean you won't make money off it, or you run it as a true commercial business and don't whine when jobs get cut in order to gain more profit. I think we've just seen proof that a yes/no business plan doesn't work.

Murder, probably related to a homejacking has occured in Wommelgem. Wommelgem, where I lived for 1 year, where my ex-'s parents still live and where her sister and husband and daughter still live. That same peaceful neighborhood that I still remember. Should I call her? Yes, I think I should... just to check if everything is OK.

Two more days before I'm off to Finland. Due to the current turmoil at Zaventem and with Sabena, we will try to leave in Amsterdam (Holland) instead of Belgium. Don't wanna get stuck in any demonstrations and miss my flight. Good thing is that if we leave from Schiphol, we can leave a bit later. Means I can party a bit longer, or even get some sleep before hopping on the plane.

Links : - - - -

I have been doing all kinds of things today.

And one of the things was ironing :) Yeah! I finally got to the stage where I actually ironed some t-shirts and shirts... it leaves about 124 other items to be done, but I've started... and I'll have to do more ironing during the week coz I gotta be packed on thursday evening. I've got a reception on friday, and we leave on saturday morning... it's gonna be a short long week. I also wanna do my hair, but I don't know yet. I'd have to ask Babs again, and I dunno if she won't mind. Besides... I've had it done blond twice now, maybe its time for a new color? What about blue? The only problem would be that I gotta go to work like that on friday, and I'm not too sure the customers will like it :)

Lol... would be an insane sight tough. Lemme think it over.

I've installed a new blogger for a certain someone for a certain special occasion, just to make sure everything is ready for the big event. Besides that I've created (or rather found some nice GFX I still had around) some GFX to use on the page (yes, exactly the one you are reading now), but I didn't get to actually hack them into the template just yet. I might do it today, it's only around 21h40 right now, so not that late yet. Gotta get up early tomorrow, and - shit... I still gotta prep a timesheet for the past month as well - thus get out of bed early. Traffic will be a pain, so better leave soon enough.

Even the archives have returned! Erm... at least, if you view the pages with Internet Exploder that is. For some strange reason Opera doesn't seem to grab the javascript and thus won't display the archives. I'll be trying to track down that problem tomorrow. I've also added a PayPal donation button for those stupid or rich enough to have spare cash they wanna send off to the friedkitten crew (which actually is only me, but that's not really the point, is it?).

If I wake up at a normal hour I will look into adding some nice pictures to reflect a sphere or mood in that left hand column... don't know yet how I wanna do it, nor how I should or could do it. But hey, the idea lives! I'll also add the old 'contact', 'home' and 'UK 2001 TRIP' links again. In a few days you might even see Finland 2001 appear somewhere as well, showing pictures of trees, wide open landscapes, snowy white huts and beautiful women, frozen moose... erm, could someone please put me back on my feet? I don't have a clue what finland looks like.. but I'm about to find out! you could see all kinds of weird stuff going on for a while. I'll be replacing bits and pieces, so please, no panic :)

Prepping for the upcoming trip to Finland

I just realized that it's less than a week before I'm actually leaving... Which also means that I won't be able to go shopping next saturday for last minute things I might need. So I did all the shopping today and I bought myself some warm clothes because I, to be very honest, don't have any. I never wear them. I usually wear T-shirts or so, and do so summer and winter. However, since temperatures in Finland seem to be a bit colder as they are here, I've bought myself a nice pullover and a polar fleece thingy. I know some people can't imagine me waring a warm fleece, but I'd rather be prepared instead of frozen :)

Just re-read the entry I made tonite and it seems that my proofreading is not really that good after all. I spotted quite a few typo's... but at least the main idea came thru : we had mucho fun...

Late night entry... or early morning?

I can harldy type anymore and I don't know if it's the booze kicking in, or just the fact that I'm tired. Had another fun night, played my first real competition game tonite today and lost bigtime. Maybe the other team was pretty good, or we sucked bigtime :)

After the games we went off to Michael's place for some more drinks and games (PS1) but it didn't seem to be my game night today so I concentrated on finishing that bottle of Smirnoff rather as finishing a game of Tekken. Funny thing, wodka-coke... you don't really feel it until it really kicks in :)

* Note : I trhink I'll be re-reading all these sentences three times before I can actually make sure there are no more typo's in them, but on the other hand I've got this kind of auto-typo-proof read while I'm typing, even when drunk. I'll skipp the typo check reading and^post it as it is.. don't laugh!.... suckers!

Good things and bad things about vacations

This week most in Belgium have a week off due to the kids having a week off from school, and this makes it much easier on the roads. Less traffic jams, but on the other hand : having to leave for work when you see 95% of the cars still parked, meaning the owners will not have to work that day, sucks majorly...

We've just received word that a new CD is about to be released, so we can get to the testing part in the next 20 minutes or so.

Dunno how I came to it (or actually, I do know... this months pay ain't in yet and there are bills to be paid.. urgently) but I did clear up all the bills, reviewed this month financially and I did a quick average calculation. Things like that can be done pretty quickly if you use spreadsheets for it. Turns out I have an outgoing stream of money that's 1.78 times higher as the incoming. Ofcourse that's is a not completely exact figure coz it doesn't include extra income that might turn up every now and then, but it does include all expenses.

1.78... that means that if I make €1, I spend €1.78 - Exactly.... how can one do that? I haven't got a clue to be honest since I've never really gotten into problems before, but it seems this is where the tricky part is : you don't get into problems, until that month turns up where all the cash is gone, or no new cash has come in yet. I still have a small amount of spare cash on a banking account somewhere, so it's not that I'm gonna die anytime soon coz I can't feed myself anymore, but this has gotten me thinking. It's about time to review certain costs and limit expenses. Time to build up more financial freedom by making sure I don't spend more as I earn, and even try to put some money aside. It won't be possible every month, coz one month you have more bills as other months, but on an average one should be able to manage.

I know what to do next year! (No, I'm not postponing this to next year, but I am making sure that next year I don't come to this conclusion when the year is almost finished.)

Starting to realize one thing now : I suck!

Unbelievable? No, not really... Today I've seen more funky sites as in the past three months. It all started off this morning (well, around 11h00 anyway) when I ended up on Sammie's site, then found linuxkitten, and just a few minutes ago I re-visited goateestyle, a site that happens to be just brilliant. In fact it's so brilliant that I always feel kinda down 'coz I realize I ain't that creative after all. Following links around the world, I stumbled upon Virtual Pamela and no, it's not about the BBB (Big Boobed Bimbo)...

But hey, I did create some new logo for this site... it still sucks bigtime, but at least it's better as the current text on top of this page! Now I only gotta upload it and hack up the blogger template in such a way that it all looks cool. Guess that'll be something for next decade ;( - After doing a quick test, it seems to be a bit too large in font size.. I think I'll have to restyle it. It's crap, but I seem to recall that was the first line of entry of this post as well, wasn't it?


Good. I've just proven that this is a circular post, so you can actually read, end back up at the beginning and read it again and never reach the end. If this post is round and indefinate, the world must certainly be the same. Now, that's a reassuring idea, ain't it?

Don't ask me how I found the site, I think I saw some pic posted in a newsgroup and for one reason or another it grabbed me by the braincell (yeah, I don't use plural here...) and made my fingers type in wich lead my trusted Opera 5 browser right to Sammie's site.

What happened next?! A couple of surprises :

Damn... I just discovered a totally hidden world of these teenage erm.. things!

  • 1 : The site is Opera compliant, so it means she coded it according to the rules, and took the time to do it correctly.

  • 2. She looks like a cute person, but the blog says different... I don't mean that she's a pain in the ass or so, but she's just 100% Teenage... One second she's Princess Sweety, next second she's a combo of Arrogance, Ignorance and PMS-syndrome... In other words : steer clear!

Whahaha... She's an australian teen, and I think that accounts for most of the talk up there. I guess it's just me thinking if I've ever been that disorganised and totally into one thing, forgetting about it the next? Guess so... but I don't remember. Must be alzheimer kicking in.

Yeah, I just received a mail a few hours ago in wich she said that the trip by plane is booked... Leave around 06h45 (yes... that's very very early in the morning!) from Zaventem, then arrive at Shiphol around 07h40, where we'll have to wait almost 2 hours before a connection to Helsinki is available. Arrival in Helsinki is planned for 12h40, then we have to travel another 2 hours by train before we arrive in the town where we gotta be. Quite a trip indeed.

Now I just gotta xfer some cash around to refund costs already made by Hilda and then I'm all set to go! Just shouldn't forget to buy myself at least 1 warm sweater coz it seems to be rather cold over there ;)

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