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Cops do their Job... License suspended :(Here's an update : I was driving from the Antwerp office to the Sint-Truiden office yesterday and I was stopped on the highway, right before the exit to Sint-Truiden. Well... Actually I saw 4 federal police motorcycles and their riders on the side of the highway, and three were chatting, one was sitting on his bike. I was kinda like speeding, so I slowed down a bit (still doing 125 while 120 is the allowed maximum) when I passed them. Moments later one of the cops appeared behind me, and when he was about 10 meters behind, on came the blue lights. He drove next to me and signalled me to follow him. Yepz... I knew instantly what was going on! Actually... I had the feeling already when I saw them being parked. I followed him to the nearest exit, and there he stopped me, and his collegues were waiting for me. They asked for my papers and told me I was caught doing 162 and that they had to suspend my license. Ok, they do their job, I do mine... no need to be pissed off at them at all! So.. that's the story, I'm not allowed to drive for 15 (or 14) days now. Who's fault is it? Ofcourse it's mine... If I had obeyed the speedlimits this wouldn't have happened.
I called the Sint-Truiden office and they send 2 people to pick me up... one to drive my car back to the office, the other one to drive their car back to the office. Do I feel stupid? Erm... no. Do I feel ashamed that I caused (and am still causing) so much trouble for my boss? Yes I am. He's always been very good for me, and he's again... and I feel I'm letting him down. Best thing to do now is prove to him that I'm worth all the trouble by going that extra mile (no... not in speed this time) for him and the jobs I gotta do for him.

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