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But tomorrow everyone here has a day off from work, so we can catch up on sleep. I've just read an article somewhere that a constant sleep shortage is worse for your health as being drunk. I wonder if I should sleep more and drink more :)

Just got a call from a collegue that the kid of another collegue got hit by a car on monday evening, luckily not too badly and she should be home already. I certainly have to call that collegue to inform about the kids health. I happen to know the kid too, and we get along pretty good so...

Yesterday sucked majorly. Spend 3 hours at a clients place in the morning only to end up where we started, and the problem still aint solved, then hopped in at the office in brussels for a shitload of material and manuals, then spend from 13h45 till 19h25 at another client to have the same result : almost 6 hours wasted, problem not solved :(

But hey... shit happens. I can live with that idea, as long as it ain't happening every day! See ya!!!


It's a great honor!!! Thanks Joco & Eef!!!Those of you that know me, also know it doesn't happen too often. And once again this year, it's Joco and Eef that accomplish it. First time when they announced that they were gonna have a baby, and now when they asked me to become the baby's godfather (wow... this sounds totally cool) and they told me the name and sexe... I just didn't know what to say, and I still don't. It's like a great honor, and yet nothing changes for me... I'll still be there every second if needed, and I still feel the same as before. I just got an official title for it now :)

What's even funnier is that once more they had been giving hints all the time, and quite a lot of our mutual friends supposed that I would be the godfather, and I didn't know about it... However, the second that Joco called me and said that Jess and I had to come over for an important announcement I started to suspect something. But I couldn't see that both of us would be the chosen one... When are they gonna stop surprising us? :)

A Knight's Tale...

I've been willing to see A Knight's Tale for a few days now, and tonite I finally got to it... It's one fab movie! The atmosphere is brilliantly set, the jousting scenes are a pleasure for the eye and the mixture of the ancient setting and the modern music works wonderfully. Imagine a knight riding into a tournament or a city and hear the song 'the boys are back in town' loud and clear. Jocelyn, I still don't know if she is a princess or not, but she definately is from a noble family is played by an actress I've never ever heard of before : Shannyn Sossamon. She looks damn great in that mideaval dresses she wears.

I totally went into the flick, seeing myself ride the horse, feel the impact of the lances... It sucks you right into the story. Ofcourse you realize that the good ones will always win in the end and such... but that doesn't take away the greatness of the movie.

On a totally different level : I've just received an inquiry for a domain name I own : www.bodybeats.com. It seems someone is interested in it, but I don't know whether I should even consider selling it. If he comes up with a good price, I may think about it, but www.bodybeats.com actually was one of the domains I was planning on developing myself sooner or later. Right now I've just got it linked thru to another one of my domains www.promocow.com, so that it serves a purpose, and it seems to be doing rather well, and I've gotten quite a few hits on the domain so far, without actually promoting it! I think I'll sleep over it and the see what I'll do. I'm a bit reluctant to sell it, since I don't wanna lose it, yet I'm not actively using it. Damn... If only I knew what the future would bring ;)

Ride on!

He's been having a whole lot of problems getting some apps running under windows 2000 if the user wasn't logged on as administrator. That is solved now.
He had problems getting Netscape 6.1 to work over Telenet : solved.
Disk defragmentation : done.

All in all I just did some necessary maintenance on his box. I only have to check that orifice file that hangs around somewhere coz that's something I really don't like!

It all went a bit different as I planned...

As I said/wrote in the last post, yesterday evening was planned for a game of table soccer. Well, I never got there. I didn't eat anything for the whole day and when I finally ate some food on friday evening around 19h15 or so, I got a headache and thus I called my sister that I would first get to bed for 1 or two hours and get some sleep and later on get to the game. The result was that I fell asleep at 20h00 and woke back up around 00h46. It seems I needed the rest. I felt a bit better then, so I got up, went to the toilet, had something to drink and got back to bed. Couldn't really sleep that well anymore, but I think I fell asleep again, coz the next thing I remember is waking up around 05h and then fall back asleep and wake up regulary. I've just gotten out of bed and feel better. I was actually planning on sleeping even longer, but then I won't be tired tonite and can't get out of bed tomorrow. Hehehe.. I do plan ahead :)

Hey team, sorry I wasn't at the game... How did you do? I was totally wasted anyway and even if I got there, I think I wouldn't have stayed for long. So maybe this was the best idea after all. I'll try to be there next time!

I'm still the office, and it seems that I might be able to leave in about 30 minutes or maybe 1 hour if no unpleasant surprises pop up. If pleasant surprises pop up, I don't mind working overtime :)

Seems there are a bit of problems with the delivery of the new cars, so it won't be next week, but in two weeks time that I get a new car. Tonite we gotta play table soccer again, and I already know that I won't be playing since some other players will turn up. On the other hand, on november 2nd I will be playing against a rather good team... Sunday I'll be busy with the people from the Belgian Ferret League all day coz we are gonna clean and desinfect the complete ferret hotel and care. It's something that takes a few hours, and at least 4 to 6 people to organize efficiently. It'll be my first time doing it, but I'll also be doing some improvements together with Bart, of things that should have been done a long time ago, but got postponed each time. The internet site of the BFL is also my responsability now, and I should take a few actions on that level as well as to get it all moving smoothly in the right direction. As I said : busy weekend :)

Can you believe this???!

Last week I received a note in my mailbox that I had to be at the police station today (and only today) between 17h00 and 20h00 to collect my drivers license again. I arrive there today at 18h30 with my sister who was so friendly to drive me over there, and you know what? The cop that has to hand it back to me ain't even there! He's not on duty... If I would be so kind to come back tomorrow at 08h00? Erm... I don't wanna spoil the fun people, but I have to be in Brussels at 09h00 and it usually is at least 1.5 to 2 hours of driving before you actually are where you gotta be. Well, not a bad word about the cops that I spoke to, they really did their best to find out how they could help me... It's a crazy world!

Just called Hilda, will be joining her on her trip to Finland, flight leaves at 09h00 and that's one day after I have a party... I dunno yet how I'm gonna manage it, but I'll be there. She asked me if she should postpone the flight, but she's just too good... no need, I'm glad I can join her on the trip! Finland... here we come!

Finland, here I come!Lol... big surprise for some I suppose :) But it's true... I've taken a descision... In november Hilda is going to Finland to visit Nadia, her daughter, and while my dad was planning on going with her, he had to cancel since he's gotta fly to Japan one week later. So I suggested that I would love to go to Finland instead and even while I was kinda joking and being serious at the same time, Hilda called me back tonite and wanted to know if I was serious. I told her that I had to be at a reception for the grand opening of the new offices of the company on friday, and she said that it wouldn't be any problem to leave on saturday. Ofcourse that changes everything... I asked for an approximate price of the trip and it turns out not to be that expensive.
I told her that I had to sleep over it and first talk to the boss before deciding, but I started thinking and this is a great opportunity to visit Finland... so I made up my mind and will go. How I manage financially or wether I can or can't get enough days off from work is something else that I'll worry about tomorrow.

So, boss, if you read this... I wanna take a few days of leave in november. People of the BFL, the ferrets are coming over for a few days. My dear sister, I'm off to Finland! Ciao everyone... you only live once!

Today I was busy making up a schematic to reorganize all the old and new e-mail accounts, and I called the ISP to check when the Belgacom technician would come by to install the router. My contact person at Tiscali promised to call Belgacom to check again, and believe it or not : about 1 hour after my call, a Belgacom Technician was at the door, ready to install everything. After some initial chitchat about the technical possibilities and possible problems, it took him about 1.5 hours to get everything installed and running. This office is now wired. There is just one LAN connection that ain't functioning yet, but I'm about to trace the problem for that one as well. Only that is not functioning is not that bad I'd say... I've tested the connections for all other stations and they all work fine.

Now I'm just waiting for a reply call or mail from Tiscali to clean up the e-mail mess and prepare everything to activate external virus checks.

Received new connectors and patchcables and been busy this morning installing it all. Guess what : The two machines that were prepped already for the LAN worked instantly, so those users can now take advantage of the LAN. Phew... I've had enough problems with it :)

This is the start of another week

Nothing really interesting I guess. It's just an ordinary monday, and there are no special things planned for this week. On wednesday I can pick up my driverslicense, and on friday we'll be playing our first home game of tablesoccer. That's about it I guess.

Oh, last night I got a phonecall at 23h45 and it turned out to be my sister... "If I insert that floppy that you gave me, I end up at the A: prompt! What do I do now?" Uh? Beats me... but then I realized that she was probably trying to use the bootdisk for windows 98 that I gave her, after she told me that her PC was kinda crashed. I just don't get why she has to call me on a sunday evening, or rather night, when I have been home all weekend and I could have taken care of it easily. It's a strange world :)

Off to take care of the ferrets now... my babies need attention...

Competition time...

Last night we played our second game in the ASF tablesoccer league, and we lost 12-6. Well... they played, and they lost :) I'm reserve and usually not called into the game unless we either have lost or won for certain. Does it suck? Yes, and no... I want the team to win, but not playing does suck... ehehhee... If only we would win the first 5 games, then we would be certain of the result and I'd get some more practice. But no... they love to keep it exciting till the last game! Not good for my heart I guess.

After the competition I ended up playing 21 games of Tekken 3 with Michael in wich I beat him 14-7... guess that means I'm better at Tekken as I'm at tablesoccer...
Came home around 05h00 and slept till 14h00... still tired so I 'might' get to bed a bit earlier tonite... but I ain't sure!

Note to Joco : I agree.. but then I'd spend more time in bed, but still wouldn't sleep more ;) - Besides, if I gotta wait for you to help me find a nice GF, I'll be 102 or so...

I just ran into Pascale and Martin, they are in the country once more, and although I knew it, I kinda forgot... Nice seeing them again. It's always good to see old friends again!

I should really sleep much more

Nah, nothing happened last night... Or actually, something did happen : Cindy arrived, we had a chat about all sorts of things and then we went off to check the new place of her boyfriend... Yes indeed! Boyfriend. ROFL!

Sorry to disappoint all you perverted minds, but Cindy is no more or less as just a friend, who happens to be the girlfriend of a friend/colleague of mine. That's the story behind it all. And if you wonder about the kinky SMS messages, we just like to tease...

Still.. I really need to sleep more... this last week I feel very tired each time I have to wake up in the morning, and it's not like I getting ill again, at least I hope I'm not. It think it's just the amount of hours that I sleep that starts to count near the end of the week. I usually sleep 5 to 5.5 hours a night, sometimes even less. Add those up from monday till friday and it's for instance 27 hours of sleep, while you should get 40 hours... And I'm not getting any younger :)

I've had a strange day...

Well, not really a strange day in the strict sense of the word, yet it was kinda weird. I kinda had lots of problems to wake up this morning... guess that late meeting yesterday is a cause for it, and then when I came home I had another load of stuff to do online... So, a colleague from the office picked me up (still haven't got the drivers license back. I'll have to wait till the 24th before the cops return it), and she seemed to be as much awake as I was... not at all. It started by almost missing the exit to the highway, luckily I asked her if we weren't supposed to leave at that point, otherwise we would have ended up in Brussels or so, where we didn't have to be at all. Then when nearing the point of destination, it happened another time... During the day it went pretty well, but during the last few hours and the drive back home I felt like I was hit with a large hammer. Got pretty tired.

I'm home now, and cleaning up a bit. Should have done that weeks ago (well, not weeks... but you get the idea), and the reason is very simple : Cindy is coming over tonite. (Lol... I'm not gonna tell anyone who Cindy is!) - It all started with a simple SMS message that I replied to and now we're off on a long send and receive thread of messages that are very unfit for under 18's, and I wonder if some adults wouldn't start to blush. Last message received just a few seconds ago was something like this :

Get chocolatesauce all over your body and I'll lick it off.

to wich I replied :

I don't have enough chocolatesauce I think, but I'll make the icecubes extra cold.

Hhehehe... read more tomorrow... or maybe not ;)

Just to let you know...

That I'll be off again in a few minutes.... My sister is so kind to bring me to a late night meeting with the people of the Belgian Ferret League, and one of them will drop me back off. It's pretty strange not to be able to step into your car and just go some place. This morning I went to work by tram... luckily one stops about 100m from where I live, and only 50m from where I work... Public transportation is kewl if it works :)

It's been a funky night!

I just came home about 1 hour ago... Had a little party I needed to attend : the birthday party of my best mate Joco (the same one I visisted the UK with, check photographs at the UK 2001 link on the top of the page), and it kicked ass again. There wasn't as much ppl this year as there were last year, but the booze-bill was about as high :)

We all brought him some gifts, and before we handed them over I had prepared a small joke gift. Last week he was talking about icecubes and such and right that moment I told his girlfriend that I would prepare something special. I asked some others to make icecubes as well, and I collected them all in a box. I poured some wodka over them and then we went into the pub. I gave him the box and told him that it was frozen wodka... that way he'd just need to pour coke into a glass and then some of the icecubes and he'd have wodka-coke in a second. Ofcourse he didn't believe it, so he smelled the icecubes and even took one out and tasted it. Because of the wodka I poured over it, it did smell and taste like wodka, but was ofcourse ordinary frozen water. Funny thing is that he bought the joke, and even told us that it was a very good idea!

You should have seen to look on his face when we told em it were ordinary cubes... it was pretty funny... hehe... and then the real bottles and gifts came out. Interesting fact is that he got several kitchen related things... I think people want him to cook more ;)

For those that read the comments...

Cops do their Job... License suspended :(Here's an update : I was driving from the Antwerp office to the Sint-Truiden office yesterday and I was stopped on the highway, right before the exit to Sint-Truiden. Well... Actually I saw 4 federal police motorcycles and their riders on the side of the highway, and three were chatting, one was sitting on his bike. I was kinda like speeding, so I slowed down a bit (still doing 125 while 120 is the allowed maximum) when I passed them. Moments later one of the cops appeared behind me, and when he was about 10 meters behind, on came the blue lights. He drove next to me and signalled me to follow him. Yepz... I knew instantly what was going on! Actually... I had the feeling already when I saw them being parked. I followed him to the nearest exit, and there he stopped me, and his collegues were waiting for me. They asked for my papers and told me I was caught doing 162 and that they had to suspend my license. Ok, they do their job, I do mine... no need to be pissed off at them at all! So.. that's the story, I'm not allowed to drive for 15 (or 14) days now. Who's fault is it? Ofcourse it's mine... If I had obeyed the speedlimits this wouldn't have happened.
I called the Sint-Truiden office and they send 2 people to pick me up... one to drive my car back to the office, the other one to drive their car back to the office. Do I feel stupid? Erm... no. Do I feel ashamed that I caused (and am still causing) so much trouble for my boss? Yes I am. He's always been very good for me, and he's again... and I feel I'm letting him down. Best thing to do now is prove to him that I'm worth all the trouble by going that extra mile (no... not in speed this time) for him and the jobs I gotta do for him.

Erm... just to give you a sign of life

I'm still around... It's just another busy week, with lots of things going on and driving from one office to another. I usually start the day in Antwerp, then drive off to the new office (around 1h15 drive) and work there all day. Things are looking good according to me. I expect to be able to do the real first the network tests today, since I finished most of the cabling work yesterday. There are just a few things that might still mess it up and my worst nightmare is that one of the cables doesn't work, or is unstable. I don't have access to a real network tester, so it's more like : lay the cable, put on the connectors, and hope the damn thing works.

If I can't finish it all today, I'm in a bit of trouble since I'm needed in Brussels on thursday and friday... Cross fingers, not cables and let's get this network running smoothly!

What a surprise!?

I wake up this morning... lol, that ain't the surprise... check my mail and there is NOTHING! Is "the internet" on a strike? Are the mailservers down? Am I too addicted to the internet and it's speed? Or is it just strange to realize that the daily doses of spam ain't there (yet)? Hhehhee...

Oh, before I forget : Happy birthday Sandra. I know you don't read this, and I know you don't care to see these lines publicized on the web, but they are here anyway.

I'm off to the St-truiden office in a about 30 minutes, but first gotta stop in the Antwerp office to load a lot of material... see you all later!

Is Microsoft playing a shitty game?

I run Windows 2000... with almost any patch, hotfix and service pack you can imagine. I don't use Outlook, Outlook Express and hardly ever use IE coz I rely on more stable and userfriendly programs. Yet Microsoft keeps on telling me that the IE5.5 and SP2 for it is a "critical update"??? How the fuck do they know? Anyway, installed it just a few seconds ago... and you know what : I don't need Outlook and Outlook Express crap on my box... and certainly not on my desktop. Piss on you Bill!

Did my box crash? Nopez, it didn't... but I received two calls in 1.5 hours of people that crashed their PC's. One removed viruses and later on installed Norton Systemworks 2002 and now the box don't boot no more... The other one was receiving a mail in Outlook and shut down the PC (not by pressing the button, thank god) and now receives a whole lot of missing vxd files when booting. I guess this could mean two things : 1. computers are still not simple and/or stable enough (I mean both hardware and software) 2. Users are too dumb. This time I suspect the first to be the case...

Tonite I'm off to the movies with Ned Krid, an old friend that I happen to run into every now and then... It'll be good to see him again, I wonder how he is. (I actually think I know how he is, since not much has changed since last time I saw him, and that was about 1 year ago or so...)

Where are those action pictures?

No, it's not what you think, you perverted minds! I've taken some shots last night when we were making those pizza's...

Mushrooms! (No, not those special ones...)My creation... pretty good, but a bit too much tomato sauce on it...Eef prepping more doughJoco watching soccer
Take the dough...... and flatten it!Joco's creation looked betterBut Eef was the smartest...
she first looked to know, how not to do itand then created this tasteful pizza!She's too smart for me :(

Off to Joco's place...

Watch football???! Indeed... I don't care for football, neither on TV or in real life. While Joco watches football I'll be helping Eef out in the kitchen. She's gonna prep freshly baked pizza's for dinner, and since I love cooking as well, I offered to help her. I don't know yet if she's totally happy with it (LOL) but hey... I'm a good cook, if I take the time for it. I usually cook just for myself and then I take the shorest route to get food on my plate :)

You know whats fun about cooking in someone else's kitchen as well? You need to look for everything... you don't know where the spoons, knife's or garlic is. It adds to the experience... and you tend to clean up everything when you're done cooking, something that tends be forgotten when cooking in your own place ;)

Last night was movie night...

Angel EyesI went to bed early, as you could already read in the last episode, and I watched some movies. I'm not a La Lopez fan, but I watched Angel Eyes, and I must admit that she has something. She looked a bit more natural in that movie, wich was a very pleasant surprise for me. The movie itself was not extremely good or so, but certainly above average. They found a nice mix of some action, and romance, making it a good overall flick. The best scene was the one where Catch brings her coffee and she's still in bed. I sensed a tension there, she was being pissed off at him and at the same time struggling with the idea of letting him into her life. Pulling him close and at the same time pushing him away, not prepared for the possible concequences of her actions. It instantly reminded me of someone very special.
If you have a chance to watch Shrek, don't hesitate!Next I watched Shrek... the animation movie that played in the theatres a couple of months ago, and I totally loved it. The creatures are just lovely! Emotions, smile, cry... it's all so real, and that is the trick maybe : we can distinguish human emotions as fake or true in a fraction of a second, because we see it all around us, but cartoon characters are unreal, and thus we are more open to what they look like, and how the act, even if they show 'human' emotions. In that lies also the strenght of animation pictures : both kids and adults realize that the characters are unreal (adults obviously more as kids) but nevertheless bond with them and their emotions very easily. We let go of our own reflections of the world and become part of their. This is not psychology 101 or so (I've never studied anything of that kind...) but this is what I feel. If you have the chance to see Shrek, don't hesitate! Ow... the donkey is pretty irritating, but listen to all his comments : they are absolutely fab!

It's been a very nice

and warm day, weekend has started.... but I feel crappy. Went to bed around 19h30 last night, read and finished a book (Tom Clancy) and slept pretty well, but woke up several times during the night. I haven't got any clue why or what woke me, but this has been happening for the past 4 or 5 days. Maybe the blocked nose and cotton head are to blaim for it. I usually fall asleep again, only to wake up around 30 minutes or an hour later. It's not really driving me nuts but I'm really a nightraven, I usually live at night or at least work very late, and then sleep till mid day. Am I changing? Am I getting old? Who knows... but I really wanna blaim it all on the cold!

There's lots of people not feeling too well these past 2 weeks, must be the great weather here that has kicked us in the butt bigtime. I don't get ill to easily and when I do, I refuse to take any medication. No, I'm not some sort of religious freak, a member of scientology (not that I know if they do or don't medication) or a witness of Jehova, I just think that all those pills and antibiotics are no good. If you let your body and system fight an infection, it'll grow stronger in the end, and it'll be easier to fight other infections later on in life. Yes, you'll feel shitty for a couple of days, but that's a price you'll have to pay for a better health. I stay on my feet during the week, then crash into bed for 1 or two days (weekend) and sweat it out. Sleep a whole lot, drink lots of water and voila : disease defeated, cured.

In other words : see you all on monday :)

Note to Pascale : in your case it counts...

Today, october 4th

is International Day of the Animals.

What does this mean? It means you gotta be good to your animal(s), but hey... you gotta be good to them all the time! I woke up this morning, cleaned the ferret's cage, gave them fresh food, added a little bit of ferretone to it (they love it), cleaned the litterbox, fresh water and ofcourse : a great hug when they wake up and get out of the cage. It goes something like this : I wake up, the ferrets are still asleep. I come into walk into the livingroom, open their cage and in a matter of minutes 3 ouf of 4 ferrets pop out of their sleep and come out to check the new day that has started. I usually pick one up, give him a good hug and then he gives me little licks to show me he loves me too. Then I put him down and pick up the next one... if they are not too impatient that is, coz they won't always wait and might already be jumping around :)

But that doesn't really matter 'coz I'll hug each of them in the next half hour, so they all get a good cuddle. They all love it as well, but sometimes they are too excited and just wanna play. Max just loves to be picked up, and then he hangs over my shoulder, looking backwards and he's totally happy....

I usually have to wake Fritz myself coz otherwise he wouldn't get no playtime in the morning. He's the oldest of the four (he'll be 5 years old in february 2002) and he sleeps all the time. It takes him a bit longer to wake up so he needs some encouragment :)

They all got a raisin this morning as well (picked up a fresh pack yesterday) and they just love it.

I think I'm having a cold, my head feels like it's full of cotton, and my nose keeps dripping and I'm sneezing all the time, but when I drove home just a few minutes ago, I popped a CD in the player and felt great in a matter of seconds... It's so easy to be happy, if you can forget all the misery just for a while. Are you unhappy? Try it.. don't think about what's making you unhappy, and enjoy yourself, sing along with music, dance, move and groove... no one can take that away from you!

I popped into the office

Updated the virusscanner on the server, moved some files around, dispatched the virusscanner across the network, spend some time on the phone with suppliers, checked and replied to mail. Completed install and preparation of laptop, documented a few things to do.

Busy couple of hours and now I'm off to Brussels to help a customer.

It's strange

I went to bed very very early last night, I think it was around 21h00, and still I feel tired. I read a few pages in a book, and then fell asleep and didn't wake up once till this morning, yet I somehow I am not really 100% this morning. I don't feel like I'm getting ill or something like that, but something is coming up. It might just be things going thru my mind that keep me awake. It's been rather busy at work the past 2 months and it doesn't seem to be improving.

See you all tonite!

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