Today has been a totally

Today has been a totally no brains needed day.... hehehe!

Been watching The MatrixWoke up, watched The Matrix on DVD from the bed, had breakfast, cleaned up the house and kitchen for Pascale & Martin as a surprise, hung around a bit, played afew games of chess with Joco, wich I all lost except one ;) Guess he's just a better chess player as I am. Maybe it is because I haven't played chess in a few years, but probably coz I don't think when playing chess... Yeah, that must be it!

Just finished watching Terminator 2 : Judgement Day on DVD, and we picked the special version, wich according to Pascale is the uncut version. There are indeed a few scenes that you can't see in the theatrical version. Was quite enjoyable.. Now just waiting for Martin to come home from work, have dinner and... watch TV. It's Belgium - Scotland on TV later tonite, and that is football. I hate watching football on TV about as much playing it in real life... hehehe.

Not very much pictures from me today as we stayed in all day long, but here they are : pictures of september 5th, 2001

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