This is gonna be the most updated blog today

Baget : best sandwiches around!Wow, I just realize that I've updated this blog already a few times as things keep on happening today. I've just spend another 2 hours at the office, but that wasn't for work, but rather for entertainment. I had to pick up some hardware that I have to install next wednesday. It was good to see the lovely ladies of the office again and I know they kinda follow this page, so I think they are smiling right now :)

As you can spot on the left picture, I ordered 2 smoked salmon sandwiches from Baget, just because they have simply the best sandwiches you can imagine. I'm not related to the owners, nor do I get paid for writing this... I just love their sandwiches. It doesn't have to be all negative all the time, does it? Unfortunately they don't have a website yet, so it's kinda hard to link to them.

I called for a estimate for redecorating the bedroom, and someone is coming over tomorrow to check the place out. Things are finally moving in the right direction.

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