This day is nearly coming to an end...

"What?!" will most of you think right now... I know, I know... it's only like a few minutes past 19h30 and I'm already talking about the day ending and stuff. I'm not ill, I'm not trippin' and I'm not totally out of my mind. (Erm, I can't guarantee that last statement). It's just that I've been up so long, and alreadt done so much that I feel like the day is coming to an end. It's also september 2nd and tomorrow the new schoolyear starts for a lot of kids and youth, and maybe I somehow pick up those vibes of anxiety, nerveousness and fear. Hey... even old people were young once!

I'm gonna be off to Michael in 45 minutes or so, as he invited the friends over to watch the kick off show of Big Brother 2, but I kinda feel that it's gonna suck bigtime. I know that it's a crappy attitude to start off with, but hey... BB2 will be compared to BB, and so will all the contestants. As far as I'm concerned, everything has been done yet, and the contestants will try to out-perform those of last year. This is 200% more difficult as those who entered in BB.

Now I hear everyone wondering why I didn't join the BB2 contest, and I must say that I tought about it briefly, but not really gave it a serious chance. If however tomorrow someone asks me to join an expedition Robinson or Taransay, I really wouldn't hesitate. I think I would be able to blend in with a group, form a team and guide everyone to a safe harbour so to speak. Am I a leader? No, not in the strict way of the meaning, but I have the means to influence people and direct them in a certain way. I'm a talker as much as I am a do'er. This also means that I can't have people not working when there is lots of work to be done. You are either in the team all the way, or you are out.

Would that make me a good contestant... maybe, maybe not. But since I can also listen and get the best out of people I'd really wanna give it a try! Too bad that I'll probably miss my ferrets bigtime. I think right now that is the only reason why I wouldn't join such an adventure. It's not that I wouldn't miss my family and friends, ofcourse I would, but as a family we are somehow special. We each live our own lives, manage our own problems, but when needed we are all ready to help one out. We're like very close from a distance. Those who know us, know what I mean :)

Friends... I'd just take em with me... hehehhe. My best friend can be a real major pain in the ass, but so can I. We know eachother well enough to speak frankly about things, and if the others opinion hurts one, it's too bad. We are both adult enough to know that your best friend wouldn't say something to hurt you, but rather to help you or guide you. I can't really live with him I think, but stick us together in a team and we kick major ass. I'm sure you think right now that I'm bragging and bluffing, but I know that we can do it. Don't you have someone that you can call day or night? Or who can call you day or night? Joco is a player, a weirdo and a flipping dude, but if it comes down to it, he'll be there.

UK, here we come!Enough of all that funky mellow shite now, I should be packing for Expedition UK 2001... hehehe... It won't be back to basics since we'll be staying at Pascale and Martin's place, but it'll be fab, I'm sure of that! Now let's just find a nice little picture to go with this post and then... you'll get another update later tonite, or tomorrow. A nice place to find things to do in London is

For those of you wondering, I got 4 ferrets and those are my kids. If a fire were to brake out in my appartement, I'd abandon TV, stereo, money and all important papers and rescue those little carpetsharks... even if it would cost me my own life. Therefore they will be staying in a specialized hotel for ferrets during the time that I'm off to the UK. That way I know that they are treated well, get all they need and get all the attention the desire. It's very easy : you either have pets and take care of them in the best way possible, or you don't have pets at all. Don't let anyone tell you any different. Pets are no christmas or birthday presents.

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