Some people are just too stupid to deserve a place on this earth

Do the words SirCam - virus - warning ring a bell? I think it has been in every possible magazine, TV station, newsbroadcast you can imagine. Even the whales cruising the vast oceans must have picked it up. Yet some people are just either ignorant, or just too plain stupid to understand what needs to be done. If you don't know how to operate a fucking computer, don't use one! If you wanna drive a car, you need to have a license and undergo tests before you are allowed to drive... if you wanna buy the latest greatest computer you only have to pay the vendor. Does this mean you are able to operate it? Not by far, and that shows every day. Some say the mass powers the internet, but the way things are developing now, it's gonna be a total fucked up world if more dumb shits join the ranks.

This example is made up completely, but nonetheless totally real. Things like this happen everyday!! Someone buys a new computer and first thing they do is unpack it, then call the helpdesk to figure out where all the cables should go. (Note : with those brand new dummy-proof PC's it's very hard to connect a cable incorrectly, unless you use a sledgehammer...). 2 hours later they call back to ask where the power button is. 15 minutes later they talk to another helpdesk agent to figure out how to turn it off again.

And those people actually get on the internet. You can easily spot them though :


I wonder if those people yell at the phone too? Next they install software and fuck up the box completely. It gets picked up by the vendor and reinstalled for a small sum (10% of the price they sold it for probably). Next they start receiving e-mails and then it happens : they receive a virus warning and immediately send it to all 236 people they have in their addressbook. (I still don't get how you can have 236 people in your addressbook, unless you really collect e-mail addresses from everyone you know, or preferably, don't know at all). Even though the e-mail clearly says 'send this mail to everyone you know, otherwise the virus can infect their PC' and something like 'This information was just released a few seconds ago and is confirmed by MajorCompany A and Mister VeryImportant'...
Can I hold it against them that they don't know what a hoax is? I can't? Fuck you... I certainly hold it against them... if they would be interested in the scene they want to blend into, they would know that kind of information in advance. That would at least keep me from receiving several hundreds of mails each year.

After about 13 hoax'es they've send around - adding to the large amount of totally unnecessary e-mail traffic that already exists - they still manage to open an attachment they received from someone totally unknown. Does it matter that the attachment is called :

'click_on_this_innocent_looking_jpg_file_and_I'll_screw_ you_right_in_the_ass_and_fuck_your_computer_up_majorly.crap.EXE'?

Nopez... it really doesn't matter! They'll open it anyway.

I think I'll give up on educating dumbass users... Some will just not get it. During the last week I received 4 more sircam virus send mails... I think that is enough proof that some are just too dumb to even be able to shit in the toilet instead of in their pants. If you think I'm negative, bitter or even a psycho, you might be right, but at least I do know my shit. And if I'm uncertain about something I'll read the bloody FAQ before asking the same questions over and over.

RTFM!! word!

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