Shaved, washed and totally prepped

Shaved, washed and totally prepped to wreck havoc in London City!

I'm completely prepared to explore London City today... after yesterday's day of doing nothing (hm... yesterday's day... ain't that a bit overdone?) I'm well rested and if I stay in bed much longer, I'll never be able to get out of it ever again.

Called Jess for an update on the apartement and it doesn't look that good as far as I can make of her updates. The water is not coming from behind the wallpaper no more now, but really from inside the wall, what means that it's totally wet. It'll take weeks to completely dry, and might very well mean that it has to be plastered again as well. That doesn't worry me that much as I was already prepared for that, but the fact that there is no more way to stop the water to get into and under the flooring worries me more.

The flooring has a special lining underneath to stop the sound and stabilizing everthing, and if that get's wet, it'll start rotting I fear. So that means new flooring as well. Damn... that means a bedroom that'll look like a construction zone for a couple of weeks.

Apart from the above mentioned, there is also a new spot where water penetrates the wall, more to the right side, so that means that it's spreading towards the bathroom too. Now I don't remember if we put tiles agains the back wall of the bathroom as well, coz if we didn't and the water keeps on spreading that could mean that there'll be one bathroom closet that has to be replaced as well. I'll have to check that as soon as I get home.

Positive news is that the leak is coming from the building next to ours, so we won't be paying for the repairs of the roof... but next to all the troubles going on now, that is just a very minor positive thing.

Off we go, London, here we come!

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