I feel like I've been run over by a truck

I feel fucking alive!In other words... it was a fabulous gig last night... This is exactly the feeling you should have, now you realize that you are 'always ready for another round', that you 'feel so fucking alive'.

We didn't only see Front 242, but also 'Ik wil Niks' en 'TTTT, tering tyfus takke trut', in other words : De Heideroosjes. They are a wall of sound, hitting you at 100mph. It was hard to understand what exactly they were singing, unless you stuck a finger in each ear and thus lowered the power of the bass and guitars... then you could actually understand. They are a kewl band to see play live, but not really my taste in music. They are a bit too loud for me.

After Front 242 there was another band scheduled, called The Klinik and they played a very kewl set as well, but due to the fact that everything got kind of delayed very long they played for a nearly gone crowd. It was after 03h00 by the time they started...

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