I almost set the appartement

I almost set the appartement on fire

Can you believe this? Just before I went to write the small update below, I turned on the oven to bake a small bread (premade that you can buy in the supermarket) to have a bite before I went to Michael's place. When I just posted it, I suddenly smelled something and then I realized there was a bread in the oven. Let's just say that very dark brown would be an understatement. The color was more like deep black :)

Result : I turned off the oven, and went off to Michael without a bite... other result : I've already reread this posting 2 times and I'm sure there still are typo's in it, coz I've just finished half a bottle of 'citroen jenever' and 1 schnaps. I'm a little bit in the wind as they say.

This time tomorrow (that would be today actually) we'll be at Pascale's place, having fun. See you all in London!

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