Good and Bad News about

Good and Bad News about the site

It seems reblogger went totally down due the free host that was hosting it for Jesse kicked him off, but he moved it over to a pay host and it's working again now. I've changed some code around and you can actually leave new comments, but all the old ones are lost so it seems. According to the Reblogger site, there won't be a way to recover them, so I feel a bit depressed for losing them all, but on the other hand : leave some new ones and I'll be happy again ;)

I also was able to get the link to the pictures in the template after all, thanks to a fix that another blogger user found to pass the irritating blogger error where you can't save your edited template. Makes no sense? Ofcourse it doesn't, but it's a bit techy :)

See ya all for a new update in a few hours.

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