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I feel like I've been run over by a truck

I feel fucking alive!In other words... it was a fabulous gig last night... This is exactly the feeling you should have, now you realize that you are 'always ready for another round', that you 'feel so fucking alive'.

We didn't only see Front 242, but also 'Ik wil Niks' en 'TTTT, tering tyfus takke trut', in other words : De Heideroosjes. They are a wall of sound, hitting you at 100mph. It was hard to understand what exactly they were singing, unless you stuck a finger in each ear and thus lowered the power of the bass and guitars... then you could actually understand. They are a kewl band to see play live, but not really my taste in music. They are a bit too loud for me.

After Front 242 there was another band scheduled, called The Klinik and they played a very kewl set as well, but due to the fact that everything got kind of delayed very long they played for a nearly gone crowd. It was after 03h00 by the time they started...

I just came home.. It's

It's around 4h45 right now, and I just came home from a little festival called Aalst Rockt. There was only one band I wanted to see, and that is ofcourse Front 242. There were rumours that there would be 1 new track on the playlist, in anticipation of the new album that's planned for next year, but I couldn't spot any new material, and there might not be a new CD at all :(

The concert of Front itself was kick ass, just like always, and even though the stage was pretty small, limiting them in their movement, they did what they could. Nice new video show as well, making it another very satisfying experience. Featuring songs like Body to Body, SoulManager and Lovely Day, they really drove the crowd to the top...

When I came home, there was a white escort parked in the driveway of the building next to us, and believe it or not, one nigger (I should say black man here, but I hate being politically correct just because someone thinks that would be better) was just peeing in our front yard! When I commented if that was really necessary, another one appeared and they drove off. The peeing nigger was obviously totally pissed (lol... nice way of putting it, ain't it?) and not really caring about my comment. Don't these shitheads have any sense of civilisation? I guess when I pee in their front yard, I would be called a redneck pig... but they can do whatever they feel like. Take your crap and go pee elsewhere! I really hope that I don't see you around here again... it could get a bit rougher as a comment next time.

Yeah Yeah... I know

But since it is weekend now, I've decided to dump some words in here... ehhehe. It's been a busy week again, with lots of stuff going on all day, and then you get home and not always feel like doing more of it. I popped into the supermarket last night to get some food and this is what I saw on the way over there :

No, I wasn't drunk, but driving and taking pictures does give weird effects...OK, there is the arrow, where is the Indian?A wind Turbine in the middle of the city... it is possible!
Pretty senseless posting so far, and yes, I know it... but wasn't that the idea in the first place? Mindless entertainment? About an hour before I went of to the supermarket my sister called me to come over and take photograpgs of Freggel (or is it Freggle?) so I'll put these online as well :
This is one of the big ones she has had for a few years now...Impressive, not?Swim, baby, swim!
Comparing size... Freggel is on the left (obviously)Freggel swimming around.Two black spots mark the trutle

Now I'm gonna fill out a form that everyone in belgium has to fill out : De Nationale Enquete 2001 - It's a thing that spans all of Belgium and should help government to plan and react to social changes or patterns, but I don't believe shit of it. I'm rather privacy aware, and hate to tell anyone I don't know where I live, how I live, how long I drive to word and back and all stuff like that. I'm really surprised they didn't ask how long my hair is, or how much I eat. According to the government, all personal data connect to the filled out form will be erased as soon as the data is processed, but I wonder what happens if someone grabs a few thousand of these filled out forms and runs off with them? He knows exactly who you are, where you live and how you do, and you get the government on your ass for not filling out the form. What kind of crap is that? I think they should have made it get send back by registered mail or so, paid for by the gov. ofcourse.

Introduction to food.

Nah, I'm not gonna give you a crash course on how too cook, I suppose you can do it yourself. I'll just post some photographs of the meal I cooked tonite. Photographs were taken a few hours ago, at 22h00 to be precise when I was done cooking and could start eating ;)

At first you cook it......then you take another photograph of it......and finally you eat it. With chopsticks, ofcourse!
Would another contest be in order with these fine photographs? Yes, why not! Identify at least 4 ingredients of the meal correctly, and you can come over to my place for dinner - Yes, i'll be cooking and I hope you're insured ;) - Same rules apply as last time. First one to reply in comment with correct answer will win. (see last contest for region limits).

Good Luck!

To keep everybody happy


I'm wondering... what to do tonight

Shall I stay home?

We should have gone bowling tonight, but that was called off after a misunderstanding. Then Michael called me to check if we were gonna go for a game of soccertable, but the co-captain didn't feel like it, and the captain ain't nowhere to be found. In the mean time I've received an SMS so I know that the captain is at some boring wedding thingy.

Will I go out for a drink myself, or just stay home and kill some time here? I really don't know... there ain't much fun in going out on your own, is there? I'm usually pretty witty and funny but only when I get to know people... There is always somebody around to introduce us to eachother and then I feel OK with it. I'm not much of a contact seeker myself... I dunno why.. I think I'm shy :)

Well, I've not decided anything, but I'll take a bath and see what I can come up with... see ya!

Weekends are for sleeping, not?

After working and getting up early all week, weekends come in quite handy to catch up on all the sleep I missed during the week. I've just woken up and am now wondering if I'll do all the things I have to do (laundry, ironing etc...) or just tell myself that this weekend will be for fun? Realizing that I won't be home next weekend, it might be a wise choice to get some things done, but I don't really feel like it.

Hey, but do you really care? Yepz, I thought so... you don't, so why am I writing all of this, and even more important, why are you reading it? Lol.

Today I work hard all day long (well... maybe not very hard, but I got 85% of all the stuff done anyway) and when I get home around 23h15 there ain't one diner open in my town where youy can get a bite to eat. Quick or McDonalds? Nopez.. they close at 23h... The local fish ' chips shop (without the fish in belgium, but then you know what I mean) : closed at 23h. Hey people, it's friday evening!!! Shouldn't there be stuff happening?

Stuff is certainly happening in Brussels where an extra NATO meeting or so is held. Hey, I'm cool with that, but it really gets on my nerves to see that a complete neighborhood is closed down, tunnels closed and more of that stuff. You meet as much as you like, but normal hardworking people get a hard time trying to get to or from work, or even can't get there at all. Stop pissing around and organise as much meetings a you want, just keep us out of it. We have to do a job as well do you know? Do we close down a street everytime we have a meeting? Do we force you to take a day's leave from work because you just can't get there? No, we don't. You shouldn't do so either.

Oh, and a small note : that also and certainly goes for the Tour de France that pass thru belgium a few months ago. Pretty nice and great for all the oldies or unemployed who can spend all day in front of the TV and watch it all. Just don't forget that it is that few (yeah, statistically seen there is an inverted pyramid forming) working people that pay for your welfare and retirement. I've had about enough of it.... Why pay for things you'll never get? By the time I'm 76 there will be no one working for my ass, and neither will the government be paying back all that money that I pay them each month. It's a crap world... but I like living and being a part of it all.

It's just amazing where the

web can take you, in an instant, ain't it? It's been a long time since I just clicked a link for see where it was going, and suddenly I ended up in a world of japanese teenagers, talking about friends, love, shoppingmalls and all the kind of stuff teens seem to do. I instantly feel old, yet I was very intrigued by it all. Unfortunately I don't have any link, unless ofcourse I start browsing back and forward in my cache, but I don't feel like searching for it. You just have to believe me that it was a nice experience.

It actually was a blogger link that I followed... something about Hong Kong Night Club or so, ofcourse not leading to a Night Club site, but that was what I expected anyway. I would have been disappointed if it turned out to be a Night Club site after all. Anyway... I can't seem to find the URL anymore, so if someone knows what I'm talking about, leave a comment.

How about a little guessing???

Yeah, it's been a while something really weird has been going on here. It's just all a matter of time, and especially the lack of it. Just like most people I too have 24 hours in a day, yet I don't know where they all go to?! Sleeping accounts for around 5-6 hours, but that still leaves 19-18 unaccounted for. Where is my time??? Lol, maybe that would be a nice contest : he or she who finds my time, will win a very nice prize!

And this is? Click for a large pictureJust for those who think the above contest is way too difficult, try to identify the object on the left. The first one who is able to correctly identify it, and post the answer as a comment, will win 2 pieces of the shown object. Only 1 answer is allowed per comment and per user. In order to be able to claim your prize you must leave your e-mail address, otherwise I can not contact you. How you can receive your prize depends on where you live. I cannot ship a car to the states. Contest is therefore limited to persons living in : Belgium, Holland, UK and Ireland. Good Luck!

phew... another update

Yesterday was a fine day, pretty sunny and not a drop of rain... not too much traffic jams so everything I was home at a reasonable time.

I currently have a ex-collegue on the line, and though I know him pretty well and worked with him for a long time, he's really getting a pain in the arse. Just keeps on whining and complaining about everything. I think it's just a sign 'o the times. Some time ago I had to take a trainee along with me and the first thing he said was something like : I'm not used to getting up this early, is it like this all the time? And next was : Do I have to carry heavy stuff, coz I have a weak spine. Then he called to reschedule a meeting he had planned in the very early evening, telling them he wouldn't be able to make it. After only 1 day I had enough of it... to be honest, if someone takes you along to train you, the least you could do is be interested and ask questions, and not act like a kid that's not getting his candy. For me it was a pretty straightforward day, nothing really special or stressy, but when I dropped him back off at the car he said : I'm beat. I think I'll be in bed in an hour or so. Wake up mate and taste real life! There ain't too many that work 15 minutes away from home, work from 9h00 till 17h00 and have a 1h lunchbreak every day. Well, that's what he was used to... maybe leaving at 7h00 and coming back home around 18h00 without a lunchbreak was too much for the poor dude... whahhahhaa... There are days I leave at 7h00 and don't come home till 19h30 or even 20h and didn't even have a bite to eat all day long. Consider yourself lucky that it wasn't one of those days.

Maybe I should tell you my secret to handle stress? It's pretty damn easy : radio. Whenever I'm driving around, I'm always listening to the radio, singing along and enjoying myself. You get lots of weird looks from others in the traffic jam, but hey... that's their problem, not mine. I'll arrive relaxed and happy. Ofcourse it can't take away all the stress, but hammering your steeringwheel while singing awfully off tone and way too loud is great ;)

There is another secret though : don't get all freaky about a traffic jam. Getting nervous is not helping you pass those other cars... they can fly, neither can you. It took me about 12 months to learn and understand that, but I'm on the road now for nearly 4.5 years and I don't mind traffic no more. Yes, it's irritating, and yes, you loose a afwul lot of time... but hey... more traffic means more radio! Stop leaving at 8h45 if you know you gotta be somewhere at 9h00 and it's a 2h drive. Leave at 7h and spend 2h in the car, but you know that in advance. Arrive 15 minutes too soon? No problem. Park the car, review some notes, stretch yourself and relax. There is plenty of time to stress later!

Even with carful planning you can be too late for an appointement.... it even happens to me. But I don't totally freak out : call the person you're meeting with 5 minutes in advance and tell them your on your way, but you'll be there later. Why tell them you're on your way? To confirm to the customer you are busy with his problem or case. You and the customer are moving towards a solution (your arrival is a first step) and by telling him in advance that you are late, you once more confirm that he's important to you.

It's all in those tiny details... but some people just don't understand it :(

Statement 2

Leave at 06h59, arrive at 8h45 in brussels. Is that totally fucked up or what?


Waking up at 06h20 sucks.

Do the words SirCam - virus - warning ring a bell? I think it has been in every possible magazine, TV station, newsbroadcast you can imagine. Even the whales cruising the vast oceans must have picked it up. Yet some people are just either ignorant, or just too plain stupid to understand what needs to be done. If you don't know how to operate a fucking computer, don't use one! If you wanna drive a car, you need to have a license and undergo tests before you are allowed to drive... if you wanna buy the latest greatest computer you only have to pay the vendor. Does this mean you are able to operate it? Not by far, and that shows every day. Some say the mass powers the internet, but the way things are developing now, it's gonna be a total fucked up world if more dumb shits join the ranks.

This example is made up completely, but nonetheless totally real. Things like this happen everyday!! Someone buys a new computer and first thing they do is unpack it, then call the helpdesk to figure out where all the cables should go. (Note : with those brand new dummy-proof PC's it's very hard to connect a cable incorrectly, unless you use a sledgehammer...). 2 hours later they call back to ask where the power button is. 15 minutes later they talk to another helpdesk agent to figure out how to turn it off again.

And those people actually get on the internet. You can easily spot them though :


I wonder if those people yell at the phone too? Next they install software and fuck up the box completely. It gets picked up by the vendor and reinstalled for a small sum (10% of the price they sold it for probably). Next they start receiving e-mails and then it happens : they receive a virus warning and immediately send it to all 236 people they have in their addressbook. (I still don't get how you can have 236 people in your addressbook, unless you really collect e-mail addresses from everyone you know, or preferably, don't know at all). Even though the e-mail clearly says 'send this mail to everyone you know, otherwise the virus can infect their PC' and something like 'This information was just released a few seconds ago and is confirmed by MajorCompany A and Mister VeryImportant'...
Can I hold it against them that they don't know what a hoax is? I can't? Fuck you... I certainly hold it against them... if they would be interested in the scene they want to blend into, they would know that kind of information in advance. That would at least keep me from receiving several hundreds of mails each year.

After about 13 hoax'es they've send around - adding to the large amount of totally unnecessary e-mail traffic that already exists - they still manage to open an attachment they received from someone totally unknown. Does it matter that the attachment is called :

'click_on_this_innocent_looking_jpg_file_and_I'll_screw_ you_right_in_the_ass_and_fuck_your_computer_up_majorly.crap.EXE'?

Nopez... it really doesn't matter! They'll open it anyway.

I think I'll give up on educating dumbass users... Some will just not get it. During the last week I received 4 more sircam virus send mails... I think that is enough proof that some are just too dumb to even be able to shit in the toilet instead of in their pants. If you think I'm negative, bitter or even a psycho, you might be right, but at least I do know my shit. And if I'm uncertain about something I'll read the bloody FAQ before asking the same questions over and over.

RTFM!! word!

A joke a day keeps you wetting your pants anyway

Tux is in no way related to the contents of this joke, but he's one heck of a nice Penguin! A penguin is driving through Melbourne on a hot summer day when he notices his oil light is on. He gets out of the car and sure enough, it's leaking oil all over the road. The penguin drives around the corner to a service station and asks the mechanic to take a look at it. The mechanic says he has a few others to look at first, but if he comes back in an hour he can tell the penguin what is wrong with his car.

The penguin agrees and goes for a walk. He finds an Ice cream shop and thinks a big bowl of vanilla ice cream will really hit the spot since he's a penguin and its Melbourne in the summer, after all. He sits down at the Counter and starts on his ice cream. Of course the poor bastard has no hands so it is rather messy. By the time he is done he has ice cream all over his flippers and his mouth - a total mess.

He waddles back to the service station and says to the mechanic, "Did you find out what is wrong with my car?"

The mechanic replies, "It looks like you've blown a seal."

"No no", says the penguin. "it's just icecream"

Ever thought about the Euro

Here are a few tips on how to behave with the new currency...

1. Pay in a mixture of local currency and €, preferably all coins. When you almost reach the correct amount, pay with your creditcard.
2. Bite and taste every coin before you actually pay with them, or accept them. Make sure to give some back every now and then and demand another one.
3. Lick every €-note and stick it on your forhead before accepting it. If it falls off, claim it's a fake one and demand for it to be exchanged.
4. Pay bills that are made up in € in local currency. Disregard complaints and keep on blaming the bank for the mistake.
5. Grab an old note of your currency and a new €-note. Cut both in half and stick them together... Keep a straight face when people don't believe you.
6. When paying by credit card, ask at least 3 times if the terminal is € approved. Unless they can prove it, refuse to hand over your card. If they find a way to somehow prove it, tell them you forgot your pincode in all the fuzz.

All the information in this post could be dangerous, and/or considerably shorten your time in the free world. Use with cause., nor the author of this post can be held responsible in any way.

Why do I actually even bother?

You could say that I'm just too stupid to keep on entering the lottery each week, but in fact I don't play each week. It happens to be that I played twice this week, and twice didn't win anything. That's €9.92 down the drain! And what does the lottery do with it? They give it to charity, and sponsor huge sports events with it. Ain't I in need of some more money? Yes! Do I like or even care about sports? No! Well, they always say that when you're unlucky in love, you are lucky in play... what kind of crap is that? I'm the living proof that whoever invented that shitty saying really didn't know what he or she was talking about.

Eat Me.

Just got a call from my sister, and again I was taking a nice warm bath. It's incredible... has she got a feeling for it or so? She told me she always does the same thing with Johan (her boyfriend) but then when he's taking a dump. Whahaha... seems she really can spot the most inconvenient time to disturb someone. Hey, but this short story doesn't have anything to do with the title, does it? I know, I know... but I felt like writing something totally different from what readers might expect. After all, there must be chaos in regularity, otherwise it would be pretty dull.

I've been wondering about redesigning one of my many sites, but I just can't bring myself to do it. it seems the creativity has somehow left the building or so. I guess I just need someone to channel my creative outbursts into a suitable state. On the other hand, I don't wanna be suitable, I wanna do whatever I want to do, don't care what others think, say or do, yet I sense that if you care yourself, it's very hard to put yourself out of those guidelines that make 'sense" and "acceptability" for the mass. I will never be a rebel in the strict meaning of the word because I need rules and regulations too much. They are in a way my anchors to society and mental health.

Am I going insane? Very probably, but I happen to believe that insanity is not a clearly defined state of mind.

What has happened to all those people leaving nice reblogger comments? Where did you go? Did I scare you with my babbling and totally wicked rants here? Good... It takes a twisted mind to understand one. Now get lost!

Alien & Alien Resurrection...

Sigourney kicking major alien ass

Yepz... I've just watched the original Alien on DVD and maybe because I've seen it a couple of times already, I found it to be pretty boring. I did watch till the end however ;)
Just to skip ahead a few thousand years I watched Alien Resurrection, and that one was still pretty good, even though I have seen that one a few times as well. What can I say, I just like Sigourney Weaver. First saw her in Alien, then the Alien sequels, Gorilla's in the Mist, and lesser known flicks she played in like Galaxy Quest (1999). Whats even more... by checking her bio I just see that she's playing a main character in the recent movie Heartbreakers! I knew this, but I sort of forgot :) - Another movie to add to the 'to watch' list I guess.

No real plans for tomorrow yet (and by that I actually mean today since yesterday has passed.. but that's obvious otherwise yesterday would be today and thus tomorrow too), except for soccertable games in the evening and some general shopping in the afternoon. Need to refill the fridge and freezer with food. Gotta get a photograph as well, otherwise the captain will be pissed again. That's about it I guess... off to bed now.. maybe.

I think I have the ability to predict the future

Or at at least have a good hunch about it. As I kinda thought, I lost the little bowling competition this time (2-1), so the final score comes down to 5 for me and 2 for Joco. Slippery lanes they have here as well. It really came down to throwing less hard, otherwise you just slipped away... really different from the lanes in the UK, where it was more like powerball. Hit them right, and hit 'em hard.

Well, nothing is lost... there'll be more games to follow I presume, but Joco should realize 1 thing : as of monday I'm working again, so there will be no way to call me in the middle of the day and go bowling or karting... and neither will there be in the evening 'coz I gotta get up way too early in the morning. Get a job my friend ;)

Joco can be here any minute

'Coz he was bored. Ran into him on IRC (there really is no way to avoid that dude, is there?) and we decided to go bowling. He should be picking me up in about 4 minutes so I better find my shoes.

*Note to everyone who's working right now : we're off bowling, we're off bowling... hehehe. And I'm gonna kick his ass again! (I hope. I won 4 games out of four in the UK, but the difference is not that big to be honest.)

I didn't do too much today, except clean out the harddisk and freed up some space... and did some paperwork and other boring stuff. Joco is here, gotta run.

I don't have a standalone DVD player

Ofcourse I can watch DVD's on the PC, but that's not really the same, is it. The offer was just too good to pass on : a DVD for only € 6.92... that's very cheap! I bought Year of the Gun and watched it already, and I've gotten The Right Temptation as well. Year of the Gun was released in 1991, and features Sharon Stone as Alison King, and The Right Temptation was released in 2000 and features Kiefer Sutherland and Rebecca De Mornay. According to IMDB neither of both movies were highflyers, but what the heck.. I like movies :)

This is gonna be the most updated blog today

Baget : best sandwiches around!Wow, I just realize that I've updated this blog already a few times as things keep on happening today. I've just spend another 2 hours at the office, but that wasn't for work, but rather for entertainment. I had to pick up some hardware that I have to install next wednesday. It was good to see the lovely ladies of the office again and I know they kinda follow this page, so I think they are smiling right now :)

As you can spot on the left picture, I ordered 2 smoked salmon sandwiches from Baget, just because they have simply the best sandwiches you can imagine. I'm not related to the owners, nor do I get paid for writing this... I just love their sandwiches. It doesn't have to be all negative all the time, does it? Unfortunately they don't have a website yet, so it's kinda hard to link to them.

I called for a estimate for redecorating the bedroom, and someone is coming over tomorrow to check the place out. Things are finally moving in the right direction.

Just got a call from the building supervisor

Hehhee... so he calls back after all. Thanks for the work you've done so far, and thanks for keeping me up-to-date (hey look, there is no irony or sarcasm in this sentence... maybe I'm going all softy?). The roof of the neighbors has been fixed temporarily, but a new roof is in order. This should be started and completed by the end of this week, providing the weather is OK. I can/should contact someone to make me a price for redecorating the room, and give that estimate to the supervisor, who will then contact the insurance company. Yellow Pages, where are you???

I really hate this!

I'm on holiday... yes, still. I get up at 8h16 to make sure that I'm available at 9h00 for the people that will be repairing my mobile car kit. By the time I post this, it's 9h36 and no one has showed up yet. Come'on, is it that hard to give me a ring that you'll be a few minutes later? At least that way I'd be able to do stuff already. Now I just gotta sit and wait. You know what? I'll just list these totally unprofessional people's website here : wich by the way is in french only as well. This way, you can actually avoid them!

Correction : he turned up after all... at 09h45.

Can't sleep...

Took a warm bath to relax, got disturbed by my sister who called me to tell me some PC was acting weird. Didn't bother to solve it actually. Jumped back in my bath, soaked some more. Went off to bed, read all the advertising that was dropped in my mailbox this afternoon, turned off the lights and been turning around ever since. Can't sleep. I have a headache from too much monitor staring already, yet I'm back here updating the blog, just to let you know that I can't sleep.

Some business and other opportunities have been flashing thru my mind, some might be interesting and need further examination.

Oh, did I mention that I can't sleep?

Looks like my TV has died

Yeps... I've been having problems with it for the last few weeks, and when I turned it on just a couple of minutes ago, it just stayed blank. Checked all the cables, and everything looks OK, but I'll have a better look tomorrow I think. I really don't watch too much TV anyway, so I don't think I'd miss it that hard. That is ofcourse also a reason to consider when buying a new one : is there any point in buying a brand new 16:9 high quality ultra flat screen with dolby surround TV set and all that stuff when I hardly watch it? Good question, difficult answer. When I watch it, I like the experience to be good. Especially since I've been thinking about getting a DVD player, it would ofcourse benefit the experience to get a fully equipped set, what's the point otherwise?

Looking at my financial status I think I won't be buying a new TV soon... but that's just because I wanna have a financial reserve in case something happens... You can never be sure what suddenly comes up.

My numlock LED is still behaving erratically

Yepz, it's still doing it. While I'm typing on the keyboard, the light seems to lose power and dims, sometimes even goes completely off, then comes back on. It's pretty weird, but not exclusively when I'm typing. It also does it - but less frequently - when I'm not using the keyboard. I think I've been struck by the "Numlock PowerLed Disco Virus", although my virusscanner is pretty up to date.

OK... now it's time to entertain the ferrets, do some laundry (unfortunately not of money), pay bills and finish some other things that have to be done...

How about...

Hitting the bed and sleeping pretty long? Sounds good to you? Great, sounds good to me too!

See you all again tomorrow... for more updates and funky talk @

This is a sad day....

This is a sad day.... these pictures say it all :(

USA Burns as terrorist attacks strike and hit hard...WTC collapses after 2 planes hit Tower 1 and Tower 2 The first WTC tower is hit by a plane
Second plane arrives aproximately 18 minutes later......and crashes into the other towerOverview
Tower collapses Plane crashes into the Pentagon......and sets it on fire.
a warzone... there are no other words to describe it...

Everything seems to be goin

Everything seems to be goin good

Call me insane, but I spend more then 2 hours in the office updating stuff and fixing things. Maybe I should really install some way to remotely control the server and the workstations from this box at home. But then I fear I can never to be really on vacation anymore. I know myself a bit you see... it's hard for me to say no, especially if someone who's always been good asks it nicely. But, that's out of the way now and I'm back on holiday!

Corona is good... I never knew that!And here's the proof (look left and enjoy the virtual taste of Corona)... Can you believe that I just picked up 6 of those nice looking bottles in the shop? I've never drank it before, but hey... I like living on the edge ;)

Here's the stuff I do so far : I picked up the ferrets and when they came home they went beserk and nearly trashed the place. I just loved the sight of them jumping around again. My babies are back! I also managed to stop at the shop for food (was not on the list), send out some bills for domain stuff I did (was on the the list, but not yet everything has been done), I send a nice mail to Reader's Digest, and I'll keep you updated on their replies. So far I only got a standard reply that my mail was received. I also checked the accounts and bills and planned a safe route on how to pay it all and be able to keep on living. The livingroom has been cleaned already and the other places are on the list for later tonite...

I've already contacted my insurance broker, and they told me that the damage is to be claimed to the building insurance broker, wich ofcourse is not the same... insurances are always so much fun.

We would especially like to welcome all the representatives of the California Highway patrol who are waiting for me an Jake after the show...

Yeah that's right... It's the Blues Brothers pumping thru the speakers here... I bought "The Best of the Blues Brothers" album in the UK, and while it's a fantastic album (and a fab movie, although I think you should certainly see the original before watching Blues Brothers 2000) I do miss one track on it : The Theme from Rawhide... If that was to be included, it would have been just awsome.

To Do list for today

To Do list for today (random order)

1. Wake up early (obviously went OK so far)
2. Pick up ferrets
3. Piss off Readers Digest majorly and cancel subscription once more
4. Check accounts and Financial status, pay bills
5. Find out why the num lock button on my keyboard is acting so erratically
6. Vacuum the place (preferably before picking up the carpetsharks)
7. Contact supervisor for update on the leak(s)
8. Update people on domain requests and billing
9. Enjoy the rest of the holiday!

London and UK2001 Trip, wrap

London and UK2001 Trip, wrap up

You've all been following my adventures in London during the past week and I promised a wrap up about this vacation and what happened so here we go :

1. Social life in the UK is braindead,
2. Couches that are 10cm too short give you a hard time sleeping in them,
3. Joco is a totally wicked dude, but I'm getting too old to spend 7 days with him ;)
4. Pascale makes superb breakfast and has not really changed a bit since her days in school, except that she speaks english now,
5. Public transportation in the UK works pretty well, if you can figure it out that is,
6. Don't leave on a holiday if you are still busy with things at home,
7. Really cute girls don't exist in the UK, or they hide damn well,
8. Postcards are supposed to be send before you leave the country, not when you get back home... lol

Yeah, I think that's about it... it says nothing, and everything at the same time...

Hehhee... feels good to be

Hehhee... feels good to be home again...

I've already wrestled myself thru that load of mails, have some things pending, and some things I still have to finish, but overal, it looks OK. I'll be popping in at Jess & Johan to pick up my keys and thank them for all the trouble they had with the water in my appartement and such. Dad and Hilda left for erm... Tunesia? Ibiza? I don't recall to be honest, but I know it was something sunny ;)

I've just ordered food, and will be contacting the building supervisor tomorrow to see what has to be done about the leaks, although it's mainly out of our hands since it's the roof of the neighbors. After I return from Jess & Johan, I'll take a looooong hot bath, and relax completely, then head for bed as tomorrow will be another busy day. That reminds me that I have to send an e-mail to the office to ask for that phone number of the people that will be repairing my mobile phone adapter in the car. (I've send that mail right away, otherwise I forget...)

Tomorrow I'll be handling some domain transferrals and renewals I've been busy with, so those things can come to an end as well. It's just increbidly how much things I have to do while I'm on holiday... maybe I should just fly off to Costa Rica or so, and tell everybody to shove it up their *peep* (lol... censoring going on at No way! The *peeped* out word is arse... hehehee) and just not come back for the next 3 months. But I'd miss my ferrets too much, so that's not really an option. But, just for the thought of it, anyone wanna come along?

Now where is that pizza???! I'm hungry you know!

Back in Belgium... and this

Back in Belgium... and this is what I come home to :

1. A bedroom that's wet, paper coming loose and humidity at 105%,
2. A bill for €12.39 just because I happen to live here,
3. A subscription for a magazine (readers digest) that I've cancelled 4 times already, but keep on receiving. Price : €39.39,
4. A ferretless home since I'll be only picking them up tomorrow,
5. Some not so important letters and advertising
6. over 70 e-mails to read, reply or neglect... I've already cleared that figure of all the spam.

Is this what people call holiday? Damn... then gimme work!

Crap :) Just wrote a

Crap :)

Just wrote a nice post to reflect the last things going on here, but after running low on batteries I kinda lost the post and don't really feel like rewriting it all again. So here are a few keywords :

football . martin . sunday morning . 7-0 . chess . movie . tonight . cats & dogs . picture update . link UK 2001 TRIP on . top of page . or here .

Good and Bad News about

Good and Bad News about the site

It seems reblogger went totally down due the free host that was hosting it for Jesse kicked him off, but he moved it over to a pay host and it's working again now. I've changed some code around and you can actually leave new comments, but all the old ones are lost so it seems. According to the Reblogger site, there won't be a way to recover them, so I feel a bit depressed for losing them all, but on the other hand : leave some new ones and I'll be happy again ;)

I also was able to get the link to the pictures in the template after all, thanks to a fix that another blogger user found to pass the irritating blogger error where you can't save your edited template. Makes no sense? Ofcourse it doesn't, but it's a bit techy :)

See ya all for a new update in a few hours.

Saturday & saturday evening...

We've slept till 10h30 or so, then had breakfast and went off to a arcade park around 14h00. Played a few games there, and later on went to an indian restaurant, where I had Chicken Tikka for starters and Lamb Tikka Massalla with special baked rice as a main course. I was glad Pascale and Martin explained in advance what was spicey and what wasn't so spicey, 'coz otherwise I wouldn't be sitting here no more...

After dinner we went to a pub for a drink, but it was about as dead as all the pubs we've been checking out in the UK the last week. I really wonder how the english girls and boys meet?!

Joco and Pascalle spotted a very nice looking girl, and while they could only see her backside, she got a 7 out of 10 already and when she turned around it was corrected upwards to an 8. It just took them five more minutes to decide that she wasn't the right girl for me : she's was a fashion doll, and while I do like classy and fashion aware ladies, I realize that I'm more attracted to a (maybe less fashion aware) girl that wears what she wants 'coz she feels fine in it, instead of just wearing what the latest fashion magazine dictates.

And then people say I'm too picky ;) Unless I feel good with it, I won't be having a new girlfriend for a long time I think. I don't actually mind 'coz feeling good is very important to me... and the same should go for my partner.

Just watched an episode of I LOVE on BBC (or another channel, maybe BBC2) and it was about the year '93. It was great, I love those series that look back on the past decades and link historical facts and music from that time. It's kinda like 'De Prehistorie' they run on TV1 in Belgium, but more focussed on music. If TV1 ever decides to release 'De Prehistorie' on DVD, I'll be among the first to buy it.

Martin spotted eXistenZ on TV, so we're now recording it, as he hasn't seen it yet. I have and loved it, but it's kind of a weird movie. You really gotta pay attention and love strange movies, but hey... that's just my cup of tea!

There'll be a UK 2001 wrap up story on monday evening or tuesday morning to look back at what happened and how the trip was... so there is more to come.

Note : no picture update right now as I didn't take too many pics today... they'll be included in the update of tomorrow (september 9th).

Just a quick update... Just

Just a quick update...

Just to let you know that we still are alive. Returned from the restaurant about an hour ago, and the food was very nice there! So was the nice chinese behind the counter, and Martin told me she is the daughter of the lady that owns the place. Joco immediately replied with a complete theory about that would be beneficial for everyone, free asian food, and a nice asian to look at, but explaining it all might be just a bit too far fetched.

Note : Channel 5 in the UK is comparable to Belgium's VT4 : both thrive on cheap sex-related infotainment and lots of advertising.

I'm gonna try to update the profile one more time, and see if I can link the pictures there. In case it doesn't work, just can just click here.

After an excellent English Breakfast,

After an excellent English Breakfast, we went off to....

Watford... where the people are wicked and the clubs are hot. Erm... not really. At least not around 13h00 I guess. We visited a local shopping mall where they sell just the same things as they sell in Belgium. The only difference is that the people speak english here ;)

Afterwards off to a bowling thingy, where we bowled, but I think that was rather obvious... Played 4 games, I won all 4 of them, and Joco came in as second with Pascale taken a bronze medal each time... So I think that was a pretty good game for the four of us! I don't think everyone can say they always got a bronze medal.

Took some more pictures today, but I think I'll have to read the manual somehow to get the exact quality of photographs I want. I tried taking a close-up of the bus ticket and underground ticket of yesterday, but failed at it. In a while we'll be off to a chinese restaurant to have a bite, but we're waiting for Martin to come home. He's working too hard, that chap ;)

Just been experimenting with the Macro Mode for close ups, and with the landscape mode to stitch photographs together so if I get the chance to toy around with it a bit more, I'll even be able to make very nice shots.

Shots of today will be available in a next update...

English breakfast coming up... I

English breakfast coming up...

Breakfast!I actually wanted to go with Pascale to Tesco, but it seemed they couldn't get me awake.... I wonder why coz I'm awake now ;)

Joco turns out to be more addicted to the web as I am : He's gotta check it at least a few times a day.. I haven't really checked it, neither have I surfed 'round a lot, or read and replied to mails. The only thing I did was clean the mailbox from all those spam I get, otherwise there would be like 250 messages waiting for me next week, and now it'll be only 176.

I'm gonna go now, got things to do (like sleep some more, hehehe) and thanks for the nice message Suzy, you made my day!

Another day has passed... Yeah...

Another day has passed...

Yeah... this time we've done about the same thing as we did on tuesday, only this time we used a bus to travel around London. We used the "Big Bus" day ticket that remains valid for 24 hours, and even while it ain't cheap (costs �15 per adult) it's certainly worth the money. You can travel all over London on the Big Bus busses and switch in between the 3 tours they offer as many times as you want. Each bus has regular stops, so you can get of and visit stuff all day long, and when done, just hop back on. All the busses have guides that will tell you about the stuff you see while you drive along, and some busses are "Languages Busses" so you can even get the explaination in your own language. No surprise here, but we ofcourse didn't use the "Language Bus" 'coz we both are fluently english speaking... We managed to only mess up once when we switched lines and ended up going in the same direction we just came from... hehehe. We realized it pretty fast and got off on the next stop.

Busses, underground... we're getting pretty good at it ;)

Just heared on TV : I even can get orgasms from eating truffels (as proclaimed by a female)...

Tomorrow I'll be off with Pascale to Tesco to pick up some food, and then she's gonna prepare some nice English Breakfast for us. Kewl! Saturday evening we'll probably hop over to Watford where they even have pubs and clubs that stay open till 2'ish... I'm not really wondered social life is much different from what we're used to in Belgium, how can you actually have a social life when pubs close at 11 'o clock?! Maybe I just pissed off everyone in the UK, but to be honest... I think it sucks, and if you can't take criticism from me... bite me :)

Links for today : the pictures

Shaved, washed and totally prepped

Shaved, washed and totally prepped to wreck havoc in London City!

I'm completely prepared to explore London City today... after yesterday's day of doing nothing (hm... yesterday's day... ain't that a bit overdone?) I'm well rested and if I stay in bed much longer, I'll never be able to get out of it ever again.

Called Jess for an update on the apartement and it doesn't look that good as far as I can make of her updates. The water is not coming from behind the wallpaper no more now, but really from inside the wall, what means that it's totally wet. It'll take weeks to completely dry, and might very well mean that it has to be plastered again as well. That doesn't worry me that much as I was already prepared for that, but the fact that there is no more way to stop the water to get into and under the flooring worries me more.

The flooring has a special lining underneath to stop the sound and stabilizing everthing, and if that get's wet, it'll start rotting I fear. So that means new flooring as well. Damn... that means a bedroom that'll look like a construction zone for a couple of weeks.

Apart from the above mentioned, there is also a new spot where water penetrates the wall, more to the right side, so that means that it's spreading towards the bathroom too. Now I don't remember if we put tiles agains the back wall of the bathroom as well, coz if we didn't and the water keeps on spreading that could mean that there'll be one bathroom closet that has to be replaced as well. I'll have to check that as soon as I get home.

Positive news is that the leak is coming from the building next to ours, so we won't be paying for the repairs of the roof... but next to all the troubles going on now, that is just a very minor positive thing.

Off we go, London, here we come!

Thanks for the update sister!

Thanks for the update sister!

At least now I know that it stopped raining and the water is still floating into my bedroom. I guess there'll be a lot of damage, but that'll be something that I'll handle next week. You can always mail me on one of my accounts, as I do check my mail to see if there is anything important, but not actively mail unless an immediate reply is required.

Watched football tonite, and even though Belgium and Great Brittain won, that doesn't make the game any more interesting for me... hehehe!

Today has been a totally

Today has been a totally no brains needed day.... hehehe!

Been watching The MatrixWoke up, watched The Matrix on DVD from the bed, had breakfast, cleaned up the house and kitchen for Pascale & Martin as a surprise, hung around a bit, played afew games of chess with Joco, wich I all lost except one ;) Guess he's just a better chess player as I am. Maybe it is because I haven't played chess in a few years, but probably coz I don't think when playing chess... Yeah, that must be it!

Just finished watching Terminator 2 : Judgement Day on DVD, and we picked the special version, wich according to Pascale is the uncut version. There are indeed a few scenes that you can't see in the theatrical version. Was quite enjoyable.. Now just waiting for Martin to come home from work, have dinner and... watch TV. It's Belgium - Scotland on TV later tonite, and that is football. I hate watching football on TV about as much playing it in real life... hehehe.

Not very much pictures from me today as we stayed in all day long, but here they are : pictures of september 5th, 2001

Another day in the UK

Another day in the UK

And after our long adventures in London, it seems I'm a bit tired today since I slept till 11 'o clock and still am in bed as I'm writing this update. No real plans for today, except get breakfast somewhere and try to behave. Friday we'll be going to a kind of amusement park, with rollercoasters and stuff, and if the weather is good, that should be awsome!

Joco is baking toast and eggs, so this might very well the last update you'll be getting from me today... I might need to spend the rest of the day on the toilet - just kidding... he's a good cook, I think ;)

I think we've seen 50%

I think we've seen 50% of London already... on foot!

I know everyone kinda expected an update sooner, but we're on a dial-up account here, and there is one certain person that wanted to clean up this morning, and that resulted in his laptop dropping down from a table when he grabbed a pillow, and pulled the cable of the laptop with it. Is that smart? No, it's not at all, but lets just say he couldn't help it really. He won't be cleaning things up for the rest of the week though :)

The laptop went totally dead when he turned it back on and it made an awful noise, and since we didn't have any material or screwdrivers to do some maintenance on it, it had to wait till tonite before I could fix the box. It just took it apart... and I mean totally apart (right to the motherboard) and stripped CD-rom, floppy, memory and everything from it, then reassembled it all, and voila : after a short repair session of windows 2000 everything works fine now. It's handy to have a admin around, ain't it Joco?

This wasn't the only thing that happened ofcourse 'coz we took a bus, underground to London centre as well, and while the public transportation in the UK works pretty fine, it's kinda hard to find your underground when you're not used to it. We made it to and back from the centre anyway, so we're kinda proud of ourselves ;)

Tonite we went to the pub, I bought a ticket for a game called Key of Fortune, in wich one lucky number is chosen, and then you get the pick a key out of a sack, and try to open a box... This box contained over �530 so the �3 I spend on it, would be a nice tradeof. And, I could hardly believe it, but my number was picked and I picked a key, but was unable to open the box. The complete story is a but longer and includes a very sexy waitress as well, but it's getting late now and I'm not really up to telling all of it right now.

Photographs of today can be found here.

First night in the UK,

First night in the UK, and I can hardly remember what happened!

Damn... It must have been trip trip or so, coz after only 3 or 4 wodka coke's couldn't even type normally no more... I just woke up, after only hitting the sack around 3 'o clock or so. That would be non-corrected-for-the-islands-time thus 2 'o clock UK time. I dunno if I'm gonna correct the times when I'm posting, but that should make too much difference ;)

We're probably off to London in a few minutes, after Joco had his coffee.. otherwise he'll be pissed off all day long.. hehehe!

I've survived it!!! We've made

I've survived it!!!

We've made it to the UK! After all the problems I've had today, I've actually made it to the UK without getting stopped by customs, and without crashing into the sea :)
Yeah I know, it's pretty unusual for me... ehhehe... I'll be upping some pictures and writing a post for the UK 2001 blog as well and then I'm off, it seems the wodka here is stronger as it is in Belgium.... or maybe it's because we dont have 'pompelmoes' juice here :)

Link to picture page : it's here!

Something to keep you busy

Something to keep you busy while we trip over to the UK

01. Rome did not create a great empire by having meetings, they did it by killing all those who opposed them.
02. If you can stay calm, while all around you is chaos...then you probably haven't completely understood the seriousness of the situation.
03. Doing a job RIGHT the first time gets the job done. Doing the job WRONG fourteen times gives you job security.
04. Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.
05. Artificial Intelligence is no match for Natural Stupidity
06. A person who smiles in the face of adversity...probably has a scapegoat.
07. Plagiarism saves time.
08. If at first you don't succeed, try management.
09. Never put off until tomorrow what you can avoid altogether.
10. TEAMWORK...means never having to take all the blame yourself.
11. The beatings will continue until morale improves.
12. Never underestimate the power of very stupid people in large groups.
13. We waste time, so you don't have to.
14. Hang in there, retirement is only thirty years away!
15. Go the extra mile. It makes your boss look like an incompetent slacker.
16. A snooze button is a poor substitute for no alarm clock at all.
17. When the going gets tough, the tough take a coffee break.
19. Succeed in spite of management.
20. Aim Low, Reach Your Goals, Avoid Disappointment.

If you think the last

If you think the last post was the worst that could happen, think again!

Getting stuck in the office for a few hours when you should be on holiday, or at least packing for it is the worst thing that can happen? Forget it! When I came home, I started packing and just an hour ago I walk into my bedroom and I see water running down the right-hand wall. The paper is loosening, and I have got no idea what to do about it right now. I really am starting to think that there is some sort of a complot going on to make sure I can't leave.

I tried calling the building supervisor, but he's off to work, his parents that live in the same block ain't in either and I'm going in 1 hour. I left a message on the answering machine and my sister is up to date with the situation right now. Thank god for family that has a week of from work as well ;)

Can I finally pack and leave now???

Can you imagine this??? I'm

Can you imagine this???

I'm supposed to be on vacation... Today I should be packing all my stuff and completing my TO DO list, and here is what I have already done today :

1. Drop the ferrets of a the hotel
3. Pop into the office (I messed more things up than I fixed, but I was there)

Yepz... that's it! It's almost 14h00 hours and I'll be leaving in 4h and nothing else is done yet... incredible! I did get the chance to eat something on the other hand, so the situation is not yet completely lost :)

A small to do list...

A small to do list...

1. Drop the ferrets of at the hotel
2. Iron a lot of clothes
3. Pop in at the office and take care of the latest things
4. Pack bag and leave
5. Arrive at airport and realize that you forgot stuff
6. Arrive in the UK and get stopped by customs

Seems something is not completely right in this list... Lemme insert some things!

3.5 Collect everything that needs to come along
3.6 Prepare laptop for travel
4.5 Get on no ones nerves during the trip to the airport (sorry about yesterday Michael!)
5.1 Skip the 'forgot stuff' part of number 5.
6.1 Never pick up that bar of soap when asked
7. Have fun!

I almost set the appartement

I almost set the appartement on fire

Can you believe this? Just before I went to write the small update below, I turned on the oven to bake a small bread (premade that you can buy in the supermarket) to have a bite before I went to Michael's place. When I just posted it, I suddenly smelled something and then I realized there was a bread in the oven. Let's just say that very dark brown would be an understatement. The color was more like deep black :)

Result : I turned off the oven, and went off to Michael without a bite... other result : I've already reread this posting 2 times and I'm sure there still are typo's in it, coz I've just finished half a bottle of 'citroen jenever' and 1 schnaps. I'm a little bit in the wind as they say.

This time tomorrow (that would be today actually) we'll be at Pascale's place, having fun. See you all in London!

This day is nearly coming to an end...

"What?!" will most of you think right now... I know, I know... it's only like a few minutes past 19h30 and I'm already talking about the day ending and stuff. I'm not ill, I'm not trippin' and I'm not totally out of my mind. (Erm, I can't guarantee that last statement). It's just that I've been up so long, and alreadt done so much that I feel like the day is coming to an end. It's also september 2nd and tomorrow the new schoolyear starts for a lot of kids and youth, and maybe I somehow pick up those vibes of anxiety, nerveousness and fear. Hey... even old people were young once!

I'm gonna be off to Michael in 45 minutes or so, as he invited the friends over to watch the kick off show of Big Brother 2, but I kinda feel that it's gonna suck bigtime. I know that it's a crappy attitude to start off with, but hey... BB2 will be compared to BB, and so will all the contestants. As far as I'm concerned, everything has been done yet, and the contestants will try to out-perform those of last year. This is 200% more difficult as those who entered in BB.

Now I hear everyone wondering why I didn't join the BB2 contest, and I must say that I tought about it briefly, but not really gave it a serious chance. If however tomorrow someone asks me to join an expedition Robinson or Taransay, I really wouldn't hesitate. I think I would be able to blend in with a group, form a team and guide everyone to a safe harbour so to speak. Am I a leader? No, not in the strict way of the meaning, but I have the means to influence people and direct them in a certain way. I'm a talker as much as I am a do'er. This also means that I can't have people not working when there is lots of work to be done. You are either in the team all the way, or you are out.

Would that make me a good contestant... maybe, maybe not. But since I can also listen and get the best out of people I'd really wanna give it a try! Too bad that I'll probably miss my ferrets bigtime. I think right now that is the only reason why I wouldn't join such an adventure. It's not that I wouldn't miss my family and friends, ofcourse I would, but as a family we are somehow special. We each live our own lives, manage our own problems, but when needed we are all ready to help one out. We're like very close from a distance. Those who know us, know what I mean :)

Friends... I'd just take em with me... hehehhe. My best friend can be a real major pain in the ass, but so can I. We know eachother well enough to speak frankly about things, and if the others opinion hurts one, it's too bad. We are both adult enough to know that your best friend wouldn't say something to hurt you, but rather to help you or guide you. I can't really live with him I think, but stick us together in a team and we kick major ass. I'm sure you think right now that I'm bragging and bluffing, but I know that we can do it. Don't you have someone that you can call day or night? Or who can call you day or night? Joco is a player, a weirdo and a flipping dude, but if it comes down to it, he'll be there.

UK, here we come!Enough of all that funky mellow shite now, I should be packing for Expedition UK 2001... hehehe... It won't be back to basics since we'll be staying at Pascale and Martin's place, but it'll be fab, I'm sure of that! Now let's just find a nice little picture to go with this post and then... you'll get another update later tonite, or tomorrow. A nice place to find things to do in London is

For those of you wondering, I got 4 ferrets and those are my kids. If a fire were to brake out in my appartement, I'd abandon TV, stereo, money and all important papers and rescue those little carpetsharks... even if it would cost me my own life. Therefore they will be staying in a specialized hotel for ferrets during the time that I'm off to the UK. That way I know that they are treated well, get all they need and get all the attention the desire. It's very easy : you either have pets and take care of them in the best way possible, or you don't have pets at all. Don't let anyone tell you any different. Pets are no christmas or birthday presents.

Even more laundry... Doing even

Even more laundry...

Doing even more laundry and prepping for the trip.... Ironing really sucks bigtime, but I can't just buy all new clothes because I don't like to iron them :)

The domain is currently in kind of a superflu state whilst being transferred from one ftp server to another. For the techo's amongst you, it's the redirection that's being changed right now and that will probably take up to 24 hours. Tomorrow everything will be OK again I presume.

Pascale managed to call me out of bed again this morning and if she wasn't such a sweety, I'd get really mad at her :)

Something's messed up... who's responsible?

Something's messed up... who's responsible?

After not being able to actually publish anything to my regular FTP site thru blogger, I've moved it all to another FTP server I have handy, and it's all working OK now. I just gotta update the domain now to point to the new location, but that shouldn't take too long. I just wonder what happens to those less fortunates that can't just switch ftp servers?

I'm busy doing the laundry, cleaning up the house a bit, tomorrow I gotta do some more, pack and leave... nice!

The UK 2001 Trip T-shirts

The UK 2001 Trip T-shirts are ready...

Yepz... another step completed in the preparations... the UK 2001 Tour T-Shirts are ready! Well, I haven't yet created them, but I have all designs and text laying in front of me, so it's just a matter of heating up the iron.

Seems there is some sort of a problem with blogger connecting to my ftp. I can login to it and another blog I can access is updated correctly. Damn, I just hope the ISP isn't fucking up again!

Preparations for the trip have

Preparations for the trip have started.

I'm just about to leave on totally unplanned route to do all sorts of things to prepare for the UK trip... I know that it should be wiser to have planned my tasks for today, but erm... I didn't. Let's just say this : blondes have more fun!

I've found the answer to

I've found the answer to the question if humans can be created digitally at this point in time

The short and straight answer would be a strong no. But... there's always a but. If you've read the post that I did a few hours ago, you know that I've just returned from the movies, where I saw Final Fantasy. First a few short comments about the movie and the plot : If you go watch this movie without an open mind, if you're not ready to explore other things, watch things unfold, kind of like a baby that sees things appear in his narrow and limited field of vision, then this is what you see (I think) : nice effects, but not very spectacular or mindblowing.. movie gets slow after the first action scenes, one might even fall asleep.

If however, specifically go to see this movie to check out the digitized people, the world they live and experience, you are in for a completely different movie. The first images are overwhelming, for those that have seen the movie... I'm referring to the opening scene where Aki has the dream she records. Imagine her, standing there on a world she doesn't know, yet she sees a vast landscape, clouds in the sky and other planets... if you really understand this scene, the sphere and mood is set for the rest of the movie. I think this somehow is crucial. I've been paying close attention to facial expressions, how the characters move, talk, kiss.

At first it's all very impressing, and some close ups in the movie are real beauties, for instance the closeup of Aki's face where you can see the imperfections of the skin, but others scenes really show there is a long road ahead to create 'real' digital humans. The light on the face is usually incorrect, it looks more like the people have a plastic skin. Sid, the scientist, is a bit older and he was created very very realistic. Jane, the female Deep Eye, was a totally fake character... she didn't look, act, or felt real at all.

Take a close look at the hands... they are perfect, streamlined almost. And humans aren't perfect, as we all know. Yet again, Sid's hands showed aging, those were 'real'. While they are far away from building a real (and thus not perfect) human character, technology has me by me troath. There is more to be expected here for sure. So easy it was to see thru the 'digital humans' the final scene with the eagle flying thru the canyons was much more difficult for me. Humans compare new things to things they already know... Since I don't know much about eagle's, this eagle could have been te real thing for me, but when it comes to humans, we all have such a massive database of all the people we've seen on TV, have met in person, that we can easily compare a 'new' person to those we know already. But what happens when our database starts to contain 'digital people' as well? Then it'll become harder and harder to spot differences between 'real' humans and 'digital' humans.

Conclusion from this night out to the movies : there is a long way to go for digital humans to become real. Final Fantasy is a good movie, and it might be the trigger to some pretty fantastic discussions with friends about character reckognition and how humans interact and compare. But yet again, why not let it just be an entertaining movie?

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