Wallets become part of your

Wallets become part of your life, don't they?

I dunno if any of you feel the same, but for me, a wallet becomes a part of life. You know that whenever you pick it up, you are fully prepared to do things. It carries your ID card, drivers license, money, namecards (not that I have any... but it contains lots of cards from other people) and all the rest. When you forget it, or lose it, you're lost. I've been walking around with the same old wallet for the last, I dunno, 7 years, maybe even 10 years and although I've been told that it should be replaced I always refused to do so.

It went from brand new, strong nylon to a worn wallet, then a disgrace and finally a hole connected by tiny strings of nylon. There were actually ways to take things out of it without opening it! That is the best description I think. But... I've bought a new wallet yesterday and I'm done switching everything from the old wallet to the new one. Have you ever realized that new wallets never seem to be able to carry as much as the old one? Or maybe its just that you've abused the old one in so many ways it ended up with pockets where no pockets should have been?!

I know for sure that in the coming days I'll be looking for creditcards, ID card and social security card in the wrong places... probably cause big queues behind me when shopping, but I'll get used to it. Good thing about this new wallet, wich is leather by the way, is that it's euro compatible. Ofcourse I didn't think of that when buying it, but when I opened the wallet it said : "Ready for the new Euro Currency". I'm all prepared... give me the money! (not trademarked by joco, hehehhe )

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