Piss on the world... Yepz....

Piss on the world...

Yepz.... this is it. I'm pissed at everyone and everything in the world. Are you an innocent 7 year old boy in Helsinki? Piss on you! Are you a 19 year old sex crazy kitten in Ontario? Piss on you! (Erm, let's just make an exception here) You are together with everyone else the reason the world is fucking miserable today. If only it were weekend already... I'm still stuck in Brussels and it seems like I won't be able to leave anyway soon. I've got an appointement later tonight to go over at a friends place, have a bite and then go off to the pub for a drink. The poor man has sprained his ankle, and is plastered in, so he can't wander off to far ;)

I've just decided to have a blast and lotsa fun tonite, so I just stopped caring 20 seconds ago... let the whole place go to hell, fall into pieces, I don't mind. This weekend is for fun. All the rest... fuck off!

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