Boring update news.. things ain't

Boring update news.. things ain't going as planned!

Just been busy another few hours adding new stuff to, mostly just cosmetic details, but I like to tune everything just fine. However, as you can obviously see, the archives do work (thanks to Phil Ringnalda for the fab scripting) but the white space below the drop down menu keeps bugging me. I've changed the script, added and removed lines.... but it seems I'm stuck with the fact that javascript somehow adds a line below where it executes. (I'm referring to the two white lines below the HOME | CONTACT | FEEDBACK links). Actually the idea was to code it all into one line, but as I couldn't find a way to do it right away, I kinda skipped it for now... but hey, there's always tomorrow!

Got an e-mail from work this afternoon that I'll be required to travel to brussels every day till august 24th, and that basically is a very very bad idea... but they don't know that yet! Never ever try to take my toys away, or stuff me in a strict office regime (you know... start at 9, quit at 5) for all hell will break loose.

Last time I went off to brussels to test the new software I actually used the software and created some payments from a (as far as I knew) fake account. Next day one of the higher brids of the test team comes inquiring about some payments for a total value of over $33,000... Luckily the payments were blocked by the banks, but they'll never forget my name!

Enuff crap for now, I'm gonna hit the sack, although it's still pretty early for me...

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